Schools that will pay you to attend

by Jessica Stahl - Posts (449). Posted Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 at 7:53 pm

International Counselor looks at the top 20 most generous schools for international students, using his own calculations to figure out where you’re most likely to get aid

4 responses to “Schools that will pay you to attend”

  1. […] In fact, there are a select number of schools that are nearly free, and some schools that are very generous towards international students when it comes to financial aid based on merit or need. You can also limit costs by starting at a […]

  2. […] Plattburgh and Florida Institute of Technology. Of course, each school will be different, offering different amounts of financial aid based on different qualifications, but these videos might give you a basic idea of how it could […]

  3. Graciela Gonzalez says:

    I really want to go to school even though i don’t know that much english

  4. latisha rowe says:

    I really want to go back to school I really don’t know certain things but I will like to attend your school for my education

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