American Majority Disagrees With Trump on Immigrants

Posted March 30th, 2016 at 1:06 pm (UTC-4)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump points to a reporter during a campaign event at the Old Post Office Pavilion, March 21, 2016, in Washington. (AP Photo)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump points to a reporter during a campaign event at the Old Post Office Pavilion, in Washington, March 21, 2016. (AP Photo)

Uncontrolled immigration will put more girls in the United States at risk of female genital mutilation, according to the latest anti-immigrant comments from the camp of presidential candidate Donald Trump. The comments were made by senior aide Stephen Miller.

On the campaign trail, the Republican candidate himself has said Mexican immigrants could be rapists or drug dealers, and he has proposed banning almost all Muslim immigrants.

The businessman’s enthusiastic supporters seem to have embraced Trump’s staunch anti-immigrant stance, but more Americans (50 percent) think immigrants strengthen society than those who believe foreign-born newcomers are a threat to U.S. customs and values (34 percent).

Graphic: Public Religion Research Institute

Graphic: Public Religion Research Institute

The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) finds that, while attitudes about immigrants have fluctuated, all surveys from the past year show no more than 4-in-10 Americans agree that immigrants are a threat to American culture.

The most striking differences of opinion appear to be generational.

More than two-thirds — 68 percent — of people between the ages of 18 and 29 say immigrants strengthen the country, while 19 percent believe immigrants threaten traditional American customs and values.

But older folks feel differently.

Only 36 percent of seniors — age 65 and older — say newcomers strengthen American society, while 44 percent believe immigrants are a threat to our way of life. Twelve percent of seniors offered no opinion on the matter when surveyed.

Opinions also vary based on race and ethnic background.

For example, two-thirds of Asian-Pacific Islanders (70 percent) and Hispanics (67 percent) say immigrants benefit American society. Black Americans also have a more affirming view, with 56 percent saying newcomers have a positive influence on American life.

However, whites are more closely divided, with 45 percent viewing immigrants in a positive light while 40 percent — 4-in-10 — believe newcomers threaten traditional American values.

Graphic: Public Religion Research Institute

Graphic: Public Religion Research Institute

Education also appears to help shape views on immigrants, with college-educated Americans being more likely to view immigrants in a positive way than whites with a high school degree of less.

While almost half (48 percent) of white people with a high school degree or less believe immigrants threaten America’s way of life, only about one-third (31 percent) of whites with a 4-year college degree and only one-quarter (25 percent) of those with a post-graduate education agree with that sentiment.

Graphic: Public Religion Research Institute

Graphic: Public Religion Research Institute

The majority of college-educated whites (55 percent) and those with a post-graduate degree (62 percent) believe immigrants strengthen American society.

The Americans who hold the most affirmative views on foreign-born newcomers are people who consider themselves to be religiously unaffiliated as well as those who belong to non-Christian religious traditions. Non-white Christians are also among those who hold the most approving views of immigrants.

At least 7-in-10 Unitarian Universalists (81 percent), Hindus (73 percent), Muslims (72 percent), and Hispanic Catholics (70 percent) feel newcomers are good for the country.

About two-thirds (65 percent) of Buddhists and about 6-in-10 religiously unaffiliated Americans (61 percent) and Hispanic Protestants (60 percent) also view immigrants as making a positive contribution to American society.

By contrast, white Americans show a little more hesitance on the issue. Fewer than half of Mormons (45 percent), white Catholics (44 percent), and white mainline Protestants (41 percent) see immigrants as a boon to the country.

Meanwhile, 53 percent of white evangelical Protestants say immigrants threaten traditional American customs and values.

More Americans — 62 percent — say illegal immigrants currently living in the United States should b given a path to citizenship, if they meet certain requirements. Fifteen percent say these unauthorized immigrants should be allowed to stay legally, but not become citizens while about 1-in-5 Americans say illegal immigrants should be identified and deported.

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17 responses to “American Majority Disagrees With Trump on Immigrants”

  1. Hoan Pham says:

    yes american like trump

  2. Jessy says:

    Go Trump!

  3. tomas alla says:

    Boy, Did you(American Majority) blow this one. Wow. Give yourself five years and then tell me the same thing. Read up on Thomas Malthus. Obviously, you are fortunate enough to be from a well to do – educated environment.. You do not have to worry about much in your life – I am sure. But It is coming to your town soon.

