Here’s Where Syrian Refugees Could End Up in US

Posted September 23rd, 2015 at 5:21 pm (UTC-4)

Children behind a fence in a temporary holding center for migrants near the border line between Serbia and Hungary in Roszke, southern Hungary in Roszke, Sept. 12, 2015. (AP Photo)

Children behind a fence in a temporary holding center for migrants near the border line between Serbia and Hungary in Roszke, southern Hungary in Roszke, Sept. 12, 2015. (AP Photo)

Displaced Syrian refugees who settle in the United States will likely establish their new lives in areas already home to large Syrian communities, like California, Michigan and Arizona, according to a refugee assistance agency that works with the U.S. State Department.

“Those would be likely places because there would be ethnic community language and culture support and we know right now, nationally, Syrian-Americans are actively offering assistance to their countrymen if they are able to get to the United States,” said Stacie Blake of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

Organizations of Syrian-American doctors and engineers are among those who publicly offered to assist the incoming Middle Eastern refugees.

USCRI is one of nine domestic resettlement agencies that works with the U.S. government to welcome and resettle refugees.FT_14.07.28_RefugeeImmigration

The State Department defines a refugee as someone who has fled their home country and cannot return due to a well-founded fear of persecution based on religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.

The United States took in 70,000 refugees for fiscal year 2015, the same as the year before. This year the number could reach 75,000. President Barack Obama said the U.S. will accept 10,000 Syrians in the next year.

Since the Syrian conflict began in 2011, the U.S. has taken in 1,584 refugees from that country. According to the U.S. State Department, most of these Syrians have settled in Texas, California, Michigan, Illinois, Arizona and Florida.

When the newest Syrian refugees arrive, they’ll be greeted by someone like Blake.

When we spoke with her, she was in North Carolina helping settle a newly-arrived refugee family from the Democratic Republic of Congo that spent seven years in a Kenya refugee camp.

The likely jobs for the adults in the family would be in housekeeping at a hotel or work at a large meat processing plant in the community where they are being resettled. As soon they start working, usually within the first month or two, the family begins paying its own rent, utilities and other expenses.

“The number-one outcome of the resettlement program is that people are self-sufficient within 90 days of arrival,” said Blake, “and that’s regardless of if they speak English, regardless of if they have trauma, have been tortured, cultural differences. It’s the same expectations for everyone.”

Sometimes they do make use of public assistance, she said, as is common with people on the lowest rungs of American society, which refugees usually are when they first arrive.

But Blake says her group enjoys a high success rate. After 180 days, 71 percent of those in employment programs are working and self sufficient for themselves or their families.

Refugee, and new American citizen, Feven Fessehaye, with her fiancé Rome Smith. (Photo courtesy Feven Fessehaya)

Refugee, and new American citizen, Feven Fessehaye, with her fiancé Rome Smith. (Photo courtesy Feven Fessehaye)

USCRI resettlement coordinator Feven Fessehaye sees herself as an example of a refugee success story. Originally from Eritrea, she became a refugee in Kenya, living there for three years before coming to the U.S. at the end of 2009.

She says the deep sense of happiness and gratitude she felt at being able to come to the United States is difficult to put into words.

“It’s a new beginning,” she said. “The things that you lost in your country when you became a refugee – when you lose everything you were planning to do in your life – but then you get hope that you can start your life again as a new person, but free also, in this free country. I have to words to explain that. I was so happy.”

Fessehaye started volunteering with USCRI and eventually became a full-time employee. After becoming a citizen in January of this year and recently becoming engaged to marry a native-born American man, Fessehaya considers herself a patriotic American.

“This is my new country,” she said. “America gave me a chance and a feeling to belong in my country now. I’m American. That’s what I believe and I’m loyal to America.”

There has been some push-back on the president’s plan to admit Syrian refugees, including from Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, who chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest.

“Middle Eastern nations must take the lead in resettling their region’s refugees,” he said in a recent statement. “The goal of responsible refugee resettlement should be to relocate displaced persons as close to their homes as possible and to seek their return to their country of origin in more stable conditions.”

But people like Blake believe the old adage that America’s diversity makes the country stronger. She likes to remind people that famed physicist Albert Einstein was a refugee and that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was of Syrian origin.

Accepting refugees, she says, is an important part of the American story.

