4 Janar 2012

E Mërkurë, 04 Janar 2012
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"Nepal Environmental Clean-up"

Nepalese cheer during an environmental clean-up campaign in Kathmandu. (Reuters)

"India Cold Weather"

An Indian Border Security Force camel contingent participates during a rehearsal for India's Republic Day parade, amidst morning fog in New Delhi. (AP)

"Indonesia Sandal Protest"

An Indonesian activist holds pair of sandals in solidarity with a 15 year-old boy, who is being prosecuted for lifting an old pair of sandals in Central Sulawesi province, at the office of Indonesian Commission for Child Protection in Jakarta. Thousands of Indonesians have dumped flip flops and other old sandals at police stations and prosecutor offices to show support for the boy who could face up to five years in prison - the same sentence given to many terrorists, drug pushers and rapists - if found guilty. (AP)

"Liverpool Minton Tiled Floor"

A worker mops the centerpiece of the Minton tiled floor at St. George's Hall in Liverpool, northern England. Visitors will be able to view the mosaic of over 30,000 tiles which was laid in 1852, from January 7 to 22. (Reuters)

"Serena Williams"

Serena Williams of the United States collapses after twisting her left ankle in her match against Bojana Jovanovski of Serbia during the Brisbane International tennis tournament in Brisbane, Australia. (AP)

"China Harbin Ice Snow Festival"

Visitors view the buildings made from blocks of ice at the Harbin International Ice and Snow festival held in Harbin in northeastern China's Harbin province. (AP)

"Britain Zoo Animal Count"

Adrian Walls, Team Leader of Birds, counts penguins at London Zoo in central London. (Reuters)

"Florida Frozen Strawberries"

A layer of protective ice covers a new strawberry blossom in a field in Dover, Florida. Farmers spray a coating of water over their plants to help keep them from freeze damage. (AP)


3 Janar 2012

E Martë, 03 Janar 2012
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"France Sarkozy"

France's President Nicolas Sarkozy speaks with French cabin boy's military academy students at the Lanveoc-Poulmic naval airbase prior to deliver his New Year wishes to French army in Lanveoc, western France. (Reuters)

"Nigeria Protest"

Policemen detains a protester during a rally against fuel subsidy removal on Ikorodu road in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos. (Reuters)

"India Traffic"

A nomadic shepherd with his herd of sheep waits for the signal at a busy road junction in Noida on the outskirts of New Delhi, India. (Reuters)

"North Korea Mass Rally"

North Koreans attend a mass rally at Kim Il-Sung square in Pyongyang. (Reuters)

"Cambodia Eviction"

A woman cries as an excavator demolishes her home during a forced eviction at the Borei Keila complex in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. (Reuters)

"Britain Weather"

A elderly lady is holding on to a lamp post in the strong winds in South Shields, England. (AP)

"Philippines Tents"

Rows of tents set up for tropical storm Washi survivors in the southern Philippines city of Cagayan de Oro on Mindanao, January 2, 2012. (Reuters)

"Japan Aquarium New Year"
"Germany Skiing"

Germany's Richard Freitag soars through the air in front of Wilten Cathedral during the practice for the third event of the four-hills ski jumping tournament in Innsbruck, Austria. (Reuters)

1 Janar 2012

E Hënë, 02 Janar 2012
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"Japan New Year"

The rising sun on New Year's behind Mt. Fuji, observed at Yamanashi prefecture, Japan (AFP)

"Thailand New Year"

Buddhist monks take up alms from Thais during a morning alms offering, part of New Year's celebrations in Bangkok, Thailand. (AP)

"Philippines New Year's Eve"

Confetti drops as a Filipino blows his paper horn welcoming the New Year in Manila's Rizal Park, Philippines. (AP)

"South Korea News Year"

South Koreans in traditional costumes perform to celebrate the New Year at Imjingak Pavilion in Paju near the border village of Panmunjom (Demilitarized Zone), South Korea, that has separated the two Koreas since the Korean War. (AP)

"Hong Kong New Year"

