August 18, 2012

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Australia Sport Rugby

1悉尼世界杯英式橄榄球联盟锦标赛上,新西兰全黑队球员诺努(上)、队长麦考和澳洲袋鼠队霍恩抢球。 (路透社)

Taiwan Farmers Guinness Record

2台湾插秧破世界纪录。活动主办当局说,在台湾北部桃园县,1,215人用了16分20秒就插完2.1公顷稻田,打破了健力士(吉尼斯)世界纪录。 (路透社)

France Weather

3巴黎游客喷泉乘凉,背景是艾菲尔铁塔。当地的气温高达摄氏37度。 (美联社)

Chile Students Protest

4A mother cries when the riot police detain student protesters in a school during a demonstration against the government to demand changes in the public state education system in Santiago, Chile, August 17, 2012. (Reuters)

Macedonia Army Day

5Macedonian Army soldiers, members of the special force battalion Rangers, march during a parade in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Macedonian Army, in the capital Skopje. (AP)

Pakistan Transportation


Germany Contest Farming Animal

7德国北部牧羊赛。 两名裁判在专业牧羊人比赛中看监察羊群通过。(法新社)

China Miss World


Russia Air Show

9俄罗斯空军节跳伞表演  (路透社)

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