Why Some US Muslims Still Plan to Vote for Donald Trump

Posted February 3rd, 2016 at 8:46 am (UTC-4)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blows a kiss to supporters after speaking at a rally on Feb. 1, 2016, in West Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blows a kiss to supporters after speaking at a rally on Feb. 1, 2016, in West Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo)

Almost three-fourths of American Muslims plan to vote in the presidential primaries and the hard-core Republicans among them say they will vote for Donald Trump if he is the GOP nominee, according to a new survey from the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The six-state survey found that 73 percent of registered Muslim voters intend to go to the polls in upcoming primary elections and 67 percent of them expect to vote for Democrats.

Question-Two-Which-political-party-do-you-plan-to-support-in-your-upcoming-state-primary-electionMore than half of the people polled say they’ll support Hillary Clinton (51.6 percent), followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (22 percent) and Donald Trump (7.5 percent).

Muslim voting patterns have shifted over the past 15 years. Muslims supported George Bush in 2000, but the majority have voted for democrats in every presidential and midterm election since then.

“Muslim voters traditionally supported the GOP by a greater margin than the Democratic party,” Robert McCaw, government affairs manager for CAIR, said in an email. “Following the Republican party’s general turn against American Muslims through toxic political rhetoric, state and federal legislation targeting Islamic religious principles and practices (Sharia law), and imbalanced national security programs, American Muslims by majority have shifted in their support.”

Yet, despite making anti-Muslim comments on the campaign trail and calling for non-American Muslims to be banned from entering the United States, Trump placed third among candidates from both parties.

“I think because of his anti-establishment [views] and his business background gives hope for economic policies Republicans traditionally aligned with,” Saba Ahmed, founder of the Republican Muslim Coalition, told ThinkProgress. “He has worked with Muslims all his life, and he has properties all over the Middle East, despite [his] anti-Muslim rhetoric, and many business dealings with our constituency and knows we’re good people.”

Question-Four-What-is-the-most-important-issue-to-you-in-the-2016-presidential-election“Seven percent of Muslims supporting Donald Trump is not surprising given that 15 percent of Muslim voters identify as Republican,” McCaw said, “and Trump has the greatest name recognition among GOP candidates.”

Muslim voters ranked Islamophobia as the most important issue this campaign season, followed by the economy, heath care and civil liberties. A 2014 CAIR survey found Islamophobia to be the third most important issue for American Muslim voters.

CAIR surveyed almost 2,000 registered Muslim voters in six states with the highest Muslim populations: California, New York, Illinois, Florida, Texas and Virginia.

Overall, Muslims make up a small fraction of the electorate. There are about 2 million Muslim American adults in the country. The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), a coalition of American Muslim organizations, recently announced its goal to register one million voters prior to the 2016 presidential election.

46 responses to “Why Some US Muslims Still Plan to Vote for Donald Trump”

  1. Marcus Aurelius II says:

    Those are the smart Muslims. They know that it is in their own self interest as much as everyone else’s in America to keep terrorists out. Trump did not say exclude all Muslims forever. He said exclude them until we can figure what’s going on out. That means until we can weed out the terrorists and potential terrorists from entering. Europe failed to do this and is paying a grim price.

    • ali baba says:

      Donald Trump will be defeated easily by Hilary .

      • oneworld says:

        at least Trump knows how to spell ‘Hillary’!

      • Tony Armas says:

        Hillary Clinton is lucky she is not in prison by the end of 2016 nevermind the whitehouse. She will NEVER EVER be elected. Same with BUSH. The country has CLINTON BUSH fatigue and lastly there is no way Democrats can take a chance to have BILL CLINTON around any White house INTERNS. REMEMBER, THERE WASN”T EVEN VIAGRA AROUND WHEN HE WAS THERE THE FIRST TIME COULD YOU IMAGINE HIM NOW!!!

      • Mike says:

        Not so fast, the American voters will decide if it’s business as usual or if we are going to get this Country moving forward again. How many times has Hillary been caught lying to the public and performed her job to suit herself instead of the voters? Enough is enough, time to send her back to New York and finally into retirement. I’m believe Obama who has said that Hillary will say anything and so anything to be elected President.

