2 Shkurt 2012

E Enjte, 02 Shkurt 2012
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"Turkey Homeless"

A homeless man has his lunch at a sports hall in Istanbul, Turkey. The sports hall was set up as a shelter for homeless people due to harsh winter conditions by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality which currently hosts some 300 people. (Reuters)

"Kuwait Vote"

A Kuwaiti female voter in a wheelchair is approached by campaigners during the 2012 parliamentary elections in front of a polling center in Rumaithiya. (Reuters)

"Germany Europe Weather"

A warm covered pug dog strolls on a street in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Germany faces freezing temperatures coming from Russia down to minus 15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit). (AP)


People wait at Ramses metro station in Cairo for the arrival of those wounded during clashes in Port Said stadium. Seventy-four people were killed when supporters clashed at an Egyptian soccer match. (Reuters)

"Chile Protest"

A Chilean student is arrested by riot policemen during a protest against the government of President Sebastian Piñera, in Santiago. (AFP)

"Nepal Vultures"

Vultures battle for a cow carcass as they feed at a vulture restaurant in Nawalparasi, southwest of Kathmandu. The restaurant, established in 2006 to provide a place where vultures can feed healthily, aims to boost the population of wild vultures which are considered an endangered species in Nepal. (Reuters)

"Qatar Cycling"

Diadora-Pasta Zara's Giorgia Bronzini (L) of Italy crashes during the second stage of the Tour of Qatar women's cycling race in Al Shimal Corniche, north of Doha. (Reuters)

"Mecico Candlemas Celebrations"

A bull gores a man as others run during the annual Candlemas celebrations in Tlacotalpan, Mexico, February 1, 2012. A pack of bulls is let loose to rampage through the streets for hours as crowds taunt them as part of the week-long religious celebration. (Reuters)

1 shkurt 2012

E Mërkurë, 01 Shkurt 2012
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"Russia Election Candidates"

Cups, containing coffee latte with cinnamon powder representing of presidential candidates Vladimir Putin (C top), Gennady Zyuganov (R top), Vladimir Zhirinovsky (L bottom), Sergei Mironov (R bottom) and Mikhail Prokhorov, at the Kofein cafe in Moscow. The coffee chain offered its visitors to take part in a symbolic presidential election by ordering a cup of coffee displaying their favorite candidates, while showing the results of votes on a screen nearby. (Reuters)

"Senegal Protest"

Young men try to overturn a public bus during street clashes with police in Senegal's capital, Dakar. (Reuters)

"Britain Protrait of a Man"
"France Election Powder Attack"

An unidentified woman throws flour on French Socialist Party candidate for the 2012 presidential elections, Francois Hollande, in Paris. (AP)

"India Elephant"

A caparisoned elephant during an annual temple festival in the southern Indian city of Kochi. The festival features a colorful procession of decorated elephants and drum concerts. (Reuters)

"Romania Europe Weather"

A child runs past a wave protection dam covered in ice as the waters of the Black Sea are frozen near the shore in Constanta, Romania. The death toll from Eastern Europe's severe cold spell has risen to 79. (AP)

31 janar 2012

E Martë, 31 Janar 2012
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"Algeria Protest"

A protester throws a Molotov cocktail at riot gendarmerie during clashes in Cheraga, on the outskirts of Algiers in Algeria. Anger erupted after a local man was stabbed to death. (Reuters)

"India Energy"

Laborers remove kites tangled up in electric power cables after the end of the kite flying season in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad. (Reuters)

"Germany Weather"

Reed sprouts are covered with thick ice at lake Zwischenahner Meer ind Bad Zwischenahn, northern Germany. After a period of relatively mild weather a cold spell has reached central and eastern Europe. (AP)

"Spain Zanpantzar Carnival"

Men dressed in sheepskin costumes for a carnival celebration walk on the way to the Pyrenees village of Ituren, northern Spain. The tradition is to march through the village every year in a ritual to purify the harvest land from evil spirits and to welcome the coming Spring. (AP)

"Gabon Africa Cup Soccer"

Gabon's artist Pierre Philippe Ekouaga paints a mural on a wall, representing the Panthers of Gabon, nickname of the national soccer team, in Libreville, Gabon, during the African Cup of Nations. (AP)

"South Korea Music Festival"

