Decline of ‘White’ America Is in Full Swing

Posted February 4th, 2015 at 1:26 pm (UTC-4)

(Photo by Bridget Coila)

(Photo by Bridget Coila)

The United States hit an important benchmark in 2011 that many Americans might have missed. That was the first year more minority babies were born than white babies.


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It was a sign of things to come. In less than 30 years, whites will no longer be the racial majority in the United States.

“This is a huge demographic transformation,” said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution and author of the book Diversity Explosion. “In 2044, most of the United States, more than half of the population, will be something other than white.”

Although whites will still be the largest single racial group in 2044, no single group will actually be a majority. There has been a steady decline in the white population as the so-called Baby Boomers (people born between 1945 and 1964) have aged and entered retirement. They are also beginning to die off.

“In a few years, it’s going to be the norm that there will be more white deaths than white births every year as far as you can project,” Frey said.


White 63%
Hispanic 17%
Black 12%
Asian 5%
Other 3%

This emerging ‘majority minority’ will take their place. The number of Asian and Hispanic minorities in the U.S. is expected to double by 2050. The multiracial population is expected to quadruple by then, according to U.S. Census Bureau projections.

These populations are growing, not due to immigration, but primarily because America’s minority populations are young and of child-bearing age.

The changing demographics will also be evident in the workplace. The whitest part of the labor force right now is people in their late forties, fifties and early sixties. As they retire, more minorities will move in to take their place.

That’s good news, according to Frey, who points out that while countries like Japan, Italy and Germany are facing a declining labor-force age population and a declining population overall, the United States won’t have that problem because of the fast growth in its young minority populations, particularly Hispanics and Asians.

Source: National Historical Geographic Information System, University of Minnesota   Graphic: Courtesy of The Washington Post

This new future reality presents the United States with the challenge of making sure these minority populations–which represent America’s future–are in schools that are well-equipped to prepare these children to enter the middle class via well-paying jobs once they grow up. The alternative, says Frey, is a larger gap between rich and poor.

“Race has been a very important feature in our society, sometimes in negative ways in the past,” Frey said. “People are now going to come to see that our diverse population is going to be a positive, especially in a global economy where it’s important for us to be able to connect with other parts of the world. We have a leg up on other countries, assuming we’re able to take advantage of it.”

185 responses to “Decline of ‘White’ America Is in Full Swing”

  1. Jade says:

    Check again genius. Hispanic is not a race. Not every Hispanic is ”mestizo”

  2. Mike says:

    Decline of ‘White’ America Is in Full Swing. “In a few years, it’s going to be the norm that there will be more white deaths than white births every year as far as you can project,” Frey said.

    And leftist can’t wait! One can see just how much these anti-white racist from the left just love all of this.

    It is clear that leftist have been waging a race war, a demographic war in this country in order to deliberately change the racial demographics of the united states, due to leftist hatred for white people and for the civilization they built. This all smells like a form of ethnic cleansing to me. Getting rid of the white population is obviously what multiculturalism was designed to do.

    Your new America will not come without great violence.

    • T says:

      Make love, not war, and your problems are solved. The only cleansing needed is the hate within you. Maybe that’s what inbreeding has done?

      • Robert Haines says:

        “Inbreeding”, “hate”, “racist” — yep, you’ve managed to hit all of the official “progressive” tropes, amply demonstrating how shallow your grasp of the situation is.

    • Eduard Haskell says:

      Leftists? In America? lol

      If by ‘leftist’ you mean people who didn’t mind voting for a black man to become president, I have to tell you that you’ve misunderstood what it means to be a leftist…

      • Carl Jensen says:

        Color was meaningless to everyone but liberals. We just wanted someone that would represent all of us rather than just the extreme left or right. It didn’t happen that way.

      • Brian says:

        So why is it that the republicans elected Sen. Tim Scott? That is if we oppose a black man in a powerful political office. I think you are showing yourself to be a racist.

    • one world says:

      Oh good grief!!!! This report was only designed to let the minorities know where the white populations are in the US. It has been a war on the whites for 3 decades now, where have you been? Every race has been enslaved, abused, and genocided at one point in human history. This report is designed to remind blacks and hispanics that THEY CANNOT OVERCOME THEIR OWN STRUGGLES WITHOUT BLAMING ANOTHER RACE!!!!!!!! So which black nation is a superpower? Which black nation has an education level above 40%? I don’t see any slavery preventing a black nation from rising into the first-world stage! WTF, when someone like Angelina Jolie helps Africans more than Oprah, Beyonce, Obama, Jesse Jackson, etc!!!!! There are far more ‘white’ organizations and churches that volunteer aid and assistance in Africa than any ‘black!!!’ organization!!!!!!!!!! There is not a single ‘white’ country that is third world. Anyone have an idea why?

    • one world says:

      The report failed to compare these counties to the crime rates across the US. Would you be shocked about the crime rates of mostly white counties, compared to ethnically mixed counties? Doesn’t really matter, because the white haters in this forum will still blame white people for having a peaceful and prosperous life in the mostly white counties. OK minorities, you all now know where to go and ruin these places too. Man, so much to do with so little time. Have fun!

      • George says:

        Try mixed community…San Marino or Milbrae, CA vs mostly white Jasper, Texas or Conroe, Texas…also try Arlington, VA vs the white parishes of Louisiana.

  3. John Mack says:

    Won’t make much difference. the Republicans will still control Congress and the rich will still control the US government. nothing much will change.

    • g man says:

      what congress needs is more women. women generally don’t have the hubris and egos like men. they are more concerned with just getting things done.

      • Alex says:

        Nonsense, women are just as self promoting and evil as any man.

      • Robert Haines says:

        Uh . . . Margaret Thatcher? -Golda Meir? -Indira Gandhi? -Madame Mao? -Dilma Rousseff? -Imelda Marcos?

        There’s no shortage of female politicians who have been in power who have been ruthless, greedy, corrupt and power-mad.

      • BambiB says:

        The last thing we need in government is more women. It turns out that women are the primary cause of the vast majority of the National Debt. Read John Lott’s paper on the effect of women’s suffrage on deficit spending. Women got the vote and immediately began spending more “government” money than was available. Over the past 50 years or so, women have traded in men for “Uncle Sam”. Single women, especially, vote for welfare programs.