“Folks fleeing religious persecution were some the first people to come to this country and begin to organize themselves into what is the United States today, so that’s who we are as a nation,” she said. “Some of our values about freedom and dignity can be translated into offering support and humanitarian aid to folks who have no other options. Resettlement is not a first option; resettlement is a last option.”

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  1. The issue of Refugees should be seen as a humanitarian job which we owe to our fellow individuals who are displaced for one good reason or the other that is not to say that the Middle-East should not help their regional nationals who have problem but the fact it that this have become a Global thing which need to be looked into from the center now.

  2. ali baba says:

    they could end up in maximum security facilities . we do not for sure how many radical Muslim among them . we do not learn from the mistake of Cuban refugee. when Castro open all mental institution and bring them here. we are acting as stupid whom he never learn from mistake . those Syrian refugee has the potential of making chaos . our warfare system will broke . our jail will be overcrowded with criminal cases of honor killing . violent . terrorism will be high scale .

    • Shannion ferrell says:

      They hate American women because they dont let their women leave the house much without her husband or entire family. I saw a Syrian couple yestetday and he wanted to hurt me. You are putting all American women in danger by letting this happen. Your killing your own people. Our country is in trouble.

      • Sonni Nichol says:

        I have met several refugees from different countries and NEVER have I heard something like this. Yes they have their own beliefs but that is theirs to have. They have been brought up that way. I don’t believe for one minute that someone has said that to you. SMH

        • Shannion ferrell says:

          If you are calling me disgusting and saying I need Jesus, then I would have to say you haven’t found him yourself. Everyone wants us to forget about 9\11 . No. I am not an evil person and believe that their is no cteature on this earth that doesn’t belong here. That doesn’t mean that I want people here who would hurt me and other Americans. Everyone wants to come here and that’s ok if they would just live the way they believe and let us do the same. That isn’t going to happen.

        • Shannion ferrell says:

          No one has said this to me. I have had one experience myself in a store two days ago. They hate us and it is apparent when in their presence. I dont believe our government is anything but evil but it’s not the fault of the people who live here. They have left their own veterans to die and turned against then to enable them to help people who will kill us for being who we are and simply for living our lives.

        • wendy monroe says:

          Sir you are 100% WRONG!!! I have Family In Germany and Sweden and these so called refugees are murdering and rapeing woman on a daily basis. how can you sit there and lie about the refugees? My family has lived there for a number of years and now since the refugees have populated the area Murders and Rape is an all time high. Its people like you that lie, and we AMERICANS will not tolerate Murders and Rape from Filthy Refugees. an eye for an eye, we will have our own justice. We will not accept them in our communities. You need to get that straight right now. You are bringing the Devil here and we will not comply.

      • Librarian says:

        You’re messed lady!

        • Librarian says:

          What I meant to say is you are one messed up Islamophobic lady. You know your comment isn’t true. You’re trying to spread hatred and lies Shannion ferrell

          • John Farmer says:

            Has no one looked at France lately? We just came back from there where we ate at a restaurant below where a columnist lived, where six police where constantly stationed to protect him from other Muslims after the FREE SPEECH cartoon about their leader. I was also there the day before the subway bombing on that same subway. Are you saying awareness is HATE? Oh yes these must be isolated incidents. Wake up.

          • carrie strobach says:

            Until Trump takes over-we all better arm ourselves and be very, very careful!!! We will be proven right soon enuf as the begin there attacks on Americans. I DO NOT want ANY of them here!!!

      • Eve says:

        The issue is not just that there may be terrorists coming in with the refugees. As you said Shannion, the culture is anti women. Sharia law in many muslim cultures do not prosecute rape or domestic violence or child abus,e as the family is basically owned by the adult males. Not all Muslims are prone to violence many are very peaceful families. To see what welcoming Masses of Muslims into a country brings, look at Sharia protests in France and Britain on youtube. You will see signs that say “Sharia law not mans law”. The US should not add this kind of unrest to our country for our police and national guard to manage. We have had enough unrest with Ferguson and Baltimore.

