Human-like Life Could Exist on Newly-discovered Planet

Posted December 9th, 2011 at 11:54 pm (UTC-4)

This artist's conception illustrates Kepler-22b, a planet known to comfortably circle in the habitable zone of a sun-like star. (Image: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech)

Artist's conception of Kepler-22b, a planet which circles a sun-like star. (Image: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech)

A newly-discovered Earth-like planet could very well contain continental features where normal human-like life could exist. Or it  could be more of a water world with an ocean containing life forms similar to dolphins.

That’s according to Dr. Alan Boss, of the Carnegie Institution for Science, one of the researchers involved in  discovering the new planet.

This past Monday, NASA announced that its Kepler space telescope confirmed the first planet orbiting a star in its “habitable zone,” the region where liquid water could exist on a planet’s surface.

Some scientists described this planet, known as Kepler 22B, as “Earth-like” with a star similar to our sun.

Located some 600 light-years away, Kepler 22B is about 2.4 times the radius of Earth.  And while scientists don’t yet exactly know if the planet is predominantly rocky, gaseous or liquid composition, its discovery has excited  scientists who now say we’re now one step closer to finding other Earth-like planets throughout the cosmos.

If it is truly made of rock, as some speculate, Dr. Boss says it might look something like our own Earth with probably a fair amount of water on it as well.

This diagram compares our own solar system to Kepler-22, a star system containing the first "habitable zone" planet discovered by NASA's Kepler mission. (Image: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech)

While Kepler 22B is larger than Earth, its orbit of 290 days around a sun-like star resembles that of our world.  The planet’s host star belongs to the same class as our sun, called G-type, although it is slightly smaller and cooler.

Because of it star’s cooler attributes, Kepler 22B’s orbit is much closer to it in order to be habitable.  Dr. Boss says, with an atmosphere similar to ours, Kepler 22B’s surface temperature would be close to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, like a “rather pleasant day on Earth, a nice spring day.”

Dr. Boss credits the 2009 launch of NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope with the discovery.  He calls Kepler, “NASA’s most important mission to try to find planets around other stars.”

The Kepler mission does this by staring at a field of 150,000 stars – in the constellations of Cygnus and Lyra – and watching to see if any of those stars “blink”.

According to Dr. Boss, if the telescope finds a star blinking repetitively, it can sometimes be inferred that there is something passing in front of it, such as a planet orbiting around the star.

Artist's concept of the Kepler Space Telescope in space (Image: Dana Berry-NASA/Kepler Mission)

Artist's concept of the Kepler Space Telescope in space (Image: Dana Berry-NASA/Kepler Mission)

Boss says this  dimming of the star can be hard to detect, which is why observations must be made from space rather than from an Earth observatory.

The Kepler team has identified 48 other planet candidates, which can be found in their star’s habitable zone.  Further investigation needs to be done before any can actually be confirmed discoveries.

Dr. Boss joins us this weekend on the radio edition of “Science World.”  He gives us an insider’s view of  the remarkable discovery, as well as the search for habitable alien worlds. Tune in (see right column for scheduled times) or check out the interview below.

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Watch NASA’s Kepler Mission Announces Latest Planetary Discovery

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132 responses to “Human-like Life Could Exist on Newly-discovered Planet”

  1. jorge says:

    so you guys are saying that there could be like humans living there but my question is how would you no that if you can see any land like you could with earth

    • Mike says:

      No, nobody is saying there is human-like life, or even any life on 22B. We cannot detect life or land masses. And even the temperature is an estimate. But the suggestion is there to excite the imagination, since it is considered to be somewhat similar to Earth.

      • thomas lewis says:

        yes,the conditions on the planet, if correct,could sustain life,looking at Earth as a example,we have billions of different species.Depending on the makeup of the atmosphere,gravity etc,life would conform to the conditions on the planet.

    • Anthony says:

      You can’t really see the planet dude, scientists just know its there by the slight drop of light intensity of its sun (Kepler). When the planet gets in the way between us and its sun observers record a drop in the light intensity of that sun, so they just know there’s a body orbiting around it,

      • Thomas Lewis says:

        Anthony,that transit can tell them lots of information,length of orbit,temp,size,distance from parent star etc.much much more then if there is just a body there.I can’t wait for the James Webb telescope,things will start to heat up for sure.I have a feeling some day the headlines will say,planet 54 JW light spectrum suggest advanced life forms on the surface,signs point to their control of the planets weather. How cool would that be.