        The 19th Amendment was the biggest legislative mistake in the history of the world.

        (Un)fortunately, it’s a self-correcting problem. With over $18 trillion in debt, the house of cards cannot stand much longer. When it all collapses, the women who have been relying on “Uncle Sugar-Daddy” will find out he’s a deadbeat. The government will collapse under the weight of social welfare programs and the “vote” of women will not longer matter.

      • Errol Penfield says:

        Really- the biggest stars would be Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren….

    • You are absolutely correct.

    • WILDMAN says:

      what a fool , you have to be a Democrat Racist !! Thats fine 31 years an America undedr the Democrats will be a 3e world country with Hillary’s buddys running the country !!

  4. johnny utah says:

    one has to pay the other doesn’t that’s why .white man will go down in history as the biggest losers allowing their politicians to give america away .

    • cricker23 says:

      Then why do we all have “IMMIGRATION” laws?

      • Robert Haines says:

        …and why are the “progressive” elements in Washington doing all they can to subvert and discard those immigration laws? Why is being in this country illegally a dawdle? Why are there “sanctuary cities” like San Francisco where illegals can openly live and tap government resources? Why do we grant instant citizenship to “anchor babies” born to illegals?

        Your notion of immigration being somehow actually controlled is a joke.

        • George says:

          If white men stop dating and marrying Asian women from Asia there will be fewer immigrants, and if white men stop marrying Asian-American women, the browning of America will slow significantly.

    • laurie says:

      so true words have never been spoken.

  5. erick says:

    white America? you do know that America is a continent, right?.
    whites have always been the minority in this. continent.
    since when is the United States America?. we need to stop being so pretentious
    and ignorant about our nation. this is the United States and like it or not,
    we are United Statians first and Americans second.
    everyone born in the American continent is an American no matter how much we ignore it or deny it.

    • T says:

      Way to go there! But the article actually didn’t confuse the two. You have just assumed that it has, or misread the print.

    • Carl Jensen says:

      Actually, I have heard South Americans get upset with the notion that US citizens are called Americans. They are just as American as we are, continental speaking. Word games. Why is it important anyway? Who was this guy that two continents took his name? Tell you this, the only reason we are called Americans is because everyone called us that. WW2 really clinched that into global consciousness as we were the only “American” nation to stand up to global threat. Why was that? It probably had something to do with our inner, white, European morality.

      • Realistic says:

        I could hold my loud laugh when I read you saying “our European morality”.
        By the way…, there are a significant number of Caucasians living south of the border.
        Not everyone is a mestizo or “brown” as those from the northern country without a name likes to call them.

        • Carl Jensen says:

          Sounded a bit pretentious, in retrospect. I meant that we basically had to get involved with the war because we had a mostly European base to our nation, we had to stand up lest it fall to the Reich or Russia. As our boys were sent around the world, they were referred to as Americans, even as they came from Uncle Sam. South and Central America were never center stage globally and so the common appellation of American stuck to North Americans. To me it’s just a word, people do get all worked up for the smallest reasons nowadays.

  6. Edgar Allen Poe says:

    Here’s a message for the liberal idiot who wrote this article. Hispanics usually consider themselves as being WHITE…..

    • T says:

      lol, So true, I remember looking at the demographics before actually going somewhere and seeing for myself, realizing just that.

    • ROD38 says:

      Not at all. Hispanic is not a race. Among them there are Native Indians (the majority coming from Mexico and Central America); mixed race (from every where) and real whites (with ancestry from Europe, not mixed, coming from everywhere either). FYI, in Argentina and Uruguay, the proportion of whites (not mixed) is way much higher than in the USA. And in some others Latin America nations, except Brazil, Mexico and Central America where the majority is of African or Native ancestry, there are a high proportion of people of European ancestry not mixed, as well as a mixed population, just as here. Of course that most immigrant from Latin America are of Native Indian race, because most of them come from Mexico and Central America. Furthermore, whites do not use to leave massively their native countries because generally they are part of the middle and high social classes. So they only leave their native countries when forced by some kind of political crisis as in the island of Cuba, Argentina, at some point of its recent history, Chile, during Pinochet’s regime, and some other cases.

    • moe in louisville says:

      You have your information wrong. Not all Hispanics are white, Hispanics come from every racial group there is. Know what you
      are talking about before you comment on something. Because of this multi-racial inclusion Hispanics are now the largest single
      ethnic group in America, and will continue to be for a long time, if not for ever.

      • Carl Jensen says:

        How can there be a multi-racial ethnic group? That sounds somehow contradictory. One might say that the US is already a multi-cultural ethnic group. If we add more cultures to the Hispanic multi-cultural group, how does still remain as Hispanic? Word games. We are all human, we all smile and laugh the same, we can interbreed and have common needs. Skin color is meaningless and culture is only meaningful in how it melds with other cultures. We try to simplify things that are not simple and that makes a mess.

        • one world says:

          Once again, well said! As I have taught my children and others around me “The only time I recognize a person for his color/race is when that person insists that I do!” Other than that, I will treat you like a human being, period.

      • Edgar Allen Poe says:

        Ask a Mexican American if they consider themselves white or black and 95% of the time they’ll say white.

    • laurie says:

      yes but lets make one thing clear, “their not” and I love Poe

  7. Badbob says:

    Well sure, at the rate that blacks are having babies to single mothers and the rate foreigners are be allowed into this country, no doubt about it. This country will become just another Niger or any other north African country.

  8. Hector says:

    The movie Idiocracy is coming true, they just had the wrong race…

  9. Dave says:

    Goodbye America.

    • T says:

      Good bye racists idiots that think America is supposed to be ruled by one race. Don’t worry, your government will come to protect your minorities. Just remember, make love, not war.

      • dale says:

        Why is it that liberals always resort to name calling? Especially calling anyone they have not response to as a racist? It is indeed tiresome.

    • laurie says:

      yes Dave goodby America is right!!!

  10. "Diversity" Is Code For Anti-White says:

    “People are now going to come to see that our diverse population is going to be a positive”

    Yeah, go tell that to Sweden. They embraced “diversity” and their country became a crime infested hole. But hey, at least they’re “diverse”.

    • George says:

      Crime has actually decline in LA, Cerritos and San Marino, CA after Asians took over…in the latter case from the whites.