        • Emily says:

          It’s a problem. Not refugees seeking asylum, but our lack of serious thought put into what we can do to better our world and the people of our world. How will we ever fix the issues of rape and domestic violence or child abuse? How do we fix it? Stay away from those with customs that are totally different to ours? Listen, we aren’t pure diamonds either. Do some research maybe? We all need to work together and that’s it. You cannot just say, “Look what happened in France”. Look at what we’ve done to these countries throughout history. We all have issues. So honestly the only way to do anything is together if we plan on getting anything done. Show love and if something bad happens to you, you cannot simply take it as “it’s their ethnicity, it’s where they’re from”. Well sure but over time that can change and it’s worth it. As a woman I get it and molestation and rape is a VERY serious thing to me but there is in no way shape or form am I more scared of one race over another. As a white woman I have privileges and realize that and we all must realize our privileges. Being molested throughout my life over and over again only took place by white males. Different white males. I am not saying it doesn’t happen with every other human being, I’m saying it doesn’t NOT happen. It’s a problem we as humans need to fix and you trying to separate us and using a superiority complex is ignorant and false and as a sixteen year old white female, I see that and you as probably a much older person do not.

          • Jenna says:

            Emily, will you feel that way when they invade your home and possibly rape someone. Look what they are doing in Greece for Christ sake. Wake up and get off the “were all one tribe” BS. Or better yet, buy an airline ticket to Greece or France and get right in the mix and don’t forget your debit card. They need your support.

          • Erika says:

            One day you may find you yourself are the victim… then come back here and say what you just did.

    • anynomos says:

      ali baba is right

  3. Kathy Kalb says:

    So these refugees will get work when 95 million in the US are out of work. So Obama is forcing Americans out of jobs to give to the refugees. When the Muslim Countries are not taking these refugees. I think what is really going to happen some will get our jobs, and the rest will be on Welfare the rest of there lives? They will get interest free loans from Saudi Arabia helping our economy. It will be Americans great story when Islam takes over America! Thanks Obama, Valerie Jarrettby Iranian born communist Muslims that stated it will be east to make America an Islam nation because of our religion freedom, and our laws. Bye, bye America? God Bless America!

    • ali baba says:

      Obama is Sunni lover

    • Ann says:

      Obama is doing this we are getting set up!!! its all falling into place he thinks

      • ali baba says:

        Russia will give you lesson about Islam phobia

        • Marcus Aurelius II says:

          When Islamic terrorists get through with Russia for what they’re doing in Syria, what they’ve done for Iran, what they’ve done in the Caucuses, Russians will have good reason to have Islam phobia.

          • ali baba says:

            Russia does not work with Islamic terrorist . Russia does not like radical Islam because they have bad experience with Chechen . your view is very bizarre

        • Marcus Aurelius II says:

          ali baba I was proven right barely a week after your last posting. You may find what I said bizarre but it is logical and proven by what happened. For Russia the terrorist explosion on their plane was just the beginning. The refusal to accept the overwhelming majority of Muslims by integrating them while enforcing the laws of their country alienates all of them and if they don’t all become terrorists to actively fight those who exclude them from fully participating in society, they will likely support those who do. I’ll bet there are a lot of Muslims in France right now who feel they’ve been dealt a raw deal for no reason other than that they are Muslims who are secretly happy about the attacks the other day. That is what makes it so frightening. They wouldn’t be sorry to see it happen again and again. For them it’s revenge.

          • Nick says:

            Who goes to a foreign country and demands from that host country that they accommodate them full well knowing the host country has a completely different set of values and laws, also knowing they have no intention of assimilating? Even going so far as pushing for the establishment of a “no go zone” where they recreate the conditions and civilization of their country of origin, yet exclude the host country populace, customs and laws? Do you know what behaves the same way? Parasites and germs. Viruses and bacteria. The host becomes diseased and sick.

  4. guesswho says:

    We already have to many freeloaders to support. We do not need more. Let them return to Syria and fight for their country and not expect the US to solve their problem.

  5. Kathy Kalb says:

    Great they will be located in my state. They have jobs and housing for them, how sweet! Sounds like they are pushing Americans out of jobs, and housing? These are mainly men Military age in these refugees! They will be lifers on Welfare like 85% are now!

    • Sonni Nichol says:

      How disgusting you are. We are all humans ( well except for some I see) everyone has a right to live and not in fear. Go pray cuz you need Jesus

      • Eve says:

        I agree with you but are you going to write a check from your personal bank acct. every year to support them?