    • Charles says:

      Or it could all be a scam for NASA’s fundage as they probaby are losing more money sat around and what could they be hiding from us this PLANET could have been discovered ages ago but they keep it secret untill they get some facts.

      • Jack says:

        If people thought skeptically like that, then you would still believe the earth was flat and people who called the earth round were only saying that to try and be famous. If NASA was only doing that so the staff would try to desperately get funding, they would have done so before SETI lost all it’s funding from way before. When they found this planet, SETI had already lost it’s funding from before. These NASA scientists are one of the most intelligent people on earth. If they wanted to, they could just take your job from you like that *snap*

    • jim says:

      do did you notice that is said it could have lifeforms there due to the alike features of earth key word could. try reading before you start talking retard

    • Johnny says:

      It’s there anyone one up for the trip to the new
      Planet? I’m up for the it , I’ll sign a legal paper
      Willing to go see a new world and take samples
      Of things for you guys. I need a change. Thanks
      For your time

      • lol says:

        Yeah, it would be interesting.
        The only problem is… distance…
        Even traveling at the speed of light you’d have to live more than 600 years to even reach it, and we all know that there’s no ship that can go nearly that fast yet.

        • Mark seymour says:

          Not really if you travel at the speed of light time stands still so technically to the person travelling at that speed will arrive at a blink of an eye

        • David says:

          Not really if you travel at speed of light time basically stands still… 600 light years or 10 billion lights years you will reach in less than a blink of an eye….

          • Thomas Lewis says:

            Mark ,David your both wrong,at light speed you would not arrive in a blink of a eye or less.If its 600 light years away,traveling at the speed of light,it will take you 600 years period !!! The universe is huge, light years is the best way to show distance between two points standard measurement.I light year is the distance light travels in a year.This why you here talk about starships,many generations would live and work on these huge spacecraft.Expect to see the start of large space craft within 100 years,by 200 light years we will be traveling to other planets in our own galaxy.500 years,other galaxies,providing the physics are right and we can warp space.Just my good guess.I’m either really close or way off base.

  2. carmen says:

    I am so fascinated by the speed at which these new planets are discovered.I feel so privileged to be living during this time and await the day when life is confirmed to exist on one of these planets.

    • Mike says:

      Agreed. And life still may be confirmed on other bodies in our own Solar System. Mars has an inexplicable methane issue that may well prove to be caused my micro-organisms.

      • thomas lewis says:

        something is going on,consider the fact that scientist’s just changed their estimate of the number of habitable worlds in our own Milky Way Galaxy from 17 billion to 100 billion.Our galaxy is one of 100’s of billions of galaxy’s.People are finally understanding why their not here yet,it is a big playing field,with distances in light years.If a advanced life form lives on 22b and could travel,say at half the speed of light,it would still take 1200 years.Why invest in visiting Earth when you can study it from a far,makes sense to me.

    • Richard Piller says:

      Well, I welcome the day when intelligent life is found on Earth. The way we are going about trashing the only rock we know (within say 50,000 years of space travel) that can support us beggars belief…! This appearance of other places where people might live does not solve any of our problems. This is not another New World that we can sail to and populate. Please lets all get real and turn the telescopes on our own planet first.

      • Thomas Lewis says:

        I had that feeling in the book by Carl Sagan and his wife’ Contact’ that were being watched and we will when the time comes,be accountable for our planet’s health.I have always told my children,we have no right to terra form Mars and live on it or any other body unless we take charge of our own planet first.We can’t allow profits to dictate the way we live.A good start we could implement tomorrow,commuter vehicles,aerodynamic 2,3 and 4 wheeled narrow vehicles,but all you would get is whining,we can’t make a profit,I’m not driving a coffin on the LA freeway, etc.It come’s down to educating the public,making these big corporations pay,hold Detroit accountable,the oil companies etc and from there it will just snowball,things will start to change.

  3. Andre Maheu says:

    I think the fact that other earth like planets must support life, we are not alone.

    • Andre Maheu says:

      When they say alien life forms, it is not necessarily human like, it could be a whole spectrum of life forms, animal, micro organisms, or even human like forms. It would wonderful to know that we are not alone. In our galaxy alone, how many planets are there. In the universe how many galaxy’s could there be? So, galaxy’s multiplied by an unmentioned number of planets equals an unbelievable amount of possibilities.
      Do you think that we are alone? I do not think so.

  4. chandrasekaran says:

    Let us prepare for the travel.

