Welcome to Presidential Election season

Posted March 18th, 2015 at 12:10 pm (UTC-4)
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If there was any doubt that the Presidential election season has begun in the US: Joe Trippi just walked into our studio. The man has literally worked on more Presidential campaigns than he can count: it’s a lot of dingy hotel rooms in Iowa I would imagine. He’s here to talk Hillary — it’s widely known at this point that Hillary Clinton used a “personal” email account while serving as Secretary of State. But many wonder if it’s not too late to recover the information.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Quoted in Politico magazine “The State Department’s failure to retain and record-manage these quintessential agency records and make them available for retrieval has compromised the Department’s response to Judicial Watch’s request,” according to Judicial Watch lawyer Ramona Cotca.

For many, it all comes back to who the Secretary of State is and the impending election season. “The American people will end up being the jury,” Joe Trippi told us. And more than that, “Technology is moving faster than bureaucracy … does the FOIA apply to her DM’s (direct messages)”?

The truth is: no one knows. This is uncharted territory. Technology has moved well beyond the constraints of bureaucratic systems like that of the US government. A system where when Hillary was told to hand over all the emails she had written as Secretary of State, she was instructed to print them all out – have someone hand deliver them to the State Department.

Cue the Saturday Night live band … her comes vanloads of paperwork.

In the meantime, the folks at Judicial Watch and the Associated Press are suing the Federal Government for access to her communications under the Freedom of Information Act. Many questions loom – the Benghazi attack is certain to be at the front of the list.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

But the bigger question will have to be answered at some point: how are leaders around the world supposed to communicate when they’re paranoid if they use the platform they’re required to use they could, or likely will be hacked? The flip side is what Hillary Clinton is dealing with: she used a server that may have been secure from the outside world … but perhaps not secure from legal scrutiny.


Cal Perry
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