      • BambiB says:

        Yeah… and tell us how things are going in Los Angeles, Oakland, Detroit, Chicago and Washington, DC? Because those places are overrun with whites, right?

        • George says:

          You want white crime…try Jasper, Texas, Conroe, Texas, Monroe, Louisiana and a bunch of other white communities in the southern states…definitely lot higher than the Asian overrun Cerritos and San Marino, CA.

  11. Yes, asians & mexicans will out breed white people in America. Because many of us didn’t have the number of kids we wanted to have 35 years ago.


    We were being taxed to death to pay for the welfare system. A system that rewarded the recipient for having another child. And then another. And them another. Ad Nauseum

  12. bob says:

    i read recently that more white men are leaving the usa than are immigrating to the usa.
    i am an airline pilot who lives in asia and the town i live in is full of white men.
    wait for the fireworks to go off when the white population reaches 40% or so and
    the blacks and hispanics fight over the remaining dwindling resources.

  13. Jesse says:

    Has anybody looked at what the countries under black,hispanic and muslim control look like..I am American latino,and I do not want to live in a country led by blacks,latinos and or muslims.When the U.S. falls into minority control..may God be with us.

    • John says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. Look at Mexico and every country in South America.

    • Charlie says:

      I think the average black person could say, look at a coutry ran by whites for the last 400 years…No i don’t want to go back to that, it was not good for us…LOL

      • BambiB says:

        Not true. Look at South Africa since the blacks took over. It’s in the economic toilet. Look at Rwanda and the massacre of a million Tutsis. Look at Kenya, the jewel of Africa – with 40% unemployment and 80,000 deaths a year due to AIDS. In Zimbabwe and South Africa, white farmers have been murdered or driven off their farms. Zimbabwe now has 2 million people facing various levels of starvation and in South Africa, 77% of households aren’t sure where their next meal will come from.

        I don’t think any of those are attributes that America needs… or wants.

        • Just Passing By says:

          What you say is lacking in details as most people always do, look further back, before colonization those places you righteously mention were thriving and living alright from thousands of years prior to colonization. Colonization came and when it was finished with them they were left to pickup the pieces. They lost the art and skill of governance that their people before colonization had developed.

          • Carl Jensen says:

            My, that is one rosy interpretation of history and probability. More likely, AIDS, starvation and other disease would have taken out half of Africa by now, never you mind the internal warfare that has not yet stopped. And while you may be “African Proud”, do consider that those ancestors you pine about also chose to remain in the US rather than to return to their homelands. Why would they choose that? If they saw you now, do you think they would not be proud of your freedoms? Or do you dwell in the past and see no future, which I would consider as an insult to your ancestors? Oh, I’ll agree that business from many nations took advantage of primitive peoples in their quest for resources. Greed is universal and across all races, don’t think that the tribal leaders didn’t see what they considered as fair recompense for the resources and land. Slavery itself is not a unique institution to US history, you’ll still find it happening all across the globe and especially in Africa. Pull the emotion out of your arguments, rely on rational facts and play your own Devil’s Advocate to find the weakness in what you believe. I accept the bad, others such as you, need to accept the good.

          • George says:

            Carl Jensen…relatives of the victims of death row inmates dwell on the past.

    • El 7 Mares says:

      Not me, Jesse. I’d rather make my own decisions, have my own place, my own issues and deal with them regardless of severity. At least, it’s MY OWN not something run by some racist, condescending a-holes…. Comprende. I don’t need no effen welfare, handouts etc.

    • Grant says:

      Good riddance to the white race in America. All they brought here was genocide, disease and capitalism. All of you self hating fools who love whites so much can die out with them. I think Native Americans would agree that this development of a zero percent birth rate for whites will only benefit the land and all others who live here. Ever since whites crawled out of the Caucasoid mountains, they have invaded every continent on the planet. Where ever they went they found melanated people. Wherever they found them they murdered them by the millions, Africans, Aboriginals, South Americans, Tazmanians, etc. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

      • Carl Jensen says:

        Good riddance, indeed. And when all of us “whites” are gone, you can build upon all of the advances that we brought to humanity. Or will you? Is Africa famous for advances in knowledge, past the ancient Egyptians? Or any South/Central American country, past the Aztecs? Or the Mid-East since the 12th century? From what I observe, it is most likely that minorities will make a horrible mess of things. Unless we mature past this childish stage of finger-pointing and whining about the far past. I’m white. So what. I’m a human being first and foremost and trying to lay the sins of the past at my feet is ridiculous and short-sighted. Childish to make an enemy out of a potential ally, and I’m seeing it happen way too often.

      • dale says:

        Really? The worst offenders were the Spaniards, yet they are now doing the “we are not white song and dance.” A perfect example is Sonia Sotomayor, who is a pure Spaniard, whose ancestors invaded the present island of Puerto Rico, exterminated the local population and now demands Affirmative Action benefits as a non-white. And please, how well are the indigenous inhabitants of central and South America doing today? Your racism is selective and rather offensive.

      • one world says:

        Well, if you want the lovely experience of being in a non-white nation, there are plenty! Let us all know how it works out for you. You may need a prayer rug! And it’s Allah, not Allahahahahahahahaha!!!!

      • one world says:

        Slavery was introduced to the colonies by an African black man! Freed blacks owned slaves in America. You always vote and love the Democrat party, yet the Dems were the ones who fought for slavery, the Repubs fought against it. Slavery was the reason the Democrat/Republican party split! That’s right, it used to be the one party against the Whigs!!!! The Dems ruled the US during WWII, and segregated black people in the military and denied most medals of honor to minorities. Dems passed Jim Crow laws, and Dems squashed ALL ethics bills that would require slave owners to obey abuse laws. There were more laws protecting animals than slaves, and the Dems blocked any bill that would help sotp the abuse of slaves and make the abuse a felony! Registered Dems created the KKK, and denied anyone who was associated with the Repub party. Dems also supported and passed the law that killed more black people than all American wars combined……the Abortion Act!!!!! Yet you black people love the Dems, why? Not that the Repubs are any better, but you black people don’t trust whities (understandably), yet you love the Dems party (so messed up!!!)?

  14. Nathan says:

    If whites didn’t exclude anyone who had one drop of different blood their numbers wouldn’t’t be dwindling so fast. This issue is born out white superiority and racist notion that to be one of us you have to be pure.