Fireworks illuminate the Hong Kong skyline above Victoria harbor during new years celebration. (AFP)

"Taiwan New Year"

Fireworks explode from Taiwan's tallest skyscraper Taipei 101 during New Year celebrations in Taipei. (Reuters)

"Mexico New Year"

People enjoy the first rays of the sun in 2012 in Cancun, Mexico. (AP)

"South Africa New Year"

People celebrate New Year's Day on a beach in Durban, South Africa. (Reuters)

"Kenya  New Year"

A child plays with colored water bubbles as Kenyans gather with their families at Uhuru Park, Nairobi, Kenya to celebrate the new year. (AP)

"Germany New Year"

Shooters of the historic riflemen corps fire gun salutes to welcome the new year in Villingen-Schwenningen in the Black Forest, southern Germany. (AFP)

"Britain New Years Day Celebrations"

Fireworks explode over the Houses of Parliament, including St. Stephen's Tower which holds the bell known as Big Ben as London celebrates the arrival of New Years Day in London. (AP)

Russia New Year

Russians celebrate the New Year on Red Square in Moscow, with the Kremlin in the background, right, and St. Basil's cathedral in background left. (AP)

"Germany Reuters New Year"

Fireworks explode during the New Year celebrations over the Brandenburger Tor gate in Berlin, Germany. (Reuters)

"New York New Year"

Revelers celebrate on New Year's Eve at Times Square in New York, 31 December, 2100. (Reuters)

"India New Year"
"Hawaii Sun Set"

A sail boat passes in front of the sun as the last rays of sunlight of 2011 hit the waters off Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, December 31, 2011. Hawaii is one of the last places on earth that will usher in the New Year. (Reuters)

30 Dhjetor 2011

E Premte, 30 Dhjetor 2011
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Turkey Airstrike

People carry coffins of victims as thousands of mourners gathered in Gulyazi village at the border with Iraq, southeast Turkey, for the funerals of 35 Kurdish civilians who were killed in a botched raid by Turkish military jets. (AP Photo)

Iran Maneuvers

Iranian navy speed boats attend a drill in the sea of Oman. (AP)

U.S. Bachmann

U.S. Republican presidential candidate and Representative Michele Bachmann signs an autograph at the Black Bear Diner in Sioux City, Iowa. (Reuters)


A four-year-old elephant calf, Bunka, looks on at the zoo in Tbilisi, Georgia. (Reuters)


Anders Bardal of Norway soars at the first stage of the four hills ski jumping tournament in Oberstdorf, southern Germany. (AP)


A fine snow covers a dog playing on the snow in Oberhof, eastern Germany. (AFP)


29 Dhjetor 2011

E Enjte, 29 Dhjetor 2011
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"Burma Fire"

People walk at the scene of an explosion in Rangoon, Burma. Dozens of people were killed in a strong explosion that rocked eastern suburb of the commercial city early in the morning, witnesses and officials said. (Reuters)

"Turkey Kurds Unrest"

Pro-Kurdish demonstrators gesture and chant slogans during a protest in Istanbul against the Turkish government and the Turkish air strike that killed 35 Kurdish smugglers in southeast of Turkey. (AFP)

"Spain Demonstration"

Protesters take part in a demonstration, complaining against Spanish government spending cuts, led by the movement known as indignants in Madrid, December 28, 2011. (AFP)

"Russia New Year"

A child walks amidst the numerous snowmen built in a park in central Moscow, Russia. (AFP)

"Germany Sports Skiing"

Germany's Richard Freitag soars through the air during the practice jump for the first event of the 60th four-hills ski jumping tournament in Oberstdorf. (Reuters)

28 dhjetor, 2011

E Mërkurë, 28 Dhjetor 2011
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"North Korea Kim Jong Il The Funeral"

Mourners surround the hearse carrying the coffin of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il during his funeral procession through the streets of Pyongyang, North Korea. (AP Photo/Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service)

"Kyrgyzstan Crash Landing"

