(Photo by Flickr user Michele Ursino via Creative Commons license)

(Photo by Flickr user Michele Ursino via Creative Commons license)

From guns, politics and celebrity breakups, to wondering what the expression “bae” means, Americans spent a lot of time searching for information on the Internet in 2015.

The real estate blog, Estately, used data from Google Trends to determine what each U.S. state googled more than any other last year.

Some of the results aren’t surprising, given the people and issues that were in the news in 2015. Reality television personality Kim Kardashian ruled in California, while Oregon, Colorado and Idaho were concerned about Syria and Syrian refugees. Vermont worried about climate change while folks in Florida wanted to know more about permits to carry a concealed weapon.

People in Wisconsin were confused about certain pop culture terms and online social websites. They wondered what “bae” means. (The Urban Dictionary says it’s an acronym that stands for “before anyone else,” or a shortened version of baby or babe.) In 2014, Wisconsin was curious to find out more about Tinder (a location-based mobile dating app).

New Mexico seems to march to its own beat. Residents of the Land of Enchantment wanted to know more about Pluto in 2015. Last year, they were most interested in zombies.


Besides what you see on the map above, here are some other terms each state googled more than any other, according to Estately:

ALABAMA  Same-sex marriage

ALASKA  Barack Obama

ARIZONA  2nd Amendment

ARKANSAS Blood moon prophecy (apocalyptic beliefs about the end of the world)

CALIFORNIA  Kim Kardashian (reality TV personality)

COLORADO  Syrian civil war

CONNECTICUT  Speaker of the House

FLORIDA   Obamacare

GEORGIA  Blood Moon 2015

HAWAII   Nepal earthquake

IDAHO  Refugees

ILLINOIS  Super Blood Moon

INDIANA  Religious Freedom Restoration Act

IOWA  Elizabeth Banks (actress)

KANSAS   World Series

KENTUCKY  American Pharaoh (Triple Crown-winner)

LOUISIANA  Ashley Madison hack (online dating website marketed to people in committed relationships that was hacked)

MAINE  Amy Schumer (comedian)

MARYLAND  New Horizons (space mission)

MASSACHUSETTS  Charlie Hebdo (French satirical magazine attacked by terrorists in 2015)

MICHIGAN What is transgender?

MINNESOTA  Black Lives Matter (activist movement campaigning against violence toward black people)

MISSISSIPPI  Straight Outta Compton (2015 film)

MISSOURI  Amy Schumer photo


NEBRASKA  Kaley Cuoco (actress)

NEVADA  Floyd Mayweather (pro boxer)

NEW HAMPSHIRE  Deflategate

NEW JERSEY  FIFA (governing body of international soccer tournaments that’s being investigated for bribery/corruption crimes in 2015)

NEW MEXICO  Pluto (the dwarf planet)

NEW YORK  Greece

NORTH CAROLINA   Concealed carry permit


OHIO  Marijuana legalization (a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana was not approved by voters in 2015)

OKLAHOMA  Je suis Charlie (solidarity message for French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo)


PENNSYLVANIA  Jon Snow dead (character from Game of Thrones TV show)

RHODE ISLAND  Brian Williams (NBC journalist suspended for telling an exaggerated story)

SOUTH CAROLINA  Charleston shooting

SOUTH DAKOTA  Back to the Future (popular 1985 movie that got a lot of attention because the characters in it travel to the future—the year 2015).

TENNESSEE  Fred Thompson (former actor and Tennessee senator who died in 2015)

TEXAS  James Harden (basketball player)

UTAH  Transgender

VERMONT  Bernie Sanders (presidential candidate)

VIRGINIA  Abdel Fattah el-Sis (President of Egypt)

WASHINGTON  Leonard Nimoy (actor who played Spock on Star Trek who died in 2015)

WEST VIRGINIA  Magic Mike XXL (2015 film)

WISCONSIN  Rep. Paul Ryan (newly elected Speaker of the House)

WYOMING  Mars (4th planet from the sun)