  5. christian says:

    thats scarey!!! because that would mean something dealing with god but thats not right god only made one earth thats is not 2!!!

    • dstjohn says:

      Your right, God did create only one Earth, but that doesnt mean he didnt create other planets with other types of life either like us or completely different, God is almighty
      and Omnipotent, he can do anything. The bible even talks about other forms of life “Angels” its right in front of our eyes, we just need to pay closer attention.

      • Biswajyoti Chatterjee says:

        Next time you see an angel don’t forget to take a photo. I and many others like me never pay any closer attention to things that don’t affect the way earn our daily bread. Give me a break man! Get real. The way you take reference from the bible, anyone would think you are talking about the latest Astrophysical Article written by Stephen Hawking. My, wont Richard Dawkins love you! Offer yourself as a guinea pig to facilitate his work.

        • aanderson says:

          Check out nephlum on Google this will show you what fallen angels look like. I feel that there is other planets out there with life on it just like us. The government is always hiding things from us, look at the king Alfred plan aka Rex 84 and global 20000 the report to the president. Both of these along with 9/11 are hiding faults caused by our government covered up and we’re left with non factual information.

      • earthspryte says:

        Not that I’m “Christian,” but…just so you are all aware…Chronicles I speaks specifically of “aliens.” Chapter 22. Just sayin…

      • Noah says:

        Aren’t y’all smart Angels are helpers to God not extra-terrestrial beings living on other planets

    • ashley says:


    • awesomesauce says:

      No wonder you put your name as “christian”.
      “blahblahblah amg someone is messing with god blah”.

      That planet is LIKE Earth. Not a complete copy of it. It almost looks like it’s fully aquatic.

    • JR says:

      In Genesis, the bible does state that in the beginning, God created…but is that only the beginning of our world it speaks of. I believe my God has been around forever, and how selfish would it be to think we’re the only thing he ever created. I would not be surprised to learn that God has many creations. As I believe my God is the creator of all things seen and unseen, and as we can clearly see other planets and stars, he must have created them as well. I would like to think for a purpose.
      Just a thought.

  6. nev says:

    fascinating just fascinating… I used to think in terms of evolution but after much study I now think in terms of Creation with an intelligence behind the wonders of living things as we know them.
    Now I am letting loose my imagination… we may detect (I don’t know how) liquid water on that planet because of the proper distance from it’s star, but if our technology was advanced enough to detect any other “evidence of life”, we would detect that the planet is sterile.
    And that is what we will find out when our wonderful Curiosity Rover completes it’s mission on Mars.
    Isn’t it just amazing what complex machinery intelligent beings can create? I can not stop studying about Curiosity’s capabilities. I hope and pray that it safely lands on Mars.
    Have you studied the complexity of machinery inside the tiny living cell? Can you honestly attribute that wonderful functional complexity to dumb accident without any intelligence behind it?

    • xsteve says:

      “Can you honestly attribute that wonderful functional complexity to dumb accident without any intelligence behind it?”

      Naw, it’s religion that I associate with dumb chance without any intelligence behind it.

  7. Gabriel says:

    I am a student of robertson elementary of frisco isd and I love planets their my favorite part of science and I herd about kepler 22b today and i wonder if you could tell me more about kepler 22b

  8. Ausiswell says:

    The best evidence for life elsewhere in the universe stares at you when you look at a mirror. We are proof that life in this universe is not only possible, but most likely is the norm.

  9. randy says:

    what possibilities can come from an earthlike planet. life ! what kind ? humanoid? Imagine . the planet is bigger so perhaps the gravity is greater so the life may be lighter in density or greater. there may be life with gossimer wings or mere blobs of gellatinous fluid. perhaps life made up of a gas or plasma. the possibilities are endless. I guess it would come down to what god felt like doing that day.

  10. JoshP says:

    It’s interesting to hear about it, but I doubt our missiles could even reach that far, for humans to destroy the kelper 22b is just a dream. For the time being until our technology improves its better to just focus on other things.

  11. Eli says:

    Wow. Maybe THAT’S where UFOs come from!

    • Scott G. says:

      It’s too far. I’d be willing to bet that any technological civilization (no matter how advanced) would never be able to travel more than 50 light years or so beyond it’s home-star. Kepler 22b is 600 light years away. That’s so far that none of us alive today will likely even ever get to see it. (Telescopes that size are probably a century or more away.)

