Utah, Vermont on Opposite Ends of US Religion Spectrum

Posted February 18th, 2015 at 2:22 pm (UTC-4)

(AP File Photo)

(AP File Photo)

Utah is the most religious state in the union and Vermont just might be the least pious.

While 51 percent of Utah residents say they attend church each week, only 17 percent of Vermonters visit their house of worship every week.

Four southern states are also among America’s most frequent church attendees. Residents of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Arkansas report 45 percent to 47 percent weekly attendance.

The findings are from a Gallup Poll conducted throughout 2014 when 177,030 U.S. adults were asked: “How often do you attend church, synagogue or mosque — at least once a week, almost every week, about once a month, seldom or never?”

Ten of the 12 states self-reported most religious state are located in the South.

“The strong religious culture in the South reflects a variety of factors, including history, cultural norms and the fact that these states have high Protestant and black populations,” according to Gallup, “both of which are above average in their self-reported religious service attendance.”

Utah’s top spot on the list reflects its 59 percent Mormon population; Mormons have the highest religious service attendance of any major religious group in the U.S.

Five of the six New England states are in the bottom 10 when it comes to church attendance.

“Those who are the most religious are also most likely to be Republican, which helps explain the significant relationship between states with the highest church attendance and those that are traditionally red states,” according to Gallup.

The map below shows the geographic differences in religiosity in the United States.


6 responses to “Utah, Vermont on Opposite Ends of US Religion Spectrum”

  1. Jacob says:

    I would suggest that readers note that a few days ago this same site reported stereotypes about American regions. It is interesting to compare that earlier one (which can be found by clicking above for older posts) with this one. In the earlier one, the least religious part of America is described as: worldly, rude, mean, impatient. The most religious part of America is described as: kind, polite, easygoing. Thanks Dora!

    • Mario says:

      Most racist! Alabama

      • one world says:

        Wow, Mario, thanks for joining in on the conversation. The adults, here, are talking about religion. I know you were learning your ABC’s at the same time we were discussing a religion topic, but don’t worry, when you grow up……….you can join in with the adults and contribute some kind of useful information here. Now sit there and watch Barney and Friends, and leave adult conversations with the adults!

  2. Diane marx says:

    south louisiana and MS gulf coast has many Catholics differing from other religious (protestant southern states)

  3. GOD IS LOVE says:

    IT may be the cold weather the reason they don’t attend church in the northeast …..

  4. john says:

    But, the most attended faiths would really be amish- mennonite but they don’t participate in gallop polling. Their divorce rate is less than 1%. and member attendance would be most likely be in the 90-99% range.


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