March 5, 2012

Posted March 5th, 2012 at 4:02 pm (UTC-4)

Russia Election Protest

1Russian riot police officers block opposition activists during a protest against alleged vote rigging in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Demonstrators contested the outcome of the election Monday. (AP)


Venezuela Chavez Health

2A person walks in front of a graffiti depicting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Cuban leader Fidel Castro in Caracas. Chavez has admitted publicly for the first time that his cancer has returned, says he faces a new round of radiotherapy treatment. (AFP)


Indiana Severe Weather

3Snow covers a demolished house in Marysville, Indiana on Monday, after a tornado ripped through the town on Friday, March 2. (AP)


Syria Refugees Lebanon

4Hassana Abu Firasl, a Syrian woman who fled from the Syrian town of Qusair near Homs, is seen with her family at the Lebanese-Syrian border village of Qaa, eastern Lebanon. (AP)


India Holi Festival

5People apply colored powder to a woman's face as they celebrate Holi, also known as the festival of colors, in Ahmedabad, India. The traditional event heralds the beginning of spring and will be celebrated all over India on March 8. (Reuters)

China Great Hall

6Hostesses jump for photographers outside Beijing's Great Hall of the People where the opening session of the annual National People's Congress is held in China. (AP)


Ukraine Two-Headed Turtle

7A man displays a two-headed turtle 'Testudo horsfieldi' at National Museum of Natural History in Kiev, Ukraine. Besides the two heads the reptile has six legs. (AP)


London Olympics Swimming

8Swimmers warm up before the evening session at the British Gas Swimming Championships 2012 at the Olympic Aquatics Center in London. (Reuters)


Portugal Algarve Cup Soccer

9Supporters of the United States wait for the start of their Algarve Cup Group B, third round, women's soccer match with Japan at the Algarve stadium outside Faro, southern Portugal. (AP)


India Marigold Field

10An Indian woman carries marigold flowers on her head on the outskirts of Jammu, India.  Marigolds are widely used as strings of garland and for Hindu religious rituals. (AP)


Lebanon Weather

11A man jumps into the Mediterranean Sea after a week of snow and heavy rainstorms in Lebanon, at the American University beach in Beirut. (Reuters)


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  1. david lulasa says:

    animals need mans care…many animals born when deformed,just get to be neglected by even being stepped by man

    • nayak says:

      In this Earth was broadly aquired by Human greedy kingdom,there is no equal right to live all animal,I want see onther animal as kingdom,

  2. nayak says:


  3. swamy says:

    In this earth every micro organism have right to live, -from ‘god theary of life’

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