    • nikka says:

      yes maybe but we cannot be their coz its so far…. 600 light years far to us………..
      even thogh mars……its so hard to go there………….

  12. Jair says:

    This will change how people willl look at the bible if there is life forms in the new plant and all hell is going to break loose because in that case the bible is a lie :O

    • dstjohn says:

      Not exactly, if anything, it will verify everything that is in the bible. What they considered miracles back, to us would just be modern technology, but back then, it was amazing, so you had in scientific terms, alien visitation right here on earth, and in biblical terms, we had Angel visitations, or Gods messangers, yeah i dont see how finding another planet with life would make the bible a lie, it would make it that much more important, believe that.

      • Rosangkima says:

        To me, you are right. This is what exactly in my mind. Whatever explorations, discoveries human made today and in the future will glorify God.

      • Gfran says:

        But the bible is just a work of fiction produced by a random group of people over hundreds of years.

        Anyone with a quarter of a brain surely realises that religion is an archaic belief. Let’s be honest here, anyone who still believes in religion is an absolute deluded, brainless, sociopathic maniac who encourages division and brainwashes innocent children.

        Angels?! Are you being serious? I thought people like you were gone.

        • tanogiovani smithocarcas says:

          gfran, think of it this way….
          if christians are wrong about God, and he does not exist, nothing happens to them. there is no higher being to punish them, and everyone just dies. but if atheists are wrong, and God is real, all the atheists go to hell, and are eternally punished in a lake of fire. if nothing else, that should change your mind.

          • Janus says:

            So in other words you have no faith and aren’t really a Christian or whatever.

          • kristoffer54321 says:

            Just wanted to mention that in the most correct translation of the Bible, there is not said anything about hell.”pit” was the original word, as in a hole in the ground. Everything about hell and everlasting pain is made up to scare people into believing.

        • Nev says:

          Hi Grand… Please study in the Bible the book of Daniel, but focus on chapter 2. You will find there a forecast of future(from the writer’s perspective) events that have been fulfilled to 90%(from our perspective). Since the 90% of the foretold events have historically already transpired, what are the chances that that the remaining 10% of the prophecy will be fulfilled in the future?
          And, by the way, when you go to study Daniel chapter 2, also refresh your memory on middle Eastern and European history.

          • Haid says:

            If me not believing in god will automatically send me to hell then I am glad i believe what i do. I live a moral life i go on trips to help the poor and needy. I know i am a good person, if me not believing in something I have no proof exists except for a book wrote by humans not god,will cause god to send me to hell makes me think god is not such a great entity people believe him to be.

          • concernedforthesmallminded says:

            you people really think that the bible is true it just like all other things that man created is a way to make money and make children act the way that you think is right if there ever was a readable orignal good book it was most likely not writen in anything that we would have known how to translate like tongs you know what the crazy people in church just start screaming out can you make anything out of that because i sure as i am that all of it is fake cant make it out

    • It won’t change a thing. If that were possible, evolution and cosmology would have destroyed the Bible.

    • areeba says:

      Bible is not a lie, its just that bible is not in its original condition… people made amendments with the passage of time…. the only trustworthy book from the Almighty God is the Holy Quran….

      • Biswajyoti Chatterjee says:

        Oh really??? That book, your “Holy Quran” written over many years mainly by goatherds and camel keepers has achieved a lot. But it’s tallest task was to bring down the tallest buildings killing thousands of innocent people in the process in a small village called New York. Your god is certainly almighty. Destroying historical relics in Egypt, blowing up night clubs in Bali, bombing trains in Madrid, blasting buses in London, killing innocent people and burning five star hotels in India, the list goes on and on and on. Keep it up!!!

      • Nev says:

        You may want to reconsider your comments about the authenticity of the current version of Holy Quran by doing some research independent of Islamic bias.

        And also, Do you honestly believe that our powerful Creator is limited to one language(Arabic) for teaching His basic principles for righteous living as contained in the 10 commandments? The Creator of our universe is not provincial. Go carefully study the book of Daniel and focus on chapter 2. You will recognize limitations in Holy Quran that you never thought were there.

        • Biswajyoti Chatterjee says:

          I certainly will. And yes, I do admit that the authenticity of the current versions of any religious treatise’ are subject to a lot of doubt. People of all religions have modified them over the years to suit their purposes, particularly from the chauvinistic angle.

  13. Ashley says:

    It’s awesome that they found a similar type planet, to bad its so far away..