    • zed says:

      Yes Marcus, 7% are strongly anti-terrorist, anti-Islamist, and so have a charitable understanding of where Trump is coming from. But then, what about the other 93% who want our leaders to do less about the problem of terrorism? Is complaining about ‘Islamophobia’ at all reasonable any more, while their fellow Muslims are on a supremacist march across the world, including right here? Terrorism causes Islamophobia, not the other way around. American Muslims should stop blaming the victims of Islamism and instead work to root out the very real evil inside their communities – even when that evil emanates from inside their own mosque. Or they can continue doing nothing and be rightly judged to be accomplices to terrorists.

      • oneworld says:

        Finally! Yes! Sound the trumpet loud brother, you speak the same common sense that is not found in CAIR, who only show concern when someone speaks out against Islam’s fostering of terrorism, instead of doing something about it! Obama compared Islam’s terrorism to the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition, but Our supreme-leader-of-Islam-in-Chief forgot to mention that Christians had no biblical reference to justify it’s own evils, yet, Islam’s Quran and Hadith are full of justifications!!!!!!!

      • Megan Taylor says:

        Following your logic, assuming you are a Christian, you must hang out with the KKK a lot then, because clearly every Christian is involved with the KKK, the same way all Muslims hang out with their terrorist friends. So yeah, these f****ing Muslims clearly are the ones to blame for not ratting out their terrorist friends who happen to have the same religion.
        Even if you are not a white supremacist, saying things like that make you look like one, the same way Trump claims not to be a racist, but making statements that clearly are racist.

  2. Sue says:

    If Muslims in this country truly do not want to be viewed as “the other”, they will do everything they can to denounce terrorism and cooperate with the FBI in helping them ferret out terrorists within their communities. Moreover, many of them need to stop demanding that businesses accommodate their religious beliefs — such as taking a break for prayers, refusing to handle bacon or alcohol in store check-out lines, insisting on wearing a hijab that violates company dress codes, etc.

    • Bando says:

      Your views will fit right away in Saudi.

      • Clu says:

        What, Bando?

        That makes no sense to what Sue said.

        Given your own reaction, and how you advocate that we bend over backwards to accommodate the Muslim beliefs (especially in private settings, such as while in the employ of a private company) – you’d fit quite well yourself in Saudi Arabia.

    • Jasmyn says:

      Sue, what is the point of freedom of religion in this country then? Ppl request certain work hours and schedules all times for their kids, so why is a Friday prayer break that happens aroubd lunch time such a big deal?!?!? What about places that are closed on Sunday, do you have a problem with that?

      • oneworld says:

        Those are business practices and is designed for family time, regardless of religion or faith. In fact, Sunday is not the Sabbath day, Christianity only changed Saturday to Sunday to appease the Caesar Constantinople. Learn your facts first!

        • zed says:

          That’s correct oneworld. Sunday was the holy day of the ‘Sol Invictus’ (‘Invincible Sun’) pre-Christian Sun-worshiping religion in the Roman Empire. It became the holy day of Christianity instead of the Sabbath day. Referring to the Nicene Creed I have a question: Does ‘On the third day He rose’ mean that in this chronology the “first day” by implication was Friday? If so, the death of Christ late on Friday – upon the arrival of the Sabbath day – would mean less than 2 days elapsed between His death and resurrection. Correct?

          • oneworld says:

            I hear ya brother. Not implying that you are Christian, just implying you have sensibility when trying to figure out this world we are in that is gets pretty messed up when man’s interpretation of the spiritual world intervenes. Let’s make this one point clear, the best way to understand someone like Jesus is to ask Him directly and not through any publication. I believe His message was simple, to care for each other, help each other, wealth and color is not the issue, it’s what’s in your heart, not your faith!!!!! Say that to a pastor, Imam, or Rabbi and you will unwelcomed in their holy houses. Jesus was a Rabbi, that means he was a scholar, right? That means He knew how to read and write. When Jesus help others overcome sickness and strife, he never once said for them to become a Christian, he did those things selflessly. The real question is why none of these great prophets never wrote any of their own stuff!?!?! I have found it is easy to answer. You cannot write it down. We can poke holes at almost everything in any of these bibles, and get nowhere fast. In my heart, I don’t believe Jesus ever advocated religion. He didn’t die for Christianity, he didn’t die for any faith,…………….he died for humanity.

