Which are the safest and more dangerous cities in the United States?
Financial advice website WalletHub, has a list.

The company said its survey takes into account 35 factors, including crime, risk of natural disasters, economic vitality and others. The survey ranked 182 cities.

Nearly forty percent of Americans say they “fear being a victim of a mass shooting,” according to a recent Gallup poll. That compared to 30 percent who were worried about terrorism.

The safest are smaller cities, and four out of the top five are in the Northeast. The safest cities all shared three things, including middle class income of about $70,000, populations below 90,000, and low crime.

1. Nashua, New Hampshire
2. South Burlington, Vermont
3. Warwick, Rhode Island
4. Columbia, Maryland
5. Gilbert, Arizona

The most dangerous cities were larger, and located around the entire country. They were largely pulled down by higher-than-average crime rates.

1. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
2. St. Louis, Missouri
3. San Bernardino, California
4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
5. Detroit, Michigan

The biggest U.S. cities did not do very well in the survey: Among the least safe cities, New York City was ranked 132, Chicago came in at 135, Washington, D.C., was 166, Houston was 126, and Los Angeles was 143.