      • Jenna says:

        Well, since your such a saint why don’t you get an airline ticket to Greece and go save the souls of all those refugees that are committing home invasions, raping women, setting up zones of violence through which locals cannot travel. The vandalizing buildings, defecating in public and generally just being pigs. Oh and please take your debit card because they need to be taken care of. You and Jesus can team up and feed the masses.

    • NotYourName says:

      Where are you from, Kathy Kalb? Perhaps your parents or grandparents were immigrants….???
      Now that you’re settled you forgot your origins or why your parents/grandparents moved to the U.S?
      What a shame….

  6. Frank Malzone says:

    If this refuge story were reversed. How many US refugees would Syria take in??????????????????????

    • Sonni Nichol says:

      Why would you want to go to Syria knowing how it is there? We will never be in that situation so it doesn’t matter. Dumb question

    • Eve says:

      Good point

    • Sandy says:

      None!!! If you were a president of another country would you let complaining, uncaring americans in? I know I would not. I know I am going to get slammed for this remark but I need to say it. We complain that mexicans take our jobs. Okay go take them back stop complaining. Just bring 5 gallons of water because they pull weeds out of a 360 acre field or out picking food in huge fields. They are out there in the hot sun all day long, day after day doing back breaking work. Do they get thanked for being a huge part of why you have produce in Walmart for you to eat. Nope they get cut down. Well to all of you extremely hard working Mexicans that work back breaking work for us americans..THANK YOU for all you have done for us. By the way I am not afraid of the back breaking work you guys do, I would work right beside you..I don’t worry about my fingernails. I don’t have any, I break them off driving a 18 wheeler. Syrians will be more then happy to work here also, and another thing…America was founded on people from other countries. See some of us Americans have become to pampered. Oh forgot, America was also founded with different religions. That is what made America special, wish we could keep it that way. We made America for people who were tired of the fighting, the killing, the BS in other countries, that is why all of our families came here, to get away from the BS in their countries.

      • KC says:

        Most illegal Mexicans in America these days make drugs, not produce, and now that they have money for finer things like big houses and luxury cars, they’re hiring the Muslims to “cook” for them. Your stereotype of Mexicans out in the field is outdated by about 20 years. Open up your eyes and noses.

    • CMN says:

      Great point, because no one would. Who would want to take in rude, racist, Islamaphobic, bible-thumping Americans? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

  7. Khang Nguyen says:

    As long as they come legally, They’ll be OK and we are OK too.

  8. jakab says:

    It is very easy for someone in the US (mainly the liberal media) to point the finger at Hungary or Serbia that they do not embrace the refugees with open arms. These people do not ask the main question what is the cause behind this refugee crisis. How long these refugees will come to Western Europe? Ultimately how many would be here?
    The main reason that this refugee crisis came about is the US politics. Let’s make Middle Eastern countries unstable. Let’s make stable, against US hostile tyrannies unstable. I would not say that dictatorships in Iraq and Syria were good. But US did not provide any solution after the wars. They created a power vacuum where now lifes are lost day-to-day. The number of lifes lost during these wars and in the aftermath are much more than during these tyrannies. It is my opinion that those who created this refugee crisis should provide the solution. By making these countries stable again, help these refugees stay home.

    • Shannion ferrell says:

      I just want to say this and then I am going to retreat from talking about this. I dont believe that the American people are rejecting the refugees because of hate. I dont want to see any of Gods people suffer and die. I dont care where you are from, we were all created in Gods own image and put on this earth for a reason. I dont questions God. I believe its fear that keeps us from opening our arms and saying “Welcome’ Fear that the past will repeat itself. You all talk about the US being responsible for this and I can’t disagree becUse I’m not so sure their not responsible. I just know that people are afraid. And don’t we have a right to be?

      • A says:

        I agree with you but if we became educated, we would see that there is nothing to be afraid of. I personally believe our government was responsible for the happenings of 9/11 so my response is probably biased but it is undeniable that our gov did disregard warnings that it was going to happen and practically allowed it to. If we take precautions and only allow the non-criminals to have a second chance at a good life, we will be okay. We are all humans and shouldn’t let the majority suffer because of a few radicals.

