Pushy or Nice? Exploring Personality Types of US States

Posted March 6th, 2015 at 2:26 pm (UTC-4)

Delegates hold up their states' standards on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, July 1960.  (AP Photo)

Delegates hold up their states’ standards on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, July 1960. (AP Photo)

The friendly Southerner, the brash New Yorker, the nice Midwesterner. These are all stereotypes associated with certain U.S. states and regions, but is there any truth to them?

To find out, Truity, a personality and career assessment website, surveyed more than 12,000 residents in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to determine whether where they grew up had any bearing on their personality.

Truity ranked the states based on five dimensions of personality: engaging with the world, getting along with others, responding to stress, using your mind, and organizing your life.

North and South Dakota emerged as the “friendly conservative” states while Alaska, California and New York are open-minded and interested in intellectual pursuits. Colorado, Illinois and Indiana were found to be “brash, tough-minded” and ready for a challenge.

Take a look at the full results below.



5 responses to “Pushy or Nice? Exploring Personality Types of US States”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This seems racist to me. Does this seem racist to anyone else? This research could have used without the drawn characters.

  2. Chris Wallace says:

    North Dakota is on the list twice. There is NO North Carolina.
    Which is which?

  3. Helen says:

    My husband used to work for an American-based service company with an office in the UK. Everytime he got a call from New York he used to get really mad because they were always impatient, never said thankyou before hanging up and wouldn’t accept a solution other than the one they wanted. I’ve never been to the US, so I couldn’t tell you, but my husband’s experiences certainly don’t match up to this article!

  4. Brandon says:

    The American are being a bit too pushy for our own good, people feel.

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