    • George says:

      Absolutely right.

    • Mikhail says:

      Actually I think you’re projecting a racial (I’m not necessarily saying racist) assumption onto the information available.

      More likely drops in light-pigmented cultures in North America have more to do with economic and material preoccupations by older immigrant groups (not just those with lighter pigmentation) buying into the lure of working harder to keep their standard of living for themselves, and for their young, while realizing that they cannot dedicate the time their consciences tell them more children will need.

      Meanwhile, the elder immigrants have worked mightily over the decades to make the USA (and many the world) a better place as physicians, lawyers, engineers, IT people, inventors, businesspeople, government occupations, and many more.

      Unfortunately, the left leaning idea-generators for popular media actually encourage career over having more children for elder immigrants. Newer immigrants can certainly step up and take on the higher paying positions and are doing so more and more, and that will make them busy people who have fewer children because they are responsible and know that they cannot count on government funds to pay someone to care for their children.

      Does that help?

  15. Derrick says:

    I think this is good for America. I lived in Hawaii and there are beautiful brown people everywhere. Fewer whites and blacks. Hawaii is a beautiful state and all are welcome, but the power is held by beautiful brown people. It is a paradise, and I hope the rest of the USA becomes the same.

    • Dave says:

      All are welcome huh? This Haole didn’t get that impression after being stationed there for 3 years.

      • George says:

        What makes you say that? Were you dragged behind a pick up truck like some of you whites did to black people in places like Jackson, MS and Jasper, TX? If that is not the case, dont complain.

        • dale says:

          Or have their very white grandmother almost beaten to death of her own front porch in Detroit, Michigan, by a gang of oppressed, federally approved minorities.

  16. david says:

    This analysis is fine except for its premise, I think. The definition of race has changed over time, and since we seem to live in a time in the West that celebrates change, why would we think our current definition will remain fixed? Are Jews and Hispanics white? My grandparents didn’t include them in their definition. My parent started to. What about mixed ethnicity? It was significant when Italians and Irish inter-married two generations ago. Now, can we actually distinguish who has what mix of African, Asian, European, Native American blood…except in shade of dark and light?

  17. Carl Jensen says:

    I’m sick of being called white. I’m a Danish-German-French-Scottish-English-Italian American. Am I ashamed of what others would call “White America”? Nope. Like any society, there were mistakes. Show me a society that has not had past regrets, I don’t think it exists. What about the good? Did “whites” do nothing but foul and harm? Was the influx of European education and morals a horrible influence on American society?
    I do not deny the mistakes of the past. I do say that the positive is completely being ignored. It may be that in the future the majority-minority comes to miss the civil mores developed from “white” society. We’ll see. I don’t mind, life is constant change, race is meaningless and the future is more important than the past. Just stop vilifying me for being a white male. I don’t appreciate it.

    • William Smith says:

      I’m with you. I am sick and tired of having to apologize for being white. I’m sick of having to be made to feel guilty for the past 1,000 or so years of the evils of the white man. All the libs and blacks and minorities focus on is the evil that the white man has done,how we’ve oppressed minorities and all that,yet minorities are making out quite good in this country compared to the rest of the world.I would not want to be a minority in a Muslim country for example.I would not like to be living in poverty and really truly be oppressed like in many countries in Central and South America, in Asia,in Africa,etc…………….Heck even the majority in those countries are dirt poor and are being oppressed by the ruling class in many of those countries.I want everyone,white,black,Hispanic,etc…………… stop focusing on how oppressed your ancestors were and just live your life and do what you’ve got to do,but I will not,I refuse to apologize or feel guilty for being white.

    • Jonathan X says:

      Sir, or Madame…why don’t you ask the Native “Americans”? And I will answer for myself. Global White Supremacy is a self destructive sickness that followed you “whites” wherever you went on our Earth. So, yes and no.

      • Carl Jensen says:

        We weren’t very civilized back then. Who was? Are you willing to deny the atrocities committed by Indian tribes? I suppose you know Native American history and would agree that it wasn’t as if they were a single nation. They were very disparate groups that often came into conflict. Left alone, the Apaches and Cherokee very likely would have absorbed the other tribes in time… violently, with much woe and loss of cultures. Native Americans were not hippies. They took slaves, scalped, murdered, raped and warred amongst themselves long before white man became an issue. I think people make a mistake in not seeing humanity as a single whole. Cultures will come and go and pieces of it will persist. It isn’t about skin color or where you were born or where your ancestors came from. It’s all about where we are now and how we get to a better future. Dwelling in a past history that will never repeat is self-defeating to one’s present happiness and future growth. As I see it.

        • George says:

          Death row inmates will never repeat..they will never kill again…but the relatives of the victims dwell on the past and dont get closure until the inmpate is put to death…see the analogy.

      • John says:

        Def of a Racist.

  18. ……and now the end is near and so we face the final curtain

    • one world says:

      We have heard that garbage for eons now! End of days. Armageddon. The Rapture. Second Coming. The Apocalypse. Die Hard 6. Thin crust pizza.

      Come on people! We definitely don’t know where we began, and we sure as hell don’t know when we will end!!!!

      Great! Now I want pizza! Anybody want to go in on it with me? Cough up some cash, moochers!

  19. Lucas says:

    You should also mention that with the dying off of the aging white population will also be a decline in the IQ of the population. Which negates the assumption that minorities will assume higher paying jobs. If we’re not intellectually on par with other countries, then the higher paying jobs will move elsewhere.

    • George says:

      Asians have higher IQ than whites…so your premise is wrong.

      • Lucas says:

        Check your math, Asians will not be a big portion of the new America.

        • George says:

          But, they will be the ones competing for high paying jobs with whites.

          • Carl Jensen says:

            You are all wrong. Come Global Warming, the Haitians will populate the US and rule while white folk moan and sweat. ‘Course, they’ll be competing with the Central Americans and Arabs, but the Haitians know how to handle heat. Seriously, this is a nonsense issue. Here in the US, we interbreed. Who cares what the skin tone turns out to be, it’s the quality of the mind within that is important. Black skin is a dominant gene, hurrah, so what. European IQ is the dominant gene, hurrah, so what. We mix it all up and get the best from them all to create better people that are undistracted by the foolishness of skin tones and unfettered by cultural sins of the past. I can’t wait.