  14. blaj says:

    adam and eve were monkies

  15. Haseeb - Karachi says:

    Well, Let’s not dive into discussion of emotions or beliefs – it is perhaps premature to do that. Let’s see what we can find and prove from the data that these brilliant people have been able to discover.

    All the statistics those are being quoted and interpretation of frequency bands might not be absolutely accurate and I don’t think they are claiming that is but their RF interpretation has been confirmed in Labs.

    This 22B is some 600 LY so any possibility to send a probe is out of question with current technology or even communication is perhaps ‘impossible’. We probably need to put much more research efforts towards communication and we have already broken the ice with the discovery of neutrinos.

  16. Keyser Soze says:

    One must be clean to time travel. I am the OVERMIND. I am the one that is authorized to time travel with my Little Green Cousins From Mars.

  17. Hanim says:

    Maybe Kepler 22 humans found earth first and are living among us.. or even better we rode dolphins here from Kepler and there was no adam and eve.

  18. chris says:

    In a universe that is infinite with an incalculable number of planets. stars, galaxies etc, just ask yourself what is more likely; That life other than ourself exists or that there is something called god that no one has ever seen, that is different depending on which religious belief the person you are talking to is (and each one believing that their god is the real one) and that then poses the question if god created the universe, who created god ? and who created the creator of god and so on. In my opinion it’s only a matter of time before life other than our own is confirmed and i bet it happens before god is confirmed as being real. (Nothing against anyone who believes in the almighty, just my own personal view.)

    • daniel mustey says:

      you are speaking sence i can almost 100% say that we will find life on another planet before anyone can see god

  19. Mike C says:

    we should send them an email and see if they reply

  20. steve says:

    how awesome, god really knows how to keep us guessing! in all honesty looking at it, im in awe of how creative and diverse god is, its like another awesome painting or piece of a jigsaw found, if anything i dont think it will rule out the bible but make folk go “WOA” even more-so. i respect the strong views on both sides though.

  21. eden says:

    How about our bible is NOT updated …. because almost all people is not pure then he made another planet that is currently developing when NASA has discover it am i right

  22. shay says:

    Go to channeled messages by mike Quinsey if u realy wonna know what the truth behind the facts of weather were alone or not. Theres billions of planets in our universe with all types of life forms!

  23. chandrasekaran says:

    Ram Chandra Sekaran: If human like life exists there, then they would be less intelligent than us because they would have found out our earth from their planet first and visited us or communicated to us. Anyway what an anxiety througout the world for a newly discovered planet that could support life. Why is this anxiety? Human beings want new ventures and new places to occupy and huge mansions to be built and fight for petty issues?

  24. Scott G. says:

    Kepler 22b looks suspiciously Neptune-sized to me, which may mean that it could be primarily a ball of gas, with no discernible surface. In fact, taking a look at NASA’s site – – indicates that 22b’s density (1.458 g/(cm)^3) is much closer to Neptune’s (1.638 g/(cm)^3) than to Earth’s (5.515 g/(cm)^3) anyway; so until we can get more info about it, I wouldn’t get my hopes up that there’s an ocean or even land there at all.

  25. areeba says:

    Ok so my quesion is, when will NASA check into the planet, like what is it??? rocky or gaseous??

  26. areeba says:

    and other than this, i ensure you, humans wont be found there… If they were to be, they would have been mentioned in the Holy Quran, but there is no mentioning of humans on some other planet…

  27. juan says:

    so i knew it god didnt make humanity Science DID!!!!!!! so that means god isn’t real and science did

  28. do you think aliens exist in that planet?
    I just Want to know more about in that planet.
    What do you think guys?

  29. dick says:

    Great discovery!! you guys will find more and more habitable stars out there.. But but question i sthis SO WHAT? 600 HUNDRED YEAR LIGHT DISTANCE! we can not go there. Nobody can go there forever !!. SO WHAT TO FIND THOSE STARS!!!!!! Imagine Our trip to kepler star. We are like ants crossing from usa to russia.

  30. david says:

    fascinating just fascinating…I can not wait till the day they build a space ship like star trek, Someday we will explore space and land on other plants, just a matter of time.

  31. Martin says:

    This discovery is slowly instilling thrill and suspense in us.Yes, we are watching a suspense thriller….. But please note one thing, human mind has one peculiar nature, how shocking or miraculaous event we might witness, in couple of weeks, we become too familiar with it and it becomes part of our normal life and it no longer thrills or charms us. ‘The mist of familiarity will blind us’.

