Mekong Forum to Discuss Human Security

Posted October 17th, 2011 at 10:32 pm (UTC+7)

A fishing boat floats on the Mekong river at Sambor in Cambodia's Kratie Provice, another site in the country that has been chosen for a proposed 18-kilometer hydro-dam (Soeung Sophat/VOA Khmer).

VOA Khmer will sponsor a roundtable discussion on the Mekong river management, organized and moderated by the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace. The event is open to the public and will take place tomorrow, October 18, 2011 at Phnom Penh’s Sunway Hotel. Participants are expected to be from foreign diplomatic missions, government institutions, foreign aid organizations, local NGOs, and local schools and research institutions. Click here for more details.

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17 responses to “Mekong Forum to Discuss Human Security”

  1. Hourt, Bora says:

    I am so sorry if that project affects Cambodia. Do it for Cambodia, not for yourself.

  2. CTlao says:

    The hydroelectric dams across the Mekong River constitute the real potential and direct interests for Laos. We recognize that the Mekong River is an international river but no any country or any organization has a right of veto to stop Laos to use it the for its own interests. Laos has a duty to inform and consult with other countries before building the dams. The resolutions adopted by the Mekong River Commission have only a consultative nature without any biding.

    • chan pol says:

      I don’t know about that.

      everyone should have say, because we are shared the comment interest of this river.

      but as long as everyone get their fair share then we should agree with the project. this benefit included fishes in the river, animals used this river and human survised from this river.

      great discussion!


  3. Those affected countries, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam should impose sanction against Laos to stop the dam building in Xaygnabouly and Khone. But since there are corruption in those countries are so high up in every level of government, I think money talk louder than poor people.

  4. MikeTran says:

    To CTlao: It is true what you just said about international law governing such matters. However, there are also moral laws that you seem to be forgetting. In addition to environmental issues, millions of lives down stream from the dam will be affected. Is it justified? If Lao builds the dam, VN and Cambodia should bomb it down. I know I will.

  5. Bouna says:

    It is a good sign that all the Mekong countries is willing to talk about the effect caused by the dam construction. It will be a big challenge for all the countries over the indifference. It is time for all the Mokong countries to think communally not individually.

  6. chan pol says:

    thanks, for your work to keep our rnvironment protected and the life of the people safe.

  7. chan pol says:

    thanks, for your work to protect our environment and the life of the people safe,

  8. duyan says:

    Take action! right now! join together to save our river and our own lives!

  9. Armando says:

    You will find recently been following a blog site for the few months roughly and also have found a lot of info and also loved the method you’ve set up your web site. I am attempting to manage my own very private website nevertheless. I do believe their also standard i must consentrate on lots of more compact matters. Being things to all people is not all of that their cracked approximately be.

  10. CTlao says:

    Laos needs to learn from China how to proceed to building the hydroelectric dams on the Mekong River. The requirements and conditions put forward by the downstream countries are selfish and intrinsic; their real intention is to kill the dam’s projects on the Mekong for good. It seems to me that they are looking to monopolize the Mekong for their exclusive use to the rice farming and fishing. The Vietnamese scientists liars and the conservation groups who finance the protests against the dams that Laos is going to build have chosen to be muting when China was building the 5 dams across the body of the same watercourse. Laos must refer to the sovereign rights as China did to build the hydroelectric dams on the Mekong within its territory. The results of studies carried by Poyry Energy AG from Switzerland the neutral country are more reliable and faithful than the French consultants one who bring the intrinsic elements in their study like the sediments to favor the rice farming at the Mekong delta.

  11. Twenty years from now I hope you still be right; time will tell, but it will be too late. Why didn’t we learn from Thailand; why Thailand stop building the dam in its five big major rivers? There are always two side of the opinion in every subject pro and con.

  12. CTlao says:

    Come on Laos! Keep going with the construction of the hydroelectric dams on the Mekong River. Fellow Laotians if we melt down under pressure of our pseudo friends and the outsiders by giving up to build those dams that consist of our potential assets which to rely on in order to lift up itself from the hatred poverty we will be remembered and blamed as of losers by the Laotians of the next generations to come. The downstream countries are looking to monopolize the Mekong River for their exclusive use to rice farming and fishing. The upstream countries are deprived of the sovereign rights to use the Mekong for their own interests. I have a doubt on the utility of the MRC. Laos must refer to its sovereign rights as China did to start to building the Sayabury dam within its territory.

  13. ” Laos needs to learn from China ” You are absolutely and perfectly right, Laos need to learn from China, but what Laos is doing is completely different from China. China build their dams to feed power to their own factories. Laos build the dam (n) to feed cheap power to Thailand factories. I hate Vietnam who’s occupying my country (like you do), and this time we have chance to be friend with Thailand (ban pee mouang nong) and possibly break away from Vietnam control. I don’t think it is a good exchange deal to sacrifice our permanent damage to environment for Thailand friendship; it isn’t sounded right. My question again to ask you WHY THAI DIDN’T BUILD THE DAM IN THEIR OWN TERRITORY? Cheaper to build in Laos because people can’t protest under communist rule. Please listen to Mrs Clinton ‘Don’t make the same mistake that USA (and my State Washington) made’ Now USA is in the process of destroy the dams to restore the environment.

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