17 qershor, 2012

E Diel, 17 Qershor 2012
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Israel African Migrants

Four-year-old South Sudanese girl Nyot Koang Gai looks out from a bus window as a woman writes 'I Love You' on it, before its departure to Ben Gurion airport from Tel Aviv's central bus station. Israel launched a high-profile deportation drive against African migrants with an airlift of South Sudanese. (Reuters)

Egypt Vote

An Egyptian woman fills in her ballot at a polling station in Cairo. Egyptians were voting in the second and last day of a highly divisive run-off presidential election between Islamist Mohamed Morsi and the former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq. (AFP)

Belgium Far Right Demo

Protesters face police at an underground station during a demonstration in Brussels, Belgium. Police arrested more than a dozen demonstrators after they disrupted a peaceful demonstration on fundamentalism and extremism. (AP)

China Soceity

Ethnic Kyrgyz shepherds herd goats in the Tianshan mountains, Wensu county, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China, June 16, 2012. (Reuters)

Greece Election

People vote inside booths during the elections in Thessaloniki, Greece. Greeks voted for the second time in six weeks in their country's most critical election in 40 years. (AP)

London Gondolas

Workers sit in gondolas as they perform tests on the new cable car link across the River Thames in London. (Reuters)

Germany Protest

A protester holds fake money next to a wall of sandbags built during a protest against financial speculations in front of Frankfurt's stock exchange, Germany. (Reuters)

Japan Daily Life

A girl looks in at the hole of an art at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan. (AP)

France Auto Race

Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro N°1 driven by German Andre Lotterer crossing the finish line first, Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro N°2 driven by Danish Tom Kristensen crossing second, are congratulated by their teammates, after 378 laps of the 80th edition of Le Mans 24 hours endurance race in Le Mans, western France. (AFP)

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