            For a little side note, the holiest day of the Roman Empire (when the actual consensus of one bible was made in Nicene, consensus being the keyword here),anyway, the holiest day was Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Birthday of the Unconquered Sun), December 25th. Take care.

          • HDavies says:

            Colossians 2:16
            “Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:“ 17 “Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ.”

  3. rudy reyes says:

    If I were of the Muslim faith and trump insulted my religion, trump, would be the last person on my ballot I would be voting for.

    • Marcus Aurelius II says:

      Trump did not insult the Muslim religion. He pointed out the lack of competence of our national security establishment especially in light of the fact that the wife in the San Bernardino terrorist attack was openly a potential terrorist based on her postings on social media sites on the internet. They failed to catch what should have been obvious. Anyone with common sense should be able to see that. Anyone who is more interested in their own political agenda and prejudice than they are with American national security would turn a blind eye to it. That’s not smart at all no matter what your religion unless you actually want more terrorist attacks on the US.

      I agree with Sue above. Someone offers you a job, they tell you what your responsibilities would be including the expected manner of dress, and you either accept their terms or you find another job. So long as those terms do not violate the law, that seems entirely reasonable to me. If you are an orthodox Jew and you won’t work on Saturdays even though the job requires it, you can’t do that job. You have to attend prayers five times a day but your job requires you to be present at the same time, find another job, that one is not for you. That has nothing to do with Saudi Arabia or its laws and culture. Pretending it does is a complete fabrication.

    • Tony Armas says:

      Excuse me, only a fool would say that Trump insulted anyone’s religion. Name one thing he said about the so called religion of peace. The only common factor of people who want to commit murder of many in the country is ISLAM. Period. The first job of the commander in chief is to keep the people of the US safe and in this situation starting with muslim’s not allowed in the US while a vetting system is developed. Obama LIES as usual, there is no way currently to vette these people.

      • Bek says:

        Let’s say for the sake of argument . Trump’s plan : “banning all Muslims from entering USA for security reason” Do YOU really THINK this is going to work, it will prevent terrorists
        from coming to America. I don’t think so.,
        A Terrorist can say he is a Christian, how you or anyone possibly know what he is !? Now what? You are going to run background check at the airport !?
        Uh “now we must ban all Christians”
        Honestly this is BS plan. Tell this to Trump and his supporters.
        This Trump’s plan comes from hatred. He hates Islam and Muslims. Of course he hates, because the Media is doing its “Job”. It’s obvious Mr Trump is uneducated, you can see it from his speech. He talks like uneducated person. He uses very plain language.Street talk, no diplomacy, no pro.
        Then guess where Mr Trump gets education about Muslims ?! Indeed, From major Media. If the media shows & talks about Muslims 24/7 negatively, he gets it.
        Tell me another thing, how is Mr Trump going to make Mexico to pay for “huuuge wall” ?! LoL
        This is nonsense, I don’t even want to talk
        about it.
        you don’t chose the president based on emotions.

  4. Stan says:

    Only 7% of Muslims would vote for Trump? That means Muslims are a lot smarter that Christians.

  5. Walrus says:

    there were a few Jews that voted for Hitler…there will always be a few self-loathers in any group.

  6. Marcus Aurelius II says:

    Sleepy Brown, what you are saying about Muslims is simply not true. It may be so in Saudi Arabia but not in the US. FYI, Moslems on average earn more money, achieve more education, and are more successful than Americans on average as a whole.

    If Muslims are so stupid, how did they manage to take down the World Trade Center and attack the Pentagon with nothing more than box cutter knives despite the US having had such vast security resources available to it. It is dangerous to underestimate your enemy or to lump everyone with a common ethnicity, religion, or race into the same group. It wasn’t the Muslim terrorists who failed on 9-11, it was American intelligence. And it was a failure of American politicians to react immediately allowing many al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan to find sanctuary in Pakistan before we attacked them. To this day the US has not sealed that border as it could have bombing mountain passes and dropping tens of thousands of land mines. It also had the technology to drop countless sensors that would have reported any activity along the border. It also failed to attack al Qaeda, its hosts and allies in Pakistan forcefully for fear of political backlash.

