27dhjetor, 2011

E Martë, 27 Dhjetor 2011
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"Afghanistan UN Refugee"

Afghan laborers load coal onto wheelbarrows at a UNHCR distribution center for needy refugees on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. (AFP)

"Vietnam Carpenters"

Carpenters work on the railway track in downtown Hanoi, Vietnam. The Kham Thien railway hamlet is one of most dangerous traffic problems in the country. Despite the many accidents and deaths every year and warnings from authorities, people continue to live and make their livelihoods near the track. (Reuters)

"Hong Kong US China Military"

A US Navy serviceman walks past a warplane on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier anchored in Hong Kong. (AFP)

"Spain Elections"

Spain's King Juan Carlos, center, Crown Prince Felipe, center left, Queen Sofia, center right, as well as members of the government attend a military parade after the official opening of Parliament, in Madrid. (AP)

"Arlington Funeral Afghanistan"

The family of Marine Staff Sgt. Vincent Bell of Detroit, sits during funeral services for Bell at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. Bell died while serving in Afghanistan. (AP)

"Switzerland Enviornment"

The sun sets on a winter evening between the spires of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Lausanne, Switzerland. (Reuters)

"NASA Space Galaxy"

This composite image shows the central region of the spiral galaxy NGC 4151. X-rays (blue) from the Chandra X-ray Observatory are combined with optical data (yellow) showing positively charged hydrogen (H II) from observations with the 1-meter Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope on La Palma. The red ring shows neutral hydrogen detected by radio observations with the NSF's Very Large Array. (NASA)

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