          • George says:

            Carl Jensen…Asian IQ is the dominant gene…according to Rushton and Charles Murray!

  20. David Murray says:

    Thank you for this very plainly displayed change happening with the United States. And also for a most non-political review of the changing American society.

  21. Rocket brady says:

    Once white Americans are the numerical minorities, who will pay all the taxes? Obama’s socialism only works because he has herds and herds of white cows. Who’s going to foot the bills when we’re gone? Good luck.

  22. brain wave says:

    We have a leg up on other countries? LOL ROFLMAO

  23. Not Surprised says:

    Can’t fight the future.

  24. Jack says:

    The USA will be just another 3rd world country.

  25. Ed Rodguez says:

    This article assumes that all Hispanics are a minority when it comes to race, which is wrong. There are many Hispanics who are white so they are part of the white population, and their children unless they marry other than white would be white, too. I can not see how supposedly intelligent people do not understand that. Compare the DNA of a white Hispanic with the one of a white non-Hispanic and it can be clearly seen that they both belong to the white race. While is true that many Hispanics are of mixed blood (Native American and/or Black) many never mixed.

  26. The Great Gasby says:

    Too bad it isn’t happening sooner. As a person of color, I’ve spent my whole life being told I’m not important enough for movies, television, publishers, medicine, and other industries to care about because “whites are in the majority,” as if that lazy catchall makes up for the inequities.

    • BISHBOP says:

      I get so tired of hearing the excuses that someone can’t get ahead because of race. There’s opportunity out there for every single one of us. It’s all about lifestyle choices and how hard your willing to work. I have many friends that aren’t white and are very sucessful in life. When I went to college, I had to work a fulltime graveyard shift job to pay my way. Other so called minorities had their way paid just because of the color of their skin. After graduating with a 3.8 GPA in “91. In the end only 6 of the 42 that started were still standing.I was repetedly told that I wasn’t finding employment because the companies had to hire minorities. Then, I joined the military. I was told that I was up for a rank advancment. Only to have it reversed because someone threw out the race card. There’s not one of us that hasn’t experienced some sort of racism in our lives. The way we act, talk, even our attitude sometimes creates people that disapprove.You just gotta take it on the cheek and do what’s right and treat people the way you want to be treated , and move on. Prove everyone wrong and follow your dreams

      • George says:

        All true, but then we should not be worried about the decline in population of any racial group…white men are responsible for decline of the white population…may be if they did not fool around with Asian women, there will be 400,000 fewer legal immigrants coming to America.

    • European says:

      First off you are such an idiot also you did not even spell Gatsby correctly so i’m assuming that you are more dumber than i thought. 2nd Nobody told you that, so you can stop writing lies, your making yourself look like a Big idiot, and everyone knows that black people are racist you can’t say a word to them cause they pull out the “that’s RACIST” card

  27. Yolanda Milam says:

    First of all, America is a continent which includes the USA. Secondly, 20% of the Caucasian population although appear Caucasian, are mixed with another race. The Indians who were the first continental Americans, derived from the Asian/Mongoloid race and were not Caucasians. Appearances are deceiving and it is natural to identify with the race that is most beneficial and one sees in the mirror. This is what happened in the growth of the USA.

  28. Octavia May says:

    Well why do you think that is? Since the 1930s our borders have been wide open. Neither party never did anything about it because that is what the Elites want. Why was legislation passed that allows American jobs to be outsourced with tax benefits? Why was NAFTA created? Why did Bill Gates lobby for H1B? Government is OWNED by the Elite. Neither party represent we the people.

  29. kenny says:

    and with it the decline in America!

  30. AQD says:

    Articles like this remind me of the election of 2008 where the prime feature was a black man won and that was about it.

    • William Smith says:

      Yeah,just how is it that the most evil,racist white country on the planet could ever elect a black man president? Can any libtard tell me how that is? I’m still waiting.

      • George says:

        Changing complexion of America…there was once a lady called Barbara Jordan…if her immigration proposals had become law in 1996, no one would have even heard of Barrack Obama, and Sarah Palin would have been the US President…and who knows they may have been on their way to re-establishing Jim Crow laws and we would not be having white men marrying Asian women contributing to the browning of America.

        • one world says:

          Jim Crow laws? Really? Well, wise guy, Jim Crow laws were established by Democrats! Not a single Republican supported Jim Crow laws. Have you ever wondered why blacks and minorities flock to Democrats?

        • one world says:

          Who talked about Dems and Repubs? You did, dummy! You mentioned Sarah Palin and Barack Obama. And Jim Crow laws as an insult to the Repubs! You aren’t very well educated, are you? Sorry, should have considered that about you since you attributed Jim Crow laws to the Republicans. Since you obviously didn’t go to school…….REPUBLICANS fought the bloodiest war in USA history to END SLAVERY for you black people!!!!!

  31. BambiB says:

    All you have to do is look around the world to see what’s coming.

    America – as a Nation, and as an idea – is doomed.

  32. Chris says:

    Are we supposed to be celebrating this as a ‘good thing’? It isn’t. White America is America not third world immigrants or their children. William Frey doesn’t seem to realize that different peoples are not interchangeable. When or if demography changes in a society the society changes with it in fundamental ways. There may be an America of some sort in 30 years but it will be nothing historically or culturally contiguous with the America that has existed for almost 400 years.

  33. Frank says:

    Oh! Oh! there goes the neighborhood. No need for mayonaise and Wonder Bread.

  34. Louis Armmand says:

    This is a very good development, long time in coming. It should make the republic far more tolerance and far less ethnocentric toward European culture generally. Notice that you didn’t give a projection for African Americans, whose struggle for equality has done most to open the way for all other groups in the society. They are also the most affected by class inequality. Class inequity will supercede “race” as the greater social barrier in American life in the decades ahead, I believe.

  35. randee says:

    It wont matter. by then America will be handed over to china to pay our debt.

    • Louis Armmand says:

      If the U.S. of the people finally gain control of the government, we can force the multi-billion dollar corporations to re-patriot those trillions of dollars in off-shore investment accounts. Then we can pay off the foreign debts.
      Many of the comments seem to be “off the top of the head” variety, unsupported by reason or facts. I suggest people check out the Oliver Stone DVD: “The Untold History of the United States.” Twelve hour long DVDs covering the hidden history from W.W. I to the present. The first ten parts were previously shown on SHOWTIME cable a couple of years ago.