    While the US Congress and President Clinton dithered over a stain on a blue dress and whether is means is, al Qaeda was planning 9-11 right under their noses. And when advised of the attack on the WTC, President Bush continued to reading to elementary school children for awhile before he acted. So who are the unintelligent ones?

  7. dan says:

    every single Candidate, Republican or Democrat are horrible. Us Americans are in for a horrible 4 years on whoever wins this Election

  8. Adam says:

    Trump is a bigot. He hates Jews, Muslims, and yes Cristiansw. He hates all minorities. Listen to him on Howard Stern from only a few years ago. Howard Stern hates Christians and religious people. Listen whisper shows.

  9. Marcus Aurelius II says:

    Islam is more than a religion. Taken literally from the Koran and its other texts it is an inflexible code of laws and government that is incompatible with American democracy. Many Moslems come to America with other cultural baggage too, norms that may have been entirely acceptable where they came from but are not merely repugnant here but illegal. These include practices like FGM, honor killings, and arranged child marriages. Those who are allowed to visit or live here must understand and accept that those ideas and acts will not be tolerated here. They either agree that they will live under our laws and government or they can go somewhere else. It is critical that we find a way to segregate those who cannot conform to our civilization and exclude them. Until and unless we do, those who get through will be a danger to us all. This is the mistake of “multiculturalism” that Europe made. To their way of thinking all cultures are of equal merit and now they are paying a terrible price for their naïve way of seeing the world. So this is all Donald Trump is saying. We can’t take chances until we figure out how to weed the dangerous ones out.

  10. oneworld says:

    Voting Democrat? Pick one or the other, I guess. In fact, let’s play a game called ‘Which Party Is It?’ Of all the political parties in the US, such as Whigs (hehe), Federalists, Communists, Separatists, Tea Party, Republican, Democrat, etc, one party in particular stands above the rest.
    This party was part of a dual-party system until the mid 1800’s when its radical views were no longer welcomed by the other party.
    This party started a war, the worst in US history, to keep black people as slaves, and called it ‘State’s Rights’
    This party lost the Civil War, blacks were freed, so the political leaders of this party started the KKK.
    This party finally regained its political prowess, and began forced segregation of blacks and whites.
    This party, and only this party, passed and enforced Jim Crow Laws (Rosa Parks, anyone?).
    This party found a new way to keep blacks enslaved, and called it welfare.
    This party passed another bill that has slaughtered 660,000 precious black babies per year, since 1972, and blacks are more than willing to keep the slaughter alive, even though black lives matter.

    Take a minute, relax, enjoy a cup of tea or latte, and choose which party I am referring to. No matter who they claim to be today, you can’t change history.

  11. Megan Taylor says:

    Trump is a racist, and if you vote for him you are a racist, too.
    Claiming that Islam is the problem, is very easy to say, and easy to understand if you know nothing about the whole issue.
    Yes ISIS are Muslims, but they could well also be Christians or any other religion. They are terrorists, and if you are a terrorist it doesn’t matter what religion you are, what language you speak, what color your skin has etc. If that would matter, then all Christians would be racists, because the KKK is full of racists, or all black people would be criminals, because prisons are full of them.
    Furthermore, Trump claims that Muslims hate the US (which is of course incorrect) and that he wants to get to the bottom of it. Well, if he is elected president, not only Muslims will hate the US 🙂 And getting to the bottom of “why Muslims hate the US”, is pretty easy. Why shouldn’t they hate the US, if all they know about the US is that this country invades their your own country (in the Middle East) with military force. Who created ISIS? The US. Who created terror and imbalance in the Middle East? The US. Now pointing the finger at Muslims is like Hitler pointing the finger at Jews.

    • Clu says:

      If you want to see how a nation commits collective suicide then reference the above post from Megan, the open borders crowd.

      • Megan Taylor says:

        Clu, tell me one man built wall that was a success story…

        • Clu says:

          The Israeli West Bank Wall.