  32. los says:

    Kepler-22b the what if’s and could bees are so fare from one another. yes maybe it could suport life.
    maybe it has suported life at one time. I think this is outstanding research, to have the tech. to do this, but at the same time I believe we need to hurry and find or develope the transportation system to explore space and back water planets?

  33. Keyser Soze says:

    I am going to be traveling through time and space in order to visit those planets so as to take photographs; kind or like “National Geographic On Assignment.”

  34. Keyser Soze says:

    Adam and Eve were indeed Monkeys. [“Monkey Man” Rolling Stones]

  35. Keyser Soze says:

    I will be the one to travel through time and space with my Little Green Cousins From Mars in due course to beautiful and habitable planets to visit my Cousins /Kin in the Universe and communicate with them and use photography and film making to bring stories and discoveries.

  36. arcturian says:

    Just pretending like they are discovering new planets…Trust me my friends, your own elites will hang themselves at the end, they have noooo idea what is about to happen. Peace and love my friends, stay smiling and stop wasting your time hating others

  37. Rosana S. says:

    Well honestly reading all this comments I could say that everybody is very excited about this new planet discovery. This is only a “small” part that we are starting to know now, NASA as they informed, they found the planet but still not quite sure of what kind of species or living form there could be….they know much more and I believe it’s good they keep their information safe or secretly until us, the human beings learn how to deal with that possibility and not start to freak out as many started to do already isn’t ???….It’s just fascinating how everything changes in every century and I congratulate to those people in NASA working so hard to discover and make those changes more easy for us.

  38. junah says:

    i want to travel to the new planet to observe what kind of planet it is

  39. VivaLaTiva says:

    So… does this mean that IF 22B has all the necessary requirements to proceed human life, THIS could be the planet we “move” too in 4,000 years, when our planet is completely destroyed?
    I find this extremely fascinating and I’m interested to hear more news.
    Even though I didn’t understand 90& of everything that was said in the video, 22B will be able to hold human life?

  40. tanogiovani smithocarcas says:

    just becouse its not mention in the bible or the holy Quaran doesnt mean its not true. The Holy Bible is just earths bible. who knows what else God decided to make. im a strong christian and i believe God didnt stop with earth. i believe we were neither the first or last God created.

    • kristoffer54321 says:

      I fully respect your religion, but just because a book tells about a god, it doesn’t mean its true either.

  41. […] (Voice of America) A newly-discovered Earth-like planet could very well contain continental features where normal human-like life could exist. Or it  could be more of a water world with an ocean containing life forms similar to dolphins. […]

  42. JR says:

    Whether you believe in God or not, another planet that can support life is awesome! To paraphrase MIB, ” A thousand years ago men knew the earth was flat, a hundred years ago we knew man could never fly, fifty years ago we knew man would never set foot on the moon….imagine what we’ll know tomorrow.” Pride often gets in the way of truth. We are not the source of out own knowledge and our intellect cannot grasp God, only our faith can. I have faith in one simple truth that applies here there is only one God, and he is the creator of all things, this includes the heavens and earth and all that dwells within. I have held the hand of a three year old as they were dying with Nueroblastoma ( rare form of infant cancer) and I have held the hand of my grandfather moments before he passed and in both situations from the lips of both young and old I heard them speak of God and Jesus and they did so not with fear, but with peace and joy. You cannot tell me that there us no God and expect me to believe you. I have seen much life and death and through good times and bad, my faith has brought me more peace then anything else I know. Deny him if you dare, Even Peter denied Christ and he walked with him daily. The discovery of this new planet is awesome, but though it is news to us, it changes nothing about God, Jesus, or the relationship one can have through prayer and devotion. If you don’t believe, that’s your choice and the belief of all of us who do should mean nothing to those who are atheist or without belief. But if you do believe, remember that God is bigger than we can imagine and is the creator of all things.

  43. Scott says:

    I think it is only a matter of time until we fin
    d life or the come to us.
    i just wish i will be alive to see it.

  44. Jyotirmoy Bakshi says:

    I am agree with Dr. Boss and I am overconfident that there are lifes in other planet also because if there is earth can be round the Sun, then why not in other galaxy. And there is a question arise whether ‘God’ is existing or not? Guys think yourself.

  45. ter says:

    the planet have life means we can go like astronauts and go their and live that when the earth is going death.