  36. Mike says:

    Decline of ‘White’ America Is in Full Swing

    The lefts anti-white racism is also in full swing. One can just see how delighted they are that the white population they hate and despise will one day finally be gone or become insignificant. Diversity for leftist is all about ridding the united states of its white population, in exchange for a majority nonwhite population “in which they will favor! Such is the case for Europe as well. This smells of racism and of ethnic cleansing of a group of people in which we don’t like, in exchange for a different demographics landscape. Leftist have made it very clear that if you’re white…… *you have no place in their new America. I hope your new America can survive the resentment and anger and hatred that comes of it. If not, there will be deep divisions and bloodshed.

    • George says:

      If a death row inmate did not commit murders he will not be sitting on the death row. If the ancestors of the white Americans did not commit the first crime of human trafficking by bringing in African slaves, perhaps they will be as white as Sweden after getting rid of the native population of course.

      • Philipe Ramos says:

        My, how uninformed you are, George.

        Africans were captured by Africans and then sold to other peoples. Europeans were one of these peoples. Study the slave trade and you will find out a great many things that you do not understand yet spew out of your mouth with the greatest of surety.

        • George says:

          But, the crime of trafficking from Africa to the Americas was undertaken by white criminals. In Singapore the customs form at the ports read..”death to human traffickers under Singapore law.” A society formed out of human trafficking should be given the death penalty and this looks like a death penalty.

          • Chicken Wing says:

            Yeah, guess what george, there are areas in Africa where blacks STILL own other black slaves to this day. Funny how you people seem to think the only slave owners in world history are the white people. Sad.

          • George says:

            Chicken Wing…the problem is like death row inmates these whites have no remorse…still waving the confederate flag. Dont see any Germans defending their ancesry and glorifying Hitler.

      • GFord says:

        Oh boy, this is going to be interesting. Though I’m not sure if the outcome will be positive or negative. Why do I have this strange feeling a civil war will break out when the minorities will become the majority?

  37. bolivar shagnasty says:

    That’s ok we will still be in charge.

  38. Kathleen Epaminonde says:

    Why not tell the truth….latino’s as well as middle easterners have an agenda to out breed whites. And they are. This is the same thing that happened when England tried to out breed the Scots.

    • George says:

      White men are breeding out white by marrying Asian women…far quicker than you can say Hispanic or Arab!

    • George says:

      And the Scots and English as well as the Irish they fought became white and started fighting the blacks, in America…Margret Mitchell’s Irish and English forefathers fought each other in the 1700s…once they came to America and became “white” people all ancestral animosity was forgotten because they could enjoy their “property” of African slaves and simply become white.

  39. Robert Haines says:

    “People are now going to come to see that our diverse population is going to be a positive, especially in a global economy where it’s important for us to be able to connect with other parts of the world. We have a leg up on other countries, assuming we’re able to take advantage of it.”

    You mean like Japan — the world’s 3rd-largest economy, and the safest of all major developed nations — which is 98.5% ethnically homogenous? The reality is that the notion that ethnic diversity is positive is utterly unsupported by any objective markers.

  40. Joel Johnson says:

    What is doesn’t mention is two other facts white millennials are making the choice to not have children and the LGBT community is over 85% white.

  41. Jay Jackson says:

    That is true but the long term problem will be overcrowding, food, sickness water and War. people are living longer any group in the majority will always be racist. The earth is slowly being killed. The larger problem yes Hispanics and Asians will be number 1 but earth cannot handle the assault put upon it from around the world. I think it is wonderful people are having children but over population will take place. No one is paying attention to many people not enough jobs for everyone and hunger. The ocean is warming, over fishing. So yes they will continue to make many children and livable space will not be available to all. The earth cannot continue the beating its taken and the toll will show sooner than anyone realize. Some areas food cannot be grown on the soil and the sad issue we already have hunger and starvation and homeless people in the riches nation. Compare that to many millions more. 2050 this place will be out of control we are headed that way now. People who come here do not follow the US history they bring their own ways and ideals that go against the grain of this country along with how they live and bring their own rules and religion. This nation will become a nation of majority of poor verses rich.

  42. Prasad says:

    I think religion, but not race, will be an important factor in the future. It seems USA and the world will divide on the basis of Muslim vs. non-Muslim in the future. In the very long run, Muslims will be majority in this world.

  43. Jack says:

    Celebration of the decline of the “Whites” seems to be a weekly if not daily celebration by leftist pigs with Asian, African, Arab, Hispanic and Jewish surnames.

  44. Hans Solo says:

    No worries; We are investing in space and setting up shop on another planet. Guess what groups will be taking part of that adventure? Look at the extreme sport sections for a clue.

  45. J says:

    Glad to hear this. Now just tell me where to go to pick up my check and get the rest of my “white minority” handouts and special treatment.

  46. George says:

    Migration of Chinese and other Asians will raise the IQ level of America. It has already increased the IQ levels of Texas three fold from thrre decades ago.

  47. Aryan Jesuite says:

    self important, career minded, empowered, white women aren’t having children yet receive the vast majority of support; educational, financial, governmental… this level of provision and protection for women is outdated due to their choice to break the social contract of motherhood. a correction therefore is coming the likes of which white women or ‘white america’ have never seen.

    • George says:

      “self important, career minded, empowered, white women aren’t having children yet receive the vast majority of support; educational, financial, governmental…” And the white man chases the Asian woman.

  48. Gnome Sane says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how the minority whites are going to feed the majority.

  49. Nate says:

    Thanks for the nifty little map that shows me what county’s to look for my retirement .

  50. cricket23 says:

    “The number of Asian and Hispanic minorities in the U.S. is expected to double by 2050. The multiracial population is expected to quadruple by then, according to U.S. Census Bureau projections.”

    Its call the “BROWNING” of America and Congress sits in Washington doing nothing.

  51. lori mays says:

    African Americans are being affected as well. The “browning” benefits are going to latinos…not Black folk….

  52. g man says:

    I saw this article and came mostly for the comments.