        • Jenna says:

          We have nothing to fear? Are you kidding me? Clearly you have not educated yourself on whats going on in Greece, France and Germany. The violence committed by Syrian refugees is horrifying. You talk about being educated, LOL educate yourself and watch the youtube videos that show all those refuhees raping women, invading private homes, vandalizing buildings, running the streets in gangs and attacking people randomly. For crying out loud, they’re even refusing food because it doesn’t suit there taste buds.Yes, 9/11 was an inside job perpetuated by our own govt. BUT we have a lot to fear from the mass import of these refugees.

  9. jed313lp says:

    I say send them all to Crawford texas and let George wubbya take care of them

  10. Marcus Aurelius II says:

    Millions of Moslems live in the US and are loyal Americans or visitors who are no threat to our nation. They are assimilated just like all others who come here. They will learn English and to adapt most quickly when they live in close proximity with those or their families who came from the same place they did. They will have to learn to jettison their cultural baggage that could get them in trouble here. They usually do. It is the government’s responsibility to weed out those who are undesirable before they are allowed in. That not only includes terrorists but ordinary criminals and other undesirables as well.

    The US depends on immigration to prosper and some of these will bring useful skills with them. Syria was by and large a secular state so they are less likely to have strong religious fervor than those from other more sectarian nations. They will adapt, integrate, get jobs, and pay for my Social Security checks when they do.

    • ali baba says:

      double standard

    • Eve says:

      I hope you are right. If that could be, it would be a wonderful world. I have seen many kind appreciative and patriotic Muslims. But the civil unrest in France and Britain with violent protests in the streets and signs like Sharia law is the only law and the reputation of the Muslim men owning their wives and daughters and not being procecuted for domestic violence and even rape is wide spread. This is not what this country needs more of. Even if not one terrorist gets into the US I would sadly sacrifice not having the good families added to our country out of fear of the rest. That is how scary the radicals are.

      • Marcus Aurelius II says:

        Foreigners are not assimilated in Europe. Even generations later, those born in Europe are still considered foreigners. They do not have a melting pot the way we do. They have multiculturalism which is the opposite of assimilation. If your name is Mohammed don’t bother applying for a job in France even if you have a PHD. They don’t want you, they don’t like you. You are segregated for your entire life. Small wonder they are easy pickings for extremists who want them to fight against the nation they’re in. I lived in France. I toured Europe. I was discriminated against as an American. These Europeans are nothing like us and it is a very bad mistake to listen to those who tell us we share their values. We don’t. America was created as the anti-Europe. This is why they are so jealous and look for every opportunity to criticize us. Our current problems notwithstanding we are a success, Europe is a failure. One thing they never will admit to and that is when they are wrong, especially when we are right. This is reason enough for me to not like them. It’s also reason enough for me to criticize them and not be polite about it. Yes, they hate us too and only pretend to like us when they want something from us….like fighting a world war for them.

  11. bob lanzillo says:

    me i`m 78years old but my poor grandkids

  12. Joe maker says:

    We are opening the doors to Isis. Jihad is coming to your town.

  13. J says:

    I must say this, what countries jumped up and said we will take your “refugees” during our civil war….NONE! So why in hell are we doing it for other countries. We need to take care of our own before nosing around with other countries. They have been fighting for thousands of years…So let them destroy themselves and take care of us before them.

    • CMN says:

      ….those are not even comparable situations…we didn’t have millions of people who needed to flee their homes…no one was trying to flee America. In fact, people were still COMING to America.

  14. Jim says:

    As the richest nation in the world we do well to help those tormented by war and despotism.We should however screen these people and do what we can to end he violence in their homeland.We will never preserve our standard of living if we take in everyone until we have a billion people here

  15. Marcus Aurelius II says:

    If you are an American, unless you are descended from pure blooded Native American tribes, you are an immigrant or a descendant of immigrants. And when your ancestors landed in America, there is a high probability that they were detested and their presence resented by those already here. Think about that. Think about how they must have felt. Were it not for them, you wouldn’t be here either. In fact you might not even exist.

    • reason says:

      Yes Europeans conquered Native people to take and develop what is now America. Such is the history of the whole world … conquer or be conquered. Are you suggesting we should just roll over and be conquered now because many hundred years ago our ancestors were doing the conquering? Do you see the stupidity of your thinking? I.e. we were the conquerors before so we should accept becoming the conquered now.

    • Paul T says:

      But our forefathers did not want to destroy America, as do the one entering now.