          After its construction, terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens plummeted.

          • Megan Taylor says:

            Clu, do some research. Your argumentation is Trump style – it sounds correct if you know nothing about the situation and the actual facts.
            1. Isreali wall: It is a known fact (latest studies and official reports confirm it) that the Israeli wall had no contribution whatsoever in decreasing suicide bombings/terror attacks. Still every month an estimated 6,000 ppl cross the “Wall” illegally. So to think that this would have seriously stopped terrorists is just wishful thinking. There are a handful of other reasons for the decrease in terror attacks, however.
            2. Mexico-Guatemala “wall”: it doesn’t even exist (yet). If you refer to the photo passed around on facebook, it actually shows a part of the existing “wall” between US and Mexico. LOL

        • Clu says:

          Completely and utter untrue.

          “Suicide bombings have decreased since the construction of the barrier.[4][41] Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Hamas, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have been less able to conduct attacks in Israel, which have decreased in areas where the barrier has been completed.

          The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israel Security Agency report that in 2002, there were 452 fatalities from terrorist attacks. Before the completion of the first continuous segment (July 2003) from the beginning of the Second Intifada, 73 Palestinian suicide bombings were carried out from the West Bank, killing 293 Israelis and injuring over 1,900. After the completion of the first continuous segment through the end of 2006, there were only 12 attacks based in the West Bank, killing 64 people and wounding 445. Terrorist attacks declined in 2007 and 2008 to 9 in 2010.

          The Ministry of Foreign Affairs predicts that completion of the barrier will continue to prevent terrorist attacks since “[a]n absolute halt in terrorist activities has been noticed in the West Bank areas where the fence has been constructed.”

          Israeli officials (including the head of the Shin Bet) quoted in the newspaper Maariv have said that in the areas where the barrier was complete, the number of hostile infiltrations has decreased to almost zero. Maariv also stated that Palestinian militants, including a senior member of Islamic Jihad, had confirmed that the barrier made it much harder to conduct attacks inside Israel. Since the completion of the fence in the area of Tulkarm and Qalqilyah in June 2003, there have been no successful attacks from those areas. All attacks were intercepted or the suicide bombers detonated prematurely. In a March 23, 2008 interview, Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Shalah complained to the Qatari newspaper Al-Sharq that the separation barrier “limits the ability of the resistance to arrive deep within [Israeli territory] to carry out suicide bombing attacks, but the resistance has not surrendered or become helpless, and is looking for other ways to cope with the requirements of every stage” of the intifada.”

          Keep flailing, it is rather amusing to watch the pure and unadultered stupidity you utter to justify open borders.

          • Megan Taylor says:

            Clu, finally we got you to the point where you would insult me, because you run out of arguments
            Just classic Trump style again. If we take the “great” Chinese wall, or the German wall or any other wall, they all serve only one purpose – trying to keep one supposedly -“superior” nation/society separate from people which are “unworthy”. It won’t have any effect on the reason why people risk their lives to cross the border in the first place… If you are born in and live in an economically exploited, militarily suppressed, bombed country, fearing for your live, longing for freedom and peace, no wall will help. To suggest that building a “wall” solves anything is just nationalistic idealism nothing more and nothing less.

          • Clu says:

            A wall isn’t the whole solution, never said it was but it is a helluva deterrent. And it is a start, followed by deportation of the voterbase you’re attempting to flood the country with, uneducated 3rd-worlders who’re immediately ushered to the government trough and whom share a predilection for your left-winger politics – all at the expense of American workers, taxpayers, and culture.

            So quit trying to dress up your naked power grab as some emotional plea, doesn’t work, and I don’t care.

            For reference: I am from the Rio Grande Valley (born and raised), and I’ve seen first-hand what unfettered illegal immigration does to the area.

  12. Clu says:

    Oh, and the wall Mexico built on its border with Guatemala that caused illegal immigration (alongside smuggling and other crimes) to plummet from that country into Mexico.

  13. oneworld says:

    Does anyone wish to play a new fun game called ‘Which Party Is It?’ It is so much fun to play. A little background to it. There were and are several political parties throughout US history. Whigs, Federalists, Democrats, Socialists, Libertarians, Republicans, etc. The following clues are about one particular party only, see if you can guess.