A Soviet-made Tupolev Tu-134 lies on its back in the snow after a crash landing at an airport in the southern city of Osh, Kyrgyzstan. (Reuters)

"Pakistan Daily Life"

Pakistani villagers travel on a horse-cart in the outskirts of Lahore. The World Bank said it would provide Pakistan with $5.5 billion in development aid over the next two years. (AFP)

"India Wave"

A man is drenched by a large wave during high tide as he cycles past at a fishing harbor in Chennai, India. The coastal districts in the state have been put on high alert in view of Cyclone Thane which is currently 350 km off the coast of Chennai and is likely to cross the coast on December 30, local media reported. (Reuters)

"China Export New Year"

Workers make red lanterns at a workshop in a village in Taizhou, in east China's Zhejiang province as they prepare to meet orders from overseas Chinese ahead of the lunar new year celebrations. (AFP)

"Slovenia Swans"

Swans feed on a piece of bread at a lake in Zbilje, Slovenia. (Reuters)

"Germany Weather"

Colored maple leaves are covered in snow in Oberstdorf, southern German. Temperatures fell below the freezing point in southern parts of the country. (AFP)


27dhjetor, 2011

E Martë, 27 Dhjetor 2011
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"Afghanistan UN Refugee"

Afghan laborers load coal onto wheelbarrows at a UNHCR distribution center for needy refugees on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. (AFP)

"Vietnam Carpenters"

Carpenters work on the railway track in downtown Hanoi, Vietnam. The Kham Thien railway hamlet is one of most dangerous traffic problems in the country. Despite the many accidents and deaths every year and warnings from authorities, people continue to live and make their livelihoods near the track. (Reuters)

"Hong Kong US China Military"

A US Navy serviceman walks past a warplane on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier anchored in Hong Kong. (AFP)

"Spain Elections"

Spain's King Juan Carlos, center, Crown Prince Felipe, center left, Queen Sofia, center right, as well as members of the government attend a military parade after the official opening of Parliament, in Madrid. (AP)

"Arlington Funeral Afghanistan"

The family of Marine Staff Sgt. Vincent Bell of Detroit, sits during funeral services for Bell at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. Bell died while serving in Afghanistan. (AP)

"Switzerland Enviornment"

The sun sets on a winter evening between the spires of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Lausanne, Switzerland. (Reuters)

"NASA Space Galaxy"

This composite image shows the central region of the spiral galaxy NGC 4151. X-rays (blue) from the Chandra X-ray Observatory are combined with optical data (yellow) showing positively charged hydrogen (H II) from observations with the 1-meter Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope on La Palma. The red ring shows neutral hydrogen detected by radio observations with the NSF's Very Large Array. (NASA)

26 dhjetor, 2011

E Hënë, 26 Dhjetor 2011
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"Britain Tube Strike"

Underground trains are parked during a 24-hour strike by train drivers over public holiday pay, at Mordern depot, south London, Britain. (AP)

"India Corruption"

A supporter of veteran Indian social activist Anna Hazare waves a national flag amid fumes emitted from fumigation work carried out by a health worker, at Bandra-Kurla Complex grounds in Mumbai. (Reuters)

"Brazil Climate"

A man crosses the Rio Branco Avenue with an umbrella to protect from the rain of a cold front that arrived to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (AFP)

"Slovenia Horse Blessing"

A girl and her horse make their way to church to be blessed by priests on St. Stephens Day in Srednja Vas, Slovenia. (Reuters)

"Australia Sydney Hobart"

The hulls of competing boats are below the swell during the start of the Sydney-Hobart yacht race in Sydney, Australia. (AP)

"China Harbin Ice and Snow World"

An employee pulls a dog sled carrying tourists in front of a snow sculpture ahead of the 13th Harbin Ice and Snow World in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, China. The festival will be officially launched on January 5, 2012. (Reuters)

"Britain Sports"

Liverpool's Martin Skrtel (top) challenges Blackburn Rovers' Yakubu during their English Premier League soccer match at Anfield in Liverpool, northern England. (Reuters)