South Korean boy group ZE:A, also known as Children of the Empire, perform during the MBC Music Festival in Seoul, South Korea. (AP)

27 Janar 2012

E Premte, 27 Janar 2012
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A riot policeman removes pictures of Mohammed Ebrahim Yacoub, 18, who died in police custody, from a wall in the eastern village of Sitra, Bahrain. (AP)


A member of the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency (L) acts as a soldier during a 'refugee run' where business people and politicans attending the World Economic Forum play the role of people fleeing conflicts and persecution, Davos, Switzerland. (AP)


A rescuer works amidst the debris of a collapsed building in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Reuters)


A t-shirt held by a college student depicts U.S. President Barack Obama as a superhero as he delivers remarks on college affordability at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. (Reuters)


A man smells a flower during the Holocaust remembrance memorial in Chisinau, Moldova. (AP)


People light incense to pray for wealth and fortune on the 5th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year at Dongyue Temple in Beijing. (Reuters)


Mounted Indian Border Security force soldiers leave at end of the final dress rehearsal of the Beating Retreat, in New Delhi, India. (AP)

Germany Pelicans

Two pelicans rest in the zoo of Frankfurt, Germany. (AP)


26 Janar 2012

E Enjte, 26 Janar 2012
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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is escorted to safety by body guards and police through a crowd of rowdy protesters following a ceremony to mark country's national day in Canberra. (AP)

"India Republic Day"

Indian Border Security Force soldiers ride camels during the Republic Day parade in New Delhi. (AP)

"Germany Spain"

Honor guards stand in lines as they waits prior to the welcoming ceremony for Spain Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy at the chancellery in Berlin, Germany. (AP)

"Brazil Building Collapse"

Rescue workers carry the body of a victim after a building collapsed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (AP)

"Poland Websites Attacked"

Lawmakers from the leftist Palikot's Movement cover their faces with masks as they protest against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, during a parliament session, in Warsaw, Poland. (AP)

"Mars Sand Dunes"

This enhanced-color image shows sand dunes trapped in an impact crater in Noachis Terra, Mars. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona)

"Czech Weather"

A snow-covered house stands near the village of Destne v Orlickych horach, Czech Republic. (AP)



25 Janar 2012

E Mërkurë, 25 Janar 2012
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Egyptians carry an obelisk with the names of people, who died during the 18-day uprising a year ago in Tahrir Square, to mark the first anniversary of the popular uprising that unseated President Hosni Mubarak for in Cairo. (AP)


Greeks struggle as they wait to receive free onions and other vegetables offered by farmers in Syntagma Square. Farmers from the Thebes and Viotia district north of Athens handed out tons of agricultural products to protest media reports that waste from local industries has polluted their crops with hexavalent chromium, making it dangerous for consumption. (Reuters)

"Kyrgyzstan Prisoner"

A prisoner on a hunger strike has his mouth sewn with a wire at a prison in Bishkek. More than 1,000 inmates throughout Kyrgyzstan have taken part in protests in what local media reported as a response to authorities cutting privileges for criminal offenders with prominence. (Reuters)

"France Jaguar"

An old MK II model Jaguar car is on display, hanging from the outer wall of a parking lot building, as part of its decoration, in Bordeaux, eastern France. (AFP)

"Earth Blue Marble"

A 'Blue Marble' image of the Earth taken from the VIIRS instrument aboard NASA's most recently launched Earth-observing satellite - Suomi NPP. (Reuters/NASA)

"Norway Aurora"

The aurora borealis near the city of Tromsoe in northern Norway (Reuters)

"Germany Zoo"

An African guineafowl watches colorful in the sun at the zoo in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. (AP)



24 Janar 2012

E Martë, 24 Janar 2012
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"India Politics"

Supporters of United Progressive Alliance Chairperson and Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi wave as her helicopter hovers above a Congress election campaign rally in Gurdaspur, India. (AFP)

Fireworks explode over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. Thousands watched the fireworks display on the second day of Chinese New Year to usher in the Year of the Dragon. (AFP)

"Russia Putin"

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin instructs a trainee during a judo demonstration at a regional judo center in the city of Kemerovo. (Reuters)

"Italy Cruise Ship"

Oil recovery experts climb onto the grounded cruise ship Costa Concordia off the Tuscan island of Giglio, Italy. (AP)