    • one world says:

      Don’t see a comment from American Majority, but you can directly reply to anyone when you click on the reply button under their individual comments.

  4. PermReader says:

    Great article: immigrants are for immigration, and “immigrant” is the sufficient description.America is the country,created by European immigrants, and they continue to participate in its achievements.Leftists and white supremacists unites in the opposition of whites and non-whites, while the real problems of the coexistance are the religion and culture.Islam unites the religion and the way of life, that make the coexistance with the Muslim communities difficult,though it has nothing in common with the race.Those who are against Islam are falsely called racists.The question of immigrants must be regarded for the real people in the real situation,while illegal immigration is the absolute evil .

  5. Bill Webb says:

    The questions should have been – Should we increase or decrease immigration levels. Anyone can see what it’s doing to Europe. We don’t want to become an overpopulated third world country.

    • Walter says:

      Iam a Nigerian,I have seen what these Muslim did to Christian who is living among them,you will agree with me ,Donald Trump is very,very correct in banning them from coming to the United States.they will quote Quran 9v29 to support their view against Christian and other faith.

  6. Marcus Aurelius II says:

    Trump’s views have been deliberately distorted to portray him as a fool and a racist. He is neither. Most Americans know they are being ripped off by a small percentage of wealthy elitists who put their own interests ahead of America’s and those of the majority. Should we continue to allow Moslems to enter the US freely until we figure out how to tell the terrorists from those who aren’t? The woman who was one of the two mass murdering assassins in San Bernardino proved we don’t know how yet. Hadn’t we better figure out a way that works first? Do Hispanic Americans really want to allow an endless flow of Latinos to illegally cross our borders? If that continues long enough the US will be no different from the countries they are trying to escape from. Does demanding that immigration be done legally make Trump a racist?

    President Obama says Trump doesn’t understand the world. Americans understand that the trade deals have cost them their jobs, changes in the financial laws have cost them their life savings, their homes. Do the people who implemented those changes not understand what they did to so many tens of millions of Americans or is it that they just don’t care.

    Trump understands that we’ve been spending trillions of dollars of American taxpayer money over the last 70 years to provide the military defense for nations that have become wealthy like South Korea, Japan, and much of Western Europe. When does that come to an end? When do we spend our money on building schools in Indiana and Alabama instead of in Iraq and Afghanistan? When do American wake up to the fact that globalization means the draining of American wealth to the rest of the world to the point where we are as broke as they are. We’re getting there and unless someone comes along to put a stop to it, it won’t be much longer until we’re in the same sinking ship as the rest of them.

  7. Bill Webb says:

    There is a lot of pent up capacity in the US. We will lead the rest of the world out of the current world wide economic downturn. A stock market crash will help turn the tide, and bring the job creators out of their hiding places and make this country great again. Trump 2016

  8. Captain Courageous says:

    Trump may be a wealthy man, but he has absolutely no class.
    He may be a wealthy man, but he has no real intellect.
    I don’t buy this rubbish about him being some kind of business guru,
    I believe he is primarily a confidence trickster, a bully and a bore.
    He lies and cheats his way about and has nothing of any value
    to offer the American people. Whenever I see him, I hear circus
    music playing. Please don’t take him seriously.

  9. Captain Courageous says:

    Make America great again? Start by ignoring the more vile and odious elements
    of the GOP. The party of ignorance and lies who are truth-challenged and morally

    • 1WorldNow says:

      You said it, brother! Right on! Tell it like it is. GOP, what a joke. Morally bankrupt barely describes that party. After all, they are the one’s who are racists. Here’s why:

      They fought to keep slavery alive in the US. They lost the Civil War, so they created the KKK. They passed and enforced Jim Crow Laws. Forced segregation on blacks. Forced blacks to ride in the back of the bus. Placed blacks on welfare, the new slavery. Passed the Abortion Bill that has killed 660,000 black babies every year wince 1972……..wait a minute……..huh?……I think I may have my history messed up here……….oooops….sorry people, I was just discussing the history of the Democrat Party. My bad.