    1) I see the racists are out if full swing. they don’t like what the author has to say so she immediately must be some sort of leftist, white hating liberal. ok.

    2) all she did was state the facts. the fact is white people no longer produce children in appreciable numbers – thus the decline of the white race. the fact of the matter is “mother nature” has decided it’s time for white people to go. if she wanted you all around much longer she would make it so you all are having babies left and right. she would make it so you don’t have all these reproduction issues. she would make it that the sun does not attack your skin. she would make so that you all would not get the myriad of diseases that you get. and so on.

    3) hispanics and latinos are not white – at least they are not considered white for immigration purposes. white people (and the republican party especially) are up in arms about all the “brown mexicans” coming over the border. why are they “brown” when talking immigration but somehow “white” when needed to bolster the demographic numbers of caucasians?

    4) comments about how America will go to hell in a handbasket without appreciable numbers of white people or my favorite “the darkies are not smart enough to take over”. really? got hubris much? could it be that white people hold other races back (through gaming the system to benefit white people) and with all the white people gone (or substantially diminished) other races won’t have to deal with all the racism etc. and can finally realize their full potential?

    5) most of these comments are born out of fear. I think somewhere deep in the hearts and minds of white people they know they have treated other races like crap. I think it’s a fear that other races will heap onto them what they have heaped onto others for centuries.

    6) last, and this tangential at best – let us not forget that Ancient Egypt was founded and created by Negroid people – please no arguments about how the Egyptians were “really white” and so on. Any intellectually honest person knows Ancient Egypt included what we call today Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and the surrounding areas going into central Africa. I state this as fact because it is a fact. I fully except Negroid, or as you say “black” people to rise again. far from being a hellhole, the world and AMerica is going to be a much better place. As a general rule Negroid and Latino and Asian people don’t hold hatred of others like how white people hate other races.

    • PatMcG says:

      @gman.. Probably one of the dumbest posts I have ever read.

      Mother Nature decided white people should be in decline? Mother Nature has nothing to do with it. People make the decision to breed or not to breed and most white people make the responsible decision not to over breed. While many “people of color” breed themselves I to endless cycles of poverty.
      Next you speak of how “people of color” will thrive without the “white man” holding them down? Just show me all of the countries where people of color are thriving under their own rule. South America? Africa? Middle East?

      The only bright part of this whole article is that Asains make up part of the growing population, they will work hard and be responsible citizens who value education. Also most Latinos will assimilate in a few generations, they generally have a good work ethic and value family, even if they do over breed until they assimilate.

      • g man says:

        I won’t bother but with one point:

        yes – mother nature wants the white race gone.

        first, white people can no longer effectively reproduce. of course there are the Douggards (however that name is spelled) and a few more like them. but for every Douggard family there are dozens of white families who cannot reproduce. this is has been happening for some time and greatly increased over the past say 40 years. this is why white scientist have come up with cloning (of course we only know about cloning animals as of today, but can there be any doubt that some scientist somewhere in the world is not working on cloning a human? after all we learned about dolly the sheep a full ten years after she had been cloned) in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination and a bunch of other fertility treatments. unless you are now going to argue scientists came up with all these fertility treatments to help African and Asian people have babies. just google “worldwide white population growth” or some similar search. see what your own scientists have to say about the future of the white race. you’ll find what is happening in America is not unique. the number of white people on the planet is dwindling worldwide. as I type this response something like 50% of italian kids (in italy not in america) have no sibling and no cousins. a birthrate of 2.3 is needed to sustain a people. almost all of Europe is below 2 and there are many countries with a rate as low as 1.1. again don’t believe me – look it up for yourself.

        second, white people are literally falling apart before our eyes. watch tv for say 8 hours, more specifically watch the commercials. how many commercials will you see on tv or in print about some drug or another which seeks to fix yet another illness that white people suffer from? half of these diseases/illnesses I’ve never even heard of. again, unless you are going to argue these myriad of drug commercials are aimed at the African and Asian community and their illnesses.

        third – what’s todays sunburn index? I’m sure you keep track of such things. ask an African American what the sunburn index is and all you will get is a blank stare. they have no reason to know what it is – the sun does not attack their skin leading to sun cancer and eventually death. if mother nature wanted white people on the planet wouldn’t she make it so that they could live under the sun without fear of skin cancer, same as every other being on the planet? where does one go to hide from the sun?

        fourth – white genes are the weakest on the planet. just about every “white trait” is recessive. blond hair? recessive. blue eyes? recessive. white skin? recessive. the African gene is the oldest and the strongest on the planet. mix an African person with any other person and it will be almost immediately clear the offspring is mixed with “black”.

        and so it goes. you may not like the way it sounds but that does not make it any less true. the white race will go the way of the dinosaur. this is not racism but fact. now you can write me off as a racist or whatever, but what you won’t do is refute, not merely shout down, what I say.

    • European says:

      First off you are such an idiot there is no mother nature, God has decided that the white people have done everything and he now is experimenting to see how fast the Brown people will screw up everything that was all built up by the White Conservatives.

  53. George says:

    “It’ll be interesting to see how the minority whites are going to feed the majority.”

    It will be interesting to see first how the Chinese use the credit they gave America to buy up property from bankrupt whites..and yes minorities as well.

  54. Rafael's downfall says:

    But till then, try not to piss us off.

  55. John Quinn says:

    It’s not the decline of white America, it’s just the decline of America, period. And Asians do not have higher IQs than anybody else. Whites have done more for the history of the world than Asians, or anyone has, and it was done before computers.

  56. George says:

    “It’s not the decline of white America, it’s just the decline of America, period. And Asians do not have higher IQs than anybody else. Whites have done more for the history of the world than Asians, or anyone has, and it was done before computers.”


  57. George says:

    Whites have done more for the history of the world than Asians…

    Agreed…raped, plundered, murdered, trafficked in slaves and no it is still being done after computers…John Bolger in MA, Gotti in Philadephia and the Italian and Russian mobs in New York, the English Soccer thugs, the Serbians, the Russians, only to name a few!

    • Carl Jensen says:

      Please. Look at both sides of that coin. Human history is a matter of force and counter-force. Some of it is very bad to recipients, some of it is very good. A statement such as yours is limited by inner hate, as you pay no heed to positives but instead headline the bad. Every culture has bad. Name me one and I’ll tell you it’s crimes. If “white” folk never existed, do you consider this would be a world of peace and conformity? I’d have to call you a fool that knows nothing about human nature and societal evolution.

