August 11, 2011

Posted August 11th, 2011 at 1:21 pm (UTC-4)

 Kenya East Africa Famine

1A Somali boy sings an Irish song to his classmates at the Illeys primary school in Dagahaley refugee camp north of Dadaab, Eastern Kenya, 100 kms from the Somali border. About 1,300 new refugees arrive each day in the Dadaab camps. (AP)


Britain Riots Hackney

2A pedestrian walks past a large street mural in Hackney, east London, close to the area where widespread rioting and looting took place earlier this week. (Reuters)


Tokyo Foreign Exchange

3A foreign exchange broker taking a breather is at a dealing room in Tokyo. Japanese Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda sharpened his warning to currency markets in the wake of the yen's rise near record highs against the dollar. (Reuters)


Hong Kong Gold

4Customers look at gold jewelry at a shop in Hong Kong. The price of gold topped $1,800 an ounce for the first time, as concern about Europe's debt problems intensifies. (AP)


Libya Rebel Fighters

5Libyan rebel fighters flash the victory sign as they head to the front line at a staging area near the village of Shal Ghouda in western Libya. (Reuters)


India Farmer Protest

6A farmer takes part in a sit-in protest in New Delhi. The protest, organized by political party Janata Dal, was against what they said were illegal land acquisitions by the government to be given to private companies at a low price. (Reuters)


Kabul Bread Shop

7A woman buys bread from a bakery in Kabul. (Reuters)


Burma Bamboo Forest

8People carry bamboo shoots they collected from the forest on the Rangoon-Naypyitaw highway near Naypyitaw, Burma. (Reuters)



9Solar car Nuna6 is driven around a track in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. The Dutch Nuon Solar team will participate with the car in the 11th World Solar Challenge in Australia, October 16-23, 2011. (AFP)


Wembley Badminton Championship

10Malaysia's Chong Wei Lee returns a shot to Korea's Sung Hwan Park during their match at the World Badminton Championships at Wembley Arena, London. The championships are an unofficial testing event for the London Olympics. (AP)


Japan Art Goldfish

11Telescope-eyed goldfish swim in a fish tank as part of the exhibition 'Art Aquarium' at a press preview in Tokyo. The exhibition, designed by aquarist Hidetomo Kimura, is open August 12-September 12. (AFP)

3 responses to “August 11, 2011”

  1. Raja Gopal Nidubrolu,Guntur,India says:

    All Pictures are nice and exposes the TRUTH

  2. Gossip Girl says:

    Guys please show back again the picture what you had in Brazil last time..That picture really rocks..So so beautiful ..Such a beautiful place that God ever made…

  3. Robert Makoi says:

    Not All pictures exposes the truth, pictures can be manupilated to tell blatant falsehood. Do you remember the photoshopped picture falsely portraying Red Cross ambulance destroyed by Israeli missile in Gaza? No Israeli missile struck vehicle would barely punch a hole and leave the vehicle intact.

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