"Obama Christams"

US President Barack Obama tries to evade the wandering fingers of 8-month-old Cooper Wall Wagner as he poses for a picture with his parents, Captain Greg Wagner and Meredith Wagner as Obama met US Marines and their families having lunch at Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps base in Hawaii, December 25, 2011. (Reuters)

"Georgia Christmas"

Cars drive on a street which is illuminated for New Year's Eve in Tbilisi, Georgia, December 25, 2011. (Reuters)

"Nigeria Christmas"

A member of white garment Christian sect prays by a cross at the bar beach, where they live and worship in makeshift tents, in Lagos, Nigeria, December 25, 2011. (Reuters)

"Ivory Coast Christmas'

People visit a Christmas tree in the Plateau district of Abidjan during Christmas celebrations, December 25, 2011. (AFP)

"Lithuania Christmas"

Fireworks light up the sky above a 326 meter Christmas 'tree' , which was constructed onto a TV tower, during a lighting up ceremony in Vilnius, Lithuania, December 25, 2011. (AP)

23 dhjetor, 2011

E Premte, 23 Dhjetor 2011
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Flocks of starlings fly over a decorated Christmas tree as night falls in Rome, Italy. (AFP)

Italy Strike

An Italian railways worker walks during a protest against the dismissal of 800 night trains workers, at the railways station in Milan. (AP)

Syria Bomb

A cracked windshield is seen at the site of a suicide bombing in Damascus, Syria. (AP)


A Syrian woman living in Jordan performs Friday prayers before protesting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in front of the Syrian embassy in Amman. (Reuters)


A woman holds a Czech flag as she watches the state funeral of former Czech President Vaclav Havel in Prague. (AP)


Egyptian girls look at army troops through a gap between concrete blocs, part of a barrier that the military set up to block the road and separate army troops from protesters, near Tahrir Square in Cairo. (AP)


Israeli soldiers fire tear gas at Palestinian protesters during a weekly demonstration against the construction and expansion of settlements on village lands in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah. (AFP)


An anti-government protester approaches police, unseen, with flowers and a national flag in Manama, Bahrain. (AP)


Children perform the Bharatnatyam, an Indian classical dance, during the inauguration of the 45th Senior National Indian Style Wrestling Championship in Hyderabad, December 23, 2011. (AP)


Chinese winter swimmers wearing Santa Claus costumes play soccer on a frozen lake ahead of Christmas in Shenyang, Liaoning province. (Reuters)


Elephants dressed in Santa Claus costumes perform for students ahead of the Christmas festival at a school in Ayutthaya province, Thailand. (AFP)


A boy stands in front of a house decorated with Christmas illuminations in downtown Hamburg, Germany. (Reuters)

22 dhjetor, 2011

E Enjte, 22 Dhjetor 2011
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Artists perform during Cirque du Soleil's Alegria show in Lisbon's Atlantic pavilion, Spain. (Reuters)


Revelers dance as the sun rises at Stonehenge on Salisbury plain in southern England. (Reuters)


A soldier's boot and blood stains are seen on the ground after a deadly bomb attack in central Baghdad's Alawi district, Iraq. (Reuters)

Egypt Election

An Egyptian boy walks in front of anti-Parliamentary elections graffiti at Tahrir Square in Cairo. (AP)


Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev walks in before making his annual state of the nation address at the Kremlin in Moscow. (Reuters)


Typhoon Washi survivors pray before humanitarian agency World Vision's volunteers start a trauma counseling session outside an evacuation center in the southern Philippines city of Cagayan de Oro. (Reuters)


A Pakistani horse owner tries to control his horse while he waits for customers at Clifton beach in Karachi. (AP)


A man cleans the floor at The Strikers, Afghanistan's first bowling center, Kabul. (Reuters)


An American alligator hatchling (R) peers out of a Christmas boot at the Australian Reptile Park near Sydney. (AFP)


A squirrel sits on a snow covered branch in a park during heavy snow fall in Sofia, Bulgaria. (AFP)




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