  46. hehehe i think there is life in other planet, i am so excited about the life in the other planet, i am thinking what they look like :)) hehehehe

  47. God's Messanger says:

    Earth will be destroyed in 2012…MARK MY WORDS

  48. Russell Stephen says:

    Woe! What an incredible discovery of GOD beyond our illustration of life as we know it. This is the definition of the world that has not come. Maybe if we can all love we can all go to a place like this. The imagination is what we have imagine what we can’t.

  49. Carmen says:

    I hope we can stay there soon .

  50. ravi says:

    i have no comments unless u find the life on the planet or get and idea if human life is possible on that planet id evidence off course

  51. Eli says:

    It is WAY too far to say-Oh, There is life. No one from Earth has true proof that we truly have another planet with life. Too far.

  52. Sara says:

    I would like to move there, when the option becomes available. I hate the people of my generation.

  53. Bhat says:

    I would like to answer to those who dnt believe in God….if a human body is a machine and al its parts gets old sumday and if we put new parts in it like heart why we arent able to make it alive..its becoz you can make a human body but only God has the power to put soul in it…and those thngs whch science discovering now has already said in Holy Quran thousand years ago…God has created universe he gave mind to human body to discover thngs in universe…and if you believe there is a creator of God u are wr0ng..if u thnk like that then ths proces of creator of creator would never stop….you have to believe a powerful thng cn create universe and that powerful thng is God and hez alone he nids no one to help him..he is the helper of all…thousand years ago Quran has said bot eclipse that ths is normal nature situati0n it ocurs when moon gets in the middle of sun and earth…you must believe that the book which has said thngs thousand of years ago cant be a fake.

    • Biswajyoti Chatterjee says:

      You certainly are an example of the saying that it takes all kinds to make the world. I and many others could have put up with you alone but the problem for us is that there are millions of the likes of you around the world. It would also help if you brushed up your English a bit, but then maybe you’re not interested because you’ll say your god doesn’t speak English so why should you take interest in it! Right? If there is a god somewhere I wouldn’t expect him to allow the destruction of property and the taking of human life in his name by anybody, anywhere, something that YOUR god seems to enjoy like a sadist psychopath. And for your information, the explanation of solar and lunar eclipses were solved by Indian and Greek astronomers much before quran was written. I would also like to know your explanation (scientific explanation, no religious mumbo jumbo!) of what you mean by soul.

  54. Biswajyoti Chatterjee says:

    I give up! Hope someday god will reveal to you there is no god!

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  56. Markyboy says:

    Does anything ever say anywhere,that our God (i.e. The planet earths god or gods) Couldn’t be a being or beings from another planet,with a very high level of intelligence way beyond our own,who explored the galaxies and planted the seeds of life on planets in the so called hospitable zones around the stars?
    For all we know,we could actually be the aliens looking completley diffrent from the beings on God’s planet from which he originates?

    Just a thought.

  57. dstjohn says:

    ALL, research the Sumerian clay tablets and Zecharia Sitchin, he discusses the evidence that Alien life was on this planet before man was. This is in fact true, as stated in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

    Angel translated in Sumerian, is Anunaki, which is what they called themselves.
    They are the Authors of the Sumerian Clay Tablets, but they are also the Angels that God cast down to earth from Heaven, aka Lucifer and his followers.
    The name Enki is in the clay tablets, translated today, that name is Lucifer, they are one and the same. In the tablets Lucifer AKA Enki says him and his race created us, as stated in the clay tablets, clearly trying to take the credit for Gods work. However, even in the Sumerian Clay tablets, Enki mentions God and that he is the Creator of All, so he contradicts himself right there in his own words.

    For more info see

    Keep in mind, Enki wrote those Clay tablets to deceive mankind into what we are today, so far he is succeeding, but with Jesus 2nd return right around the Corner, that will be coming to an end shortly.
    Dont forget, Jesus will return the same way he Left, from the Sky(Heavens)
    Acts 1:10-11
    10 And while they were gazing into heaven as he went, behold, two men stood by them in white robes, 11 and said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into heaven? This Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven.”

    So there is evidence right there, that when Jesus does return, it will be in the form of what most people would call a UFO, and mainstream will say its a mass invasion. Think Im kidding? wait and see what happens soon.

    Lets not forget Mathew 24:36-41
    36 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son,[f] but only the Father. 37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38 For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39 and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 40 Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. 41 Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.

