November 21, 2011

Posted November 21st, 2011 at 2:36 pm (UTC-4)
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Egypt Protests

1A protester screams in pain as he gets hit during clashes with riot police in a side street near Tahrir Square in Cairo. (Reuters)

Lebanon ChristmasFRANCE POPE
Thailand Floods

2A Thai worker cleans a lion statue in flooded Bang Khae district of Bangkok. (AP)

Scotland Fest

3Students from St Andrews University participate in traditional Raisin Monday celebrations in St Andrews, Scotland. The tradition dates back to the early days of the university when new students would give senior students a pound of raisins in gratitude for their help in adapting to university life, in exchange for a receipt written in Latin. Failure to produce a receipt could result in a dousing in the local fountain. Nowadays the raisins have been replaced with a bottle of wine and dousing with foam. (Reuters)

India Wrestling

4Indian wrestler Sutandar Singh (R) gets hold of his Pakistani counterpart Shahid Khoyawala during a friendly bout in Lahore, Pakistan. (AP)


5A pony grazes in a meadow at sunset above Lausanne, Western Switzerland. (AFP)

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