    • Erin whisman says:

      Marcus, you’re a smart and caring individual. You and I see eye to eye.

  16. Bea says:

    Good comments and perspectives however, please keep in mind that Syria is a different place. Terrorists have Already vowed to sneak some in with their refugees and I have no doubt have already begun to recruit for that purpose. Even if they do not, when I was getting security clearances, one of my debts had a typo and appeared as more than my years wages! I had to be in a session to determine if I was “vulnerable”. This means that am I in a desperate place that I could be blackmailed, offered some relief from my troubles. Be coerced in any way to give up national security. I am an American and Veteran and I go through this process just to have worked for a defense contractor! These refugees will have family still there and interests that can be threatened down to their very lives if they don’t cooperate, etc for the purposes they may be recruited for. Would you say they are vulnerable?? YES! This is A BAD IDEA! Maybe another day but for where we stand right now in light of what has become out of control we cannot allow these Syrian refugees to pour in! Hell in Holland a young girl was beat up In her own country providing refuge for these people because they were offended her shoulders were showing! We will come to live in fear to even run errands! I have many friends of ethnicitys many who were born elsewhere. But I’m sorry I have no problem at this time shutting down our borders to these people! At least until they are screened the same way we do OUR OWN citizens to see if we are a threat. Let me be politically incorrect, NO SYRIANS! At least for now.

  17. anynomos says:

    This will end up as the Syrian refugee carry machine gun and enter French concert and kill hindered. these Syrian refugee will be potential l dangerous. accepting them is a serious mistake

  18. Marcus Aurelius II says:

    Arabs and other Moslems living in America assimilated in our melting pot do not increase our risk of a terrorist attack, they make us safer. Who better to watch anyone in their community than those who are closest to them, know their language and can spot a problem early on long before NSA has them on their radar screen? They have a vested interest in keeping the US safe and even more than other Americans since they not only fear being victims of terrorist attacks themselves but a backlash against them if an attack occurs. There are people from all over the world who hate us and would do us harm. But even if we closed our borders and coasts we’d still have home grown terrorists like Timothy McVeigh who killed 168 Americans and injured 680 others in a terrorist attack in Oklahoma City. That’s more than were just killed and injured in Paris France and Oklahoma City has a much smaller population than Paris.

    • anynomos says:

      Arabs and Muslim are responsible for 90% of terrorist attack . why we deny this fact . Timothy McVeigh is an isolated case can not generalized as a case study for radical Muslim propaganda. when French has not acted aggressively for the first attack. they got anther with magnitude. how I can believe that Islam is a peaceful religion while I hear every single day an act of barbarism done by Muslim ?.

      • Marcus Aurelius II says:

        I didn’t say that Islam taken literally from the Koran is peaceful, it is anything but peaceful. Most Muslims have to learn to reconcile the literal words of the Koran with the laws of this country, of our values, and that the cannot impose a seventh century version of Islam on the people of the 21st century. In other words they have to choose between living with others who are not or don’t want to be Moslems in this world or a fast entry into the next world. Most are sane and rational. Some aren’t and those are the ones we want to keep out, in fact we want to find them and eliminate them and the threat they pose. That’s the job of homeland security and why it will take a year or more before any of the would be refugees are allowed in. Would you like to prohibit everyone from every Moslem country from entering the US? If you are looking to get people angry at America that would be a pretty good way to do it.

        Every expert on security will tell you that there is no way to guarantee 100% security against people who are prepared to die. But we must use every tool at our disposal to defend ourselves and attack the enemy until he is dead, dead, dead. We can’t protect our borders and coasts 100%. Compared to our problem think of Russia’s problem keeping terrorists out. And they are high on the list of terrorist targets, now more than ever. They are also a much closer and softer target.

        One way to stop home grown converts to terrorism is for NSA to monitor the internet to find out who is visiting certain web sites. Another is entrapment. We should also be monitoring what happens in Mosques both here and abroad. Those Imams preaching terrorism abroad including in the Madrassas in Pakistan and in Mosques in Saudi Arabia should become targets. So should anyone operating a terrorist recruiting website anywhere in the world. We have the means to reduce the risk but some people just don’t get it, they don’t understand that a war is being waged against us and it’s a war we must win if we want to have any chance to preserve our way of life.

