YouGov-US-Personality-Map-Hi-Res-01-1024x583A new map shows the stereotypes Americans have of certain regions in the United States.

While people in the western part of the country are seen as experimental and uninhibited, the Northeast is viewed rude, aggressive and impatient. Southerners are regarded as polite and easygoing and Midwesterners are considered self-reliant and conscientious.

People who took the nationwide survey conducted by YouGov were shown a list of 20 adjectives and asked to identify which four words they most associated with a particular region. For survey purposes, the country was broken down into four regions.

Here’s what the survey found:

Northeast: Worldly, impatient, smart, rude, mature, mean, worrying, suspicious, aggressive

South: Polite, Easy-going, suspicious, worrying, mean, kind, sensitive

Midwest: Self-reliant, conscientious, self-disciplined, mature, polite, easy-going, kind

West: Easy-going, uninhibited, worldly, enthusiastic, experimental, imaginative