      • George says:

        No. I blame the Chinese for forgoing economic growth and allowing the whites to take over…something the non-white Singaporeans are trying to do in recent years…and if Europe was not a mess that it is in todya, the whites would have taken over again.

  58. Dave in Wisconsin says:

    I hope the author and most of the people who have read this know there are only three races on this planet Asian, Caucasian and Negroid and most Caucasians and a large portion of Negroids are a mix of each other and Asian because of past history the conquest of the planet most eastern European Caucasians have some Asian genes from the Mongolian conquest some middle eastern and North African from the Ottoman conquest Africans can have a mixture from Caucasian and Asian from the Slave trades. So basically we are all Mutts and just Earthlings.

  59. Ray says:

    with the decline in the white population, so goes the decline of the USA

  60. Jeff Coss says:

    So how are they going to pay for welfare, food stamps, head start, wick etc. Without whitey paying taxes for these programs.

    • George says:

      More than half the folks in welfare are whites? So what is your point?

      • Even if that is true, and maybe it is, over half of the population is white. It would be interesting to know what proportion of each race is on welfare. Oh God, did I just mention race? I think I did. We are all the children of God and the descendants of a single ancestor who lived around 4000 BC. Mitochondrial DNA proves it. So say the scientists. The big issue here is social identity. The people of ancient city states identified with the other citizens of their city. The societies of nation states identify with the people of their own nation. And the races identify with their own race. The fact of the matter is, all of the white people are not going to all off a sudden start acting like they’re black or Asian. And all of the black people are not going to start acting like they are white or Asian. And of course, some of the Asian people like to think that they are smarter than others simply because of they are Asian. We are all members of the human race. And we should treat each other accordingly.

        • George says:

          Some white people think Asians are smarter than whites. Try Professor Philip Rushton and Bell Curve’s Charles Murray. Every Mr. Derbyshire married an Asian woman thinking he will have smarter kids.

  61. peter says:

    “The United States hit an important benchmark in 2011 that many Americans might have missed.”
    I didn’t miss it. I’ve been warning about it for years. But I’m almost 65 and if I’m lucky I won’t have to witness the horrific outcome of this. But I pity the generations following mine. Because they’ll live in a society torn apart by race conflict when this keg of dynamite eventually explodes with a scale of our Civil War. And when that happens America will then be as vulnerable to foreign attack as it ever can be. Sorry, but it’s true.

  62. ron says:

    She doesn’t know anything. The biggest driver of our population the last 40 years has been from immigration, mainly chain migration. We can stop that anytime but choose not to.

    • George says:

      The biggest driver of browning of America is the spouses of white US male citizens…close to 400,000 every year and they are not subject to caps.

  63. Realist2015 says:

    The author of this article sounds like this is a reason to celebrate. It is definitely NOT a reason to celebrate. The current state of America did not have to be the way it is. It was Whites who ALLOWED this to happen, specifically liberal politicians who pander to the ethnic vote. Ted Kennedy is one of the people most responsible for this situation, and add to that successive administrations and Congress, who have DONE NOTHING to stop illegal immigration and in fact, have enabled, promoted and encouraged it. When the USA is majority non-White, it will be a Third World cesspool. This is not racism, it is a FACT. This country was founded on Euro centric principles that guaranteed its current prosperity and freedom. When that ethic vanishes, chaos and anarchy will follow. Look at Syria and Iraq. I rest my case.

    • George says:

      Eurocentric ideas of slavery, serfdom and Jim Crow…not freedom and personal responsibility as you claim…nothing to be proud of.

  64. Statistics says:

    Of 8.3 million people, New York City is 33.3 percent white, 28.6 percent Hispanic, and 25.5 percent black; consulting New York City Police Department’s Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City for 2013, we find:

    Our friends at the New York City Police Department yearly guide (Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City)

    In 2013, the record indicates 2.3 percent of those arrested for shooting incidents (gun crime) were white; that same year, 72.5 percent of arrested suspects were black, with 24 percent of the suspects arrested classified as Hispanic.

    A staggering 96.5 percent of those arrested for shootings in New York City in 2013 were black or Hispanic.

    The record shows that 1.3 percent (2008), 1.4 percent (2009), 1.4 (2010), 2.5 (2011), and 2.4 (2012) of the arrested suspects in shootings (defined as any crime where the victim is struck with a bullet) in New York City were white.

    During that same time, 78.3 percent (2008), 79.8 percent (2009), 74.2 (2010), 72.5 (2011), and 78.2 (2012), of the arrested suspects in shootings were black.

    And during that same time, 18.3 percent (2008), 19.9 percent (2009), 23.3 (2010), 23.9 (2011), and 18.9 (2012) of the arrested suspects in shootings were Hispanic.

    For the rest of the major crimes, why not just add 2013’s information with the data from the New York City Police Department’s Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City compiled for 2008-2012?

    How about murder victims/suspects?

    Between 2008-2013: Blacks and Hispanics were 90.9 percent of murder suspects in New York City.

    How about rape victims/suspects over the same period?

    Between 2008-2013, blacks and Hispanics were 86.61 percent of rape suspects in New York City.

    Robbery victims/suspects?

    Between 2008-2012, blacks and Hispanics were 93.9 percent of robbery suspects in New York City.

    There’s a simple way to make the real New York City a better place, one free of the type of crime requiring a massive police force to combat: go back to the racial demographics of 1940 (New York City was 91.9 percent white just before the USA got involved in World War II).

    • George says:

      And let the white criminals take over? Before 1940, 80% of crimes were committed by Italins. Italian mafia anyone?

  65. Mach275 says:

    Look at these comments – the European notion of “race” has been nothing but trouble throughout the centuries. Look at how these people are fighting in these comment sections and elsewhere online, and in real life as well. “Race” – a mere social fabrication made by a people at ease. Time to get out of the Dark Ages, people.

  66. Lou says:

    White women, how many abortions have YOU had?????

    • George says:

      White men how many Asian women have you married and brought into this country and how many mixed-Asian (non-white) children have you had?

  67. Curator says:

    This comments section proves that no matter what ethnicity people are, they are all worthless and really damn stupid.