Weird Costs People Search Online in Each US State

Posted March 20th, 2015 at 11:21 am (UTC-4)

The costs of Botox (left) and marijuana (right) are among the most-searched in some U.S. states. (AP Photos)

The costs of Botox (left) and marijuana (right) are among the most-searched in some U.S. states. (AP Photos)

Americans search for strange, interesting and, sometimes, downright creepy stuff online, according to a new map from

To reach its conclusions, the cost-estimating website typed in How much does * cost in… for each state or state capital and recorded the Google results.

California and Virginia want to know how much facelifts cost while people in Mississippi and Tennessee are interested in DNA tests. People in Nevada and Connecticut googled the price of a prostitute. Nevada is the only state in the nation where some prostitution is legal.

Marijuana and liposuction are the top searched-for costs in Denver, Colorado, where recreational use of marijuana is now legal. In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, searches for breast lifts and liposuction are popular.

On the disturbing side, the cost of “a minor” ranks first among popular searches for prices in the capital city of Bismarck, North Dakota, according to Google’s auto-complete predictions.

In Honolulu, Hawaii, interests are more wholesome. Gasoline, food, milk, taxicabs and public transportation are the most searched-for costs in the Aloha state.

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Map from

3 responses to “Weird Costs People Search Online in Each US State”

  1. Mark says:

    I live in Virginia, and facelifts are certainly not my interests…diabetes information, however, is… No one polled me….

    • Richard says:

      No one polled you because it’s data gathered on most common searches. Yours just wasn’t common enough, I guess, since it didn’t make the rankings.

  2. Coloardo Primate says:

    First thing that struck me was the DNA testing. Is it an interest to see if people are related to each other – or – on second thought, is it a question of false convictions based on “witness” testimony and an attempt to set the record straight?

    Of course, our intelligence services are keeping an eye on the “pulse of Americans” and our government is happy that people are diverse and distracted from real issues that take from the poor and give to the rich. Just how much money do rich people need? Enough to starve half of the global population? Enough to splinter people’s opinions with lies and deception? It is true that “Divided we Fall, United we Stand.” We, Americans, have been divided too long, split and confused with non-issues just so the greedy, self serving politicians in Washington DC may continue to line their pockets while cutting the middle class to shreds.

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