    This party was part of a dual political system in the early 1800’s.
    This party split from the other party in the mid 1800’s because they became too radical for the other.
    This party then became so radical, they tried to sever itself from the US, and started the bloodiest war in US history.
    This party fought for the right to have keep blacks as slaves, and masked it with ‘State’s Rights’.
    This party lost the war to keep black people as slaves, so the leaders of this party created the KKK.
    This party regained its political prowess and forced segregation of blacks and whites, calling it Jim Crow Laws.
    This party found a new way to enslave blacks, and called it Welfare.
    This party was notorious for killing black people, in the 1800’s. In the 1900’s this political party found a better way to kill blacks.
    This party forcefully passed a bill in 1972, that has killed, on average, 660,000 precious black babies per year, per year, per year, and Black Lives Matter.

    If you have guessed correctly, you will have to ask yourself……..why would anyone support this party?!?!?!?!!!!

  14. Marcus Aurelius II says:

    Walled areas to protect inhabitants from invaders have been built for millennia. From the great wall of China, to fortresses around castles, walled cities like Paris, and even in San Juan Puerto Rico. Walls were abandoned as military defenses when technology advanced to the point that they were useless for his purpose. But for separating people even the Berlin Wall was effective for 30 years to keep people in.

    Having seen the heartbreaking poverty and hopelessness in Mexico and other parts of Latin America it is hardly surprising that many would risk their lives to get to the US to earn money to feed their families or even bring them here for a better life. But the US cannot sustain an uncontrolled endless tide of people who want to come here. We can’t afford it, it’s taking jobs away from Americans who need them desperately, it’s allowing undesirables in, most are uneducated and will need financial support, they overtax our infrastructure needing all kinds of government services like medical care and education for their children they can’t contribute much to through taxes, and it is skewing the demographics of the US towards Latinization. Anyone who calls recognizing these issues and wanting to deal with them by building a wall racism is either naïve or doesn’t care about the consequences for America. Would you have us do nothing, post armed border guards, lay land mines instead. What is your proposal to deal with this problem or do you accept that the US should be overrun by million more people who want to come here? Well, what should we do about it?

    • Megan Taylor says:

      You suggest the German wall was a success because it held up for 30 years to unjustly separate a nation/society, or because X number of people were shot trying to escape the sowjet “prison”? To cite the German wall as a successful wall example to endorse a US-Mexican wall, is like saying, that prison walls are effective, therefore lets build a prison wall around the US.
      And the Chinese wall was a success, for what reason? Maybe as a tourist attraction today, but it didn’t hold up when it was actually “needed” the most in the end and was easily over run by the “unworthy outsiders”.
      Building a wall serves the nationalistic idealism of a society that feels superior to the other.
      Look at Europe, nationalist countries locking up their borders just created humanitarian disasters that Europe hasn’t seen since the second world war. It just doesn’t solve the root cause. Maybe a solution would be to solve the problem at the place where people run from and not just build a wall around them and let them “die” because we don’t care about the unworthy? Rather invest the wall money in improving the place where people run away from so they have no reason to leave in the first place.
      We agree that it may be unsustainable to have Latin Americans flood into the US, but the solution is not a wall.

      • Marcus Aurelius II says:

        No, I am saying that the Berlin Wall and others like it kept people from moving freely between to politically separate areas however justified or misguided the reason behind it was. The motive was political, not military. The motive here is to severely restrict the uncontrolled movement of people across the US southern border. The consequences are a threat to our national security from terrorists, drug dealers, and criminals and a threat to our economy. They don’t just take jobs picking produce and janitorial work, they get jobs in construction and other industries that Americans could do and they lower wages. Cutting down remittances of 122 billion dollars a year from the US to Mexico, much of it from illegal aliens to their families will pay for the wall very quickly.

  15. oneworld says:

    Where are all the comments! I keep getting notices from all of you that you guys/girls/??? are posting comments, but they are not here!

    • oneworld says:

      What are you talking about, I can see all the comments. It might be your browser. Hey man, did you read those comments from Megan and Clu? They sound like they are married! TTYL

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