1 shkurt 2012

E Mërkurë , 01 Shkurt 2012
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"Russia Election Candidates"

1Cups, containing coffee latte with cinnamon powder representing of presidential candidates Vladimir Putin (C top), Gennady Zyuganov (R top), Vladimir Zhirinovsky (L bottom), Sergei Mironov (R bottom) and Mikhail Prokhorov, at the Kofein cafe in Moscow. The coffee chain offered its visitors to take part in a symbolic presidential election by ordering a cup of coffee displaying their favorite candidates, while showing the results of votes on a screen nearby. (Reuters)

"Senegal Protest"

2Young men try to overturn a public bus during street clashes with police in Senegal's capital, Dakar. (Reuters)

"Britain Protrait of a Man"
"France Election Powder Attack"

3An unidentified woman throws flour on French Socialist Party candidate for the 2012 presidential elections, Francois Hollande, in Paris. (AP)

"India Elephant"

4A caparisoned elephant during an annual temple festival in the southern Indian city of Kochi. The festival features a colorful procession of decorated elephants and drum concerts. (Reuters)

"Romania Europe Weather"

5A child runs past a wave protection dam covered in ice as the waters of the Black Sea are frozen near the shore in Constanta, Romania. The death toll from Eastern Europe's severe cold spell has risen to 79. (AP)

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