  19. vickiwsa says:

    Why are we letting syrians in this country. Isis is hiding amoung the them. Let them in equals dead in your bed. The isis lives to kill americans. Obama will let the figt come to our front yard. Where do americans go as refugees .Mexico

  20. Marcus Aurelius II says:

    It is understandable that many Americans are worried. They don’t trust the government to do its job of weeding out IS and other terrorists. And there’s a good reason for it. When TSA is tested at airports they often fail to find contraband people are bringing on board airplanes. The government’s own tests of TSA prove it. So what is the alternative? America is closed to all Moslems, go find someplace else to try to stay alive? Tough call. Would that make us safer? I don’t know. Are Islamic terrorists worse than Latin American drug gangsters who get in also? I don’t know that either. The government knows who and where a lot of drug gangsters and terrorists are. But why doesn’t it do something about it immediately? And why isn’t it bombing IS around the clock? Why has it waited until today to blow up oil trucks that carry oil for IS. Why hasn’t it blown up and mined the roads they use. As an actual combat force, I think IS would not be much of a challenge for the US military.

    Who is responsible for the existence of IS? Maliki and Assad. Hillary Clinton was right about that, Bernie Sanders is wrong. Also it was Britain and France that created the mess in Libya just as the EU created the mess in Ukraine. We just cleaned Libya up for them. That’s where a lot of the weapons came from. More were left abandoned by the Iraqi military who cut and ran even though they far outnumbered IS. If we have to fight on the ground, we should do it ourselves and not outsource it to people with questionable skill, inadequate training and equipment, and unreliable loyalty like we did in Afghanistan. Also no sanctuaries like we gave Taleban and al Qaeda in Pakistan. If you want to win a war, go for the jugular and never hold back for anything. Otherwise don’t fight at all.

  21. ali baba says:

    on 9/24/15 I wrote a comment and raising concern about Syrian refugee. most of reader dismiss it as a bias . the fact I am right and they are wrong. I based my thought for specific historical fact and it is well established for thousand of years that muslim use deception and liar until enter the country then they show the real color, before the invasion of Muslim in Egypt. they sent a letter that promising a peaceful invasion and individual right is respected but once they entered, Egypt experience the worst genocide . same in India which 80 million were killed . now Europe has to face the music from these radical Muslim . make no mistake islam is not a peaceful religion

    • KC says:

      Most who are ignorant of history will defend this forced integration, but it will lead us to war on our own soil. That mind of stuff you see on the news about the Gaza Strip? It will be here. It’s a shame because it could have been avoided. The end goal of the IS is a worldwide takeover. This is not a new agenda. They’ve been working on it for decades and finally have the money with drug revenue.

      All countries are letting this takeover happen in the name of integrating a new world order, and that utopia will never happen the way it looks on paper because the governments are creating a monster that they will be unable to control in two decades. This is only the beginning. Hold onto your hats, everybody.

  22. Nick says:

    Those who think the US should take in 10k Syrian refugees at this time because its the right thing to do are naive and thinking strictly from emotion or ignorance. They lack the ability to reason or forecast. They scare me, not the terrorists. They are what’s wrong in America.

    • Jenna says:

      Chances are the majority of people posing that America should take in refugees are young idealists that are either in college or recently graduated. They have no idea what real life is like. All you have to do is look at youtube videos to see the hell these refugees are creating in every country that has taken them in. They are invading homes, raping women, promising to breed rapidly and become the majority, they refuse food they don’t like, they are demanding cash and vandalizing buildings. To hell with them. Send em back to Syria

  23. vickiwsa says:

    Please no refugees in America. I am so sad the Obama has not addressed the American public….just lashing out at congress….He has become just like the others. We will end up having to fight in our front yards. And if Obama shuts down the gov Dec 7th by veto a bill that includes stopping syrians from moving here, Congress needs to put him out of office.

  24. vickiwsasa says:

    I am so confused. Its the American way to take in refugees. Take in people who’s country treats them bad. Under goverments that steal the countries money, treat the people like dirt. So I will assume that now all Cubans trying to swim over here are now welcome. Also that all Mexicans can come and work. And do not forget the Haitians who have suffered more than anyone. Thank god all are now welcome. The list goes on, I just do not think we can forget about the southern people. Fair is fair.

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