8 Free Online Events for International Students: Feb. 24-Mar. 2

by Jessica Stahl - Posts (449). Posted Friday, February 22nd, 2013 at 6:00 pm

And here we go with our Friday round up of online webinars and virtual fairs for prospective or current international students.  This week features a lot of variety – everything from sports scholarships to historically black colleges/universities to “Big 10” schools – plus an interesting-sounding event from the College Board for those who are college-bound.

As always, if you attend any of these events, report back and let us know what you learned! (Use the comments, the Facebook page or just email me – jstahl@voanews.com). And please share any online events you’ve found that we haven’t.

Coming up this week:

February 25

EducationUSA: Sports Scholarships for International Students
3pm US eastern time
More details:  https://events-na1.adobeconnect.com/content/connect/c1/1011637095/en/events/catalog.html?folder-id=1238074207#currentSearchTag=1312381515

February 26

CareerEco: PA State System Virtual Grad School Fair
More details: http://pagrad.careereco.net/ 

CollegeWeekLive: Destination College – Brought to you by College Board
5pm US eastern time
More details: http://www.collegeweeklive.com/en_CA/Guest/CollegeBoard-Destination-College

February 28

IIE: Study in the USA Presentation of Historically Black Colleges – Lincoln University
7am US eastern time
More details: https://conx.state.gov/events/upcoming-events/#f=event&o=&u=upcoming-events&s=&l=&r=&t=&p=ASC

WES: Applying to ESL Programs
9am US eastern time
More details: http://www.wesstudentadvisor.org/2013/02/webinar-applying-to-esl-programs.html 

CollegeWeekLive: Big 10 Virtual College Fair
More details: http://www.collegeweeklive.com/en_CA/Guest/College-Events-Big10

mbaMission: Long-term MBA Planning
8am US eastern time
More details: http://www.manhattangmat.com/EventShow.cfm?EID=3&eventID=11538 

MBA Watch: How Admissions Decisions are Made
More details: http://www.beatthegmat.com/mba/events

Look into the future… 

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