15 Nëntor 2011

E Martë , 15 Nëntor 2011
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"Japan North Korea"

1 1North Korean supporters cheer their team during the 2014 World Cup qualifying match against Japan in Pyongyang. (Reuters/Kyodo)

"Thailand Floods"

2 2A Thai policeman fights a strong current as he repairs part of the broken sandbag barriers in Don Muang district in Bangkok, Thailand. (AP)

"Spain Crisis"

3 3Doctors and health workers hold banners during a protest in Barcelona, Spain. Doctors in the Catalonia region called a mass strike at hospitals and outpatient departments to protest against planned cutbacks. (AP)

"New York Occupy Wall Street"

4 4Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement clash with New York police after being removed from Zuccotti Park in New York, USA. (Reuters)

"Germany Medical Fair"

5 5A model adjusts a surgical lamp on display at the international Medica 2011 fair in Duesseldorf, Germany. The Medica fair is open from November 16-19, 2011 and shows new developments for medical treatments. (AP)

"Nepal Spider"

6 6A spider in its web at Godavari Botanical gardens on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal. (AFP)

"China Vanishing Artist"

7 7Artist Liu Bolin demonstrates an art installation by blending in with vegetables at a supermarket in Beijing, China, November 14, 2011. Liu, also known as the ‘Vanishing Artist’, started practicing being “invisible” by means of optical illusions more than six years ago. (Reuters)

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