10 Korrik 2012

E Martë, 10 Korrik 2012
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Britain France

French President Francois Hollande inspects the honor guard, 1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards, at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London. (AP)

Cosmic Cocoon

Using observations from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, researchers have obtained the first X-ray evidence of a supernova shock wave breaking through a cocoon of gas surrounding the star that exploded. (NASA/CXC/Royal Military College of Canada/P.Chandra et al)

An ethnic member of parliament leaves parliament after the parliament session in Naypyidaw, Burma on July 10, 2012. (AFP)

Yemen Labor Strike

A Yemeni girl walks past a pile of rubbish on a main street in the capital, Sana’a, after garbage collectors ended their second five-day strike which they undertook to protest against their salary. (AFP)

Britain OLY London 2012 Torch

Torchbearer Alan Corbishley carrying the Olympic Flame on the Torch Relay leg down Long Walk after leaving Windsor Castle, Windsor, England. (AP Photo/LOCOG)

Sweden Floods

A house, with its foundation washed away, hangs over a rain-swollen creek at Nyhammar in Dalarna, central Sweden. Areas in Sweden hit by floods are bracing themselves for further downpours and thunderstorms as a low pressure system moves across the region. (Reuters)

Spain San Fermin Festival

A man dressed as a giant holds a young girl during the giants and big heads parade of the San Fermin festival in the Northern Spanish city of Pamplona. (AFP)

Britain Northern Ireland Bonfires

A child stands on a massive bonfire in the Shankill Estate in West Belfast, Northern Ireland. Thousands of bonfires have been built in Protestant areas across Northern Ireland for the annual July 11 bonfire night. (AP)

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