October 3, 2012

Posted October 3rd, 2012 at 2:35 pm (UTC-4)
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South Africa Truck Strike

1A police man reacts as flames and smoke emerge from a truck after it was set alight by striking truck drivers on a slipway off a main highway leading out of the city of Cape Town, South Africa. (AP)

Syria Blasts

2Men walk on a road amid wreckage, after three blasts ripped through Aleppo’s main Saadallah al-Jabari Square and a fourth was reported a few hundred meters away near Bab al-Jinein, on the fringes of the Old City, where rebels and forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have been fighting. (Reuters/SANA)

Afghanistan Poverty

3An Afghan boy throws a discarded plastic seat while standing on a large pile of plastic refuse in Herat, Afghanistan. (AP)

Puterto Rico Iguana

4Puerto Rican iguana take a stroll on a hot afternoon in San Juan Botanical Gardens, San Juan, Puerto Rico, September 7, 2012. (Harish Raghani/VOA reader)

Vatican Protest

5Italian businessman Marcello di Finizio stands by his banner as he protests on St. Peter’s 130-meter-high (426-feet-high) dome, at the Vatican, against the government and European Union policies. (AP)

Germany Anniversary

6A man poses with a thumbs up sign in front of a painting at the Berlin Wall in Berlin on the 22nd anniversary of German reunification after decades of division into Soviet-controlled communist German Democratic Republic in the east and the Federal Republic of Germany in the west. (Reuters)

Nigeria Flood Victims

7Women carrying their belongings on their heads walk in a relief center for flood victims at St. Boniface primary school in Idah in Nigeria’s central state of Kogi. (Reuters)

Britain Arts

8A man walks through an art installation entitled ‘Rain Room’ at the Barbican in London. The ‘Rain Room’ is a 100 square meter field of falling water, which visitors are invited to walk into. (AFP)

Afghanistan Russian Tank

9A man stands on an old Russian tank in Kabul, Afghanistan, September 29, 2012. (Amin/Afghanistan/VOA reader)

Burma Padaung Tribe

10A Padaung tribe elder in De Maw Soe township, Loikaw, Kayah state in eastern Burma. (Simonie/Burma/VOA reader)

Somalia Kenya

11Somali youths pull a donkey-drawn water cart, left, while a convoy of Kenyan soldiers serving with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) passes by in Kismayo, southern Somalia, October 2, 2012. (AP)

Kyrgyzstan Opposition Rally

12Participants fight during an opposition rally in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek. Police clashed with at least 2,000 opposition protesters the nationalization of a controversial gold mine in the east of the Central Asian nation. (Reuters)

Germany Bavarian Farmers

13Bavarian farmers transport their cows on a boat over the picturesque Lake Koenigssee at dusk, Germany. (Reuters)

Australia Crocodile

14A 700 kg crocodile called Rex calmly waits just beneath the water for a feed after coming out of a three-month hibernation at the Sydney Wildlife world in Sydney, Australia. (AP)

Paris FashionVuitton

15Models wear creations of fashion designer Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton’s ready to wear Spring-Summer 2013 collection presented in Paris, France. (AP)

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