    Even the Sumerian clay tablets and the Anunaki speak of the great flood, or deluge as it is translated in Sumerianm and how it destroyed there civilization.
    Need more proof, Google the book of Enoch audio book, its so controversial, that they decided back in the day it wasnt for there time and age, but read and hear it now, all the things that Enoch describes 1000’s of years ago, clearly is describing today’s technology, its downright hair raisin to listen and hear.

    And for all you non believers in God.
    To believe in Science is to Believe in God, when you worry about all the hows and whys of how or who Gods is, your playing into one of Satan’s tarpit’s, you will never get it with that thought logic, it really is simple to get out. All it requires is you to say, I do! just like a marriage, i do believe Jesus died on the Cross for our sins. Fostering and Cultivating a relationship with him after wards is sooo awesome, speaking purely from experience. I used to be an Atheist, it was so easy to switch because i never got any decent answers from Atheism, there’s so much more beauty in having a spiritual relationship with Jesus. Who am i? im just some dude who loves Jesus. No one will ever convince me im wrong so dont bother.

  58. big jim says:

    shouldnt we focus on traveling faster than light, before looking for new planets !? albert… was wrong !!

  59. Neven says:

    As our technology improves, I am certain that we will find many more planets in the habitable zone of their stars with liquid water.

    I do wish that our technology was so advanced that we could actually detect some form of evidence that there is life on those planets. But I am convinced that we would find evidence of sterile environments on those planets. Not even a microbe of life.

    Subscribing to the theory of evolution one would expect from statistical probability that from the Billions and Billions of stars in our galaxy there should be millions of planets located in n the habitable zones of their stars. And judging from the age of our galaxy one would expect there to be a few thousands of planets with life that is bellow us in evolutionary development and beyond us in evolutionary development.

    Lets say that there are at least a few hundred of planets like us or beyond us in evolutionary development, don’t you think that that they also would be probing the skies for intelligent life as we are doing? And don’t you think that our antennas that scour the skies for such intelligent signals would have detected those signals?

    BUT, and a big BUT, there is nothing no such detection.

    The only explanation that seems logical to me for the dearth of anything intelligent out there is because they are not not using electromagnetic radiation for communication.

    We are most likely intentionally kept quarantined by the Great Creator of the universe that we refer to as God..

  60. Ron Sanders says:

    I believe we have been contacted, and comms. have been kept securet like the UFO.Some day when the government thinks we are entellegent enough to recieve this info. we will just have to WAIT……

  61. Ray/Sam says:

    Honestly, NO one will ever get to this planet because it is too far from our reach. Even if we manage scientists to get there, how will we transport millions of human life to come? That would cost a trillions of dollars and probably a long time to get there all together. It depend on how long it might take for the first launch to arrive on destination. Probably millions or billions of years.

  62. Stephen says:

    Chances are, we will need to terraform almost ANY planet in order to be able to survive on it. We are severely limited by our biology. For instance, outside of .5 to 2 atmospheres, and we really can’t survive it long term. Even with the right pressure, only with the right percentage range of oxygen (partial oxygen pressure). Chances of finding this one aspect only randomly on other worlds is virtually zero unless, like it did on our world, life spawned and slowly created this balance suited to life as we know it over the eons. The number of criteria we need is huge. So, if we ever want to “find another earth”, outside of existing in domed environments, I believe it is the only reasonable assessment that should first learn to terraform (or perhaps to modify ourselves genetically, which I’m not too enthusiastic about…). Venus is probably a better long term choice than Mars to this end, though we don’t have the tech to even start there yet. We don’t even know if 1/3 gravity is liveable for us long term. A 1-year mission to Mars might help figure that out.

  63. thomas lewis says:

    hopefully within 15 or 20 years we can see what chemicals are in the atmosphere of 22B,giving us a good indication of what is happening at the surface.Seti has turned their telescopes toward it and do listen,but remember it is 600 light years from us,so depending when they broadcast,their is a 600 year wait,before we receive those signals.I think intelligent life is very rare,but the shear numbers of stars,almost guarantees,that a planet,somewhere in time and space,has intelligent being’s.

  64. Marques says:

    christian,you do not know what God made because He did not tell you.Nowhere in the bible did He say”this is all I made”.He’s constantly creating.Read revelations.No one knows all those creations spoken of.

    Don’t be concerned with getting to that planet or connecting with life form on that planet.Be concerned with life form on that planet connecting with you.

  65. i think that this plannet is 1 of endless numbers around the vast endless void called Space we will find life some time

  66. Noah says:

    Watch it just be the same type of planet as Mars or Neptune