"German Merkel"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reacts as she strokes the golden goose given to her by Carnival Prince Frank I. and Princess Petra I of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the Chancellery in Berlin. (AFP)

"Japan Wild Monkeys"

Japanese wild monkeys enjoy an open-air hot spring at the Jigokudani (Hell's Valley) Monkey Park, at Yamanouchi town near Shigakogen ski resort, in Nagano prefecture. (AFP)

"Germany Plants Fair"

Colorful flowers are planted in traditional wooden clogs from the Netherlands at the International trade fair for plants in the city of Essen, Germany. (AP)

23 janar, 2012

E Hënë, 23 Janar 2012
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"Egypt Protest"

A demonstrator holds Egyptian flags during a protest against the newly elected lawmakers in front of Egypt's parliament in Cairo. (Reuters)

"China New Year"

Thousands of people visit a lantern festival to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dragon in Shanghai, China. (AFP)

"Nepal Religion"

Devotees take a holy bath at the Bagmati River at Pashupatinath Temple during the Swasthani Bratakatha festival in Kathmandu, Nepal. (Reuters)

"France Cargo Ship"

A wave breaks over what remains of the Maltese-registered cargo ship the TK Bremen on the Kerminihy beach in Erdeven, France. (Reuters)

"Switzerland Weather"

The snow-covered church of the village of Jenisberg near the Swiss mountain resort of Davos, Switzerland. (Reuters)

"France Fashion"

Models present creations by French designer Alexis Mabille as part of his Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2012 fashion show in Paris, France. (Reuters)

"Africa Sports"

20 Janar 2012

E Premte, 20 Janar 2012
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The shadow of Republican presidential candidate, Rep. Ron Paul, is cast against the South Carolina state flag as he waits to be introduced at a campaign rally in an airplane hanger in North Charleston, South Carolina. (AP)


A Swiss guard salutes as Pope Benedict XVI delivers his blessing upon leaving the Pope Paul VI hall at the Vatican at the end of a special audience for members of the Neocathecumenal Way movement. (AP)

Italy Cruise Ship

The grounded Costa Concordia cruise ship is framed by rocks off the tiny Tuscan island of Giglio, Italy. (AP)


A medium performs a traditional mask dance during the Shikali festival in Lalitpur, Nepal. (Reuters)


Protesters seen through the Syrian national flag chant slogans during an anti-regime protest in front of the Syrian embassy in Amman, Jordan. (AP)


Alexandr Dolgopolov of Ukraine prepares to hit a return to Bernard Tomic of Australia during their men's singles match at the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia. (Reuters)


This NASA composite image of the Herschel in far-infrared and XMM-Newton's X-ray images shows how hot young stars are sculpting and interacting with surrounding ultra-cool gas and dust, which, at only a few degrees above absolute zero, is the critical material for star formation. (AFP)


Male giraffe calf Ng'ombe stands in front of his mother Nyiri at the zoo in Cologne, Germany. (AP)

19 Janar 2012

E Enjte, 19 Janar 2012
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"Germany Fashion Week"

A model with artificial eyelashes during a show by fashion brand Kaviar Gauche at the Fashion Week in Berlin, Germany. (AP)

"India Italy Cruise Aground"

Jonathan Pathri, a survivor of the capsized Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia, is greeted by his parents on his arrival at Rajiv Gandhi International airport in Hyderabad, India. (AP)

"Israel Palestinians Barrier"

The Palestinian Shuafat refugee camp behind Israel's controversial separation barrier in east Jerusalem (AFP)

"Turkey Journalist Killing"

Protesters gather in front of the Agos newspaper office during a demonstration to mark the fifth anniversary of the killing of Turkish-Armenian editor Hrant Dink in Istanbul, Turkey. (Reuters)

"New York Billboard"

A billboard worker in a cherry picker does some work on video screen displaying flames in Times Square in New York City, January 18, 2012. (AFP)

"Somalia Food"

Children stand in line to receive food at a camp in Hodan district in Mogadishu, Somalia. (Reuters)

"Australia Cycling"

The peloton is seen during the third stage of the 2012 Tour Down Under in Victor Harbour, Australia. The cycling's World Tour is held over six stages from January 15 to 22. (AFP)

"France Weather"

A ferris wheel at sunset in Nice, France (AFP)




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