28 janar 2013

E Hënë, 28 Janar 2013
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Uais Khan, 62, shovels sand and salt into an oven at a factory in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Heated sand and salt are later used to cook corn overnight, before the corn is sold as a popular street food dish. (Reuters)

Egypt Protest

Riot policemen beat a protester opposing Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, during clashes along Qasr Al Nil bridge, which leads to Tahrir Square in Cairo. (Reuters)

Mali Fighting

A woman walks past the well, where the bodies of suspected Islamist rebels, director of Human Rights Watch, Philippe Bolopion, had been dumped, according to U.N., in Sevare, Mali. (Reuters)

Brazil Night Club Fire

Relatives of victims of the fire at Boate Kiss nightclub attend a collective wake in the southern city of Santa Maria, 187 miles (301 km) west of the state capital Porto Alegre, Brazil, January 27, 2013. The nightclub fire killed at least 232 people in Santa Maria. (Reuters)

Saudi Arbaia Weather

A Saudi man is reflected in a mirror in his flooded home after heavy rain in Tabuk, 1500 km (932 miles) from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (Reuters)

Australia Sport

Australia’s Matthew Wade dives to stop the ball during the Twenty20 international cricket match against Sri Lanka at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia. (Reuters)

South Korea Gwanghwamun

Gwanghwamun, the main gate of the Gyeongbukgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea, is seen at night. (Photo by Liu Guan-Dong/South Korea/VOA reader)

US SAG Awards

Actor Bryan Cranston poses backstage with his awards for outstanding male actor in a drama series for ‘Breaking Bad’ and for outstanding cast in a motion picture for ‘Argo’ at the 19th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California, January 27, 2013. (Reuters)

Ethiopia Hat House

A hat house is seen in Benishangul-Gumuz, a rural area of Ethiopia. (Photo by Aboma Shuramu/Ethiopia/VOA reader)

Switzerland Sport

A man climbs up an artificially made wall of ice near the Swiss mountain resort of Pontresina, Switzerland. (Reuters)

India Festival

Mahadev Bharti (right), a Sadhu or a Hindu holy man, who said he stands at 18-inch (46 cm), speaks with a fellow Sadhu inside a tent on the banks of the river Ganges during the ongoing ‘Kumbh Mela’, or Pitcher Festival, in the northern Indian city of Allahabad. (Reuters)

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