      So what qualifies the GOP as racists? What qualifies the GOP as white supremacists? What has the GOP done in its history to prove anyone’s statements about the GOP? Democrat leaders started the KKK, Republicans were not allowed to join. Not a single Republican official honored Jim Crow Laws, only Democrats did. Republicans were against expanding Welfare, because it makes people dependent to the government (Declaration of Independence, anyone?) Republicans were against abortion rights because it would create an avenue for the less fortunate to destroy their populace (point proven already, blacks are still a minority). Take all the GOP leaders wealth, add them together, and it would still be 100 times less than the Democrats, yet, the GOP is considered the wealthy white supremacist fatcats. How can the Democrat Party make so many blind to the real nature of that evil party is beyond me.

      • Captain Courageous says:

        Thank you 1 World Now.

        Isn’t it amazing how many idiots we have in this country. Given the choice between Trump and Cruz the GOP has hit an all-time low, which will keep them out of the White House for the next twenty years at least.

  10. Marcus Aurelius II says:

    Surveys can be skewed by the way questions are asked. Here are some ways to ask questions I think most Americans would agree with Trump on. Should America accept an unlimited number of illegal aliens entering the United States and do nothing to stop them? Should America allow Moslems to enter the US freely until we can figure out a way to weed out those who are terrorists? Should the US taxpayers pay the lion’s share of the cost to defend Europe, South Korea, and Japan indefinitely? Should America’s government be paying to build schools in foreign countries instead of building and repairing schools, roads, bridges and other things in America that have become dilapidated or inadequate? Should America enter into trade deals where jobs are exported to foreign countries that don’t worry about minimum wages, working conditions, child labor, or polluting the environment because it’s cheaper to make things there and then allow those products to enter the US duty free? I’ll bet you’d get a lot of Americans agreeing with Trump on those questions if you don’t associate them with Trump’s name.

  11. 1WorldNow says:

    I would vote for Trump roast, if he paid me say…….a mil, maybe 2 mil. Come on, Trumparoni, that’s chump change! Well, no matter how much I don’t like the guy, his words are being distorted as usual, and this time by both parties. The fact that he has been driving head on and leading the way says something about our nation. We are tired of the political BS. He is the only candidate that actually says what many of us think. Is that leadership……..HECK NO! Offending people you don’t agree with is the Democrat way, not the GOP way. Look at Hilarity Clinton, she does nothing but BS in the name of politics. She ran the State Department, and that department had the worst gender pay gap than all the other departments, yet she is the champion of women’s rights? She supported the firing of Petraeus, and she did the same thing, but a thousand times worse. She is the champion of the black vote, yet she supported the bill that saved the Arkansas flag’s use of the Rebel flag. This is just another election to vote for another loser for a leader, that’s all.

  12. Walter says:

    Donald trump is absolutely correct,many Americans will not understand where he is anchoring his view,until the next ten years,assuming he didn’t will the general election,Another GOP will use his political bigotry according to political journalists ,to win an election in America,possibly a democratic contestant

  13. du wu says:

    Idiots are trying to paint this as prevention of Muslim’s. That’s the wrong message but it sure will serve CAREER POLITICIANS. Most of the Muslim’s are more peace-loving than us. It’s NOT a religion thing–it’s an INDIVIDUALITY ISSUE. We can assimilate easily those who share some of our same values. That group includes the Asians with strong family, work ethic, and entrepreneurial spirit. That includes the Europeans from whom we descended from. It largely includes those from Central, South and North America. It includes many from Africa and a lot of middle easterners. Who doesn’t it include? The group of people who REPRESS INDIVIDUALITY. Europe is having major problems assimilating those who choose not to assimilate some of their cultural norms. We’re seeing it start over here as soon as some of these people become in large-enough numbers to attempt to force an impact. In Europe… For years European women could travel safely at night. Now many are told that they can’t. Worse they’re being instructed how to dress and act. Their dress is seen by those who repress individuality as “asking for a rape…so give it to them.” I knew someone would be tossed under the multiculturalism bus eventually. Meanwhile the European government is busily trying to “educate”…err….”re-educate”…those who arrive, but some of those who arrive have no intention of re-educating because they feel their culture is “just fine”. Those want to take over and force their own culture. Nobody speaks of the two categories of immigrants: Those who desire to be here and those who are forced to be here. Why is this important? Because the first category will be easy to assimilate. The 2nd are here because they have no choice left. That group will always want “what was over there”…….over here. And IF what was OVER THERE was repression of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, look out.

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