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Illegal US Immigrants Pay Billions in Taxes, But Is It Enough?

Posted March 25th, 2016 at 10:54 am (UTC-4)

Spurred by Republican Donald Trump’s controversial comments, immigration is a hot-button issue this presidential election season. The GOP front-runner repeatedly brings the issue up, saying that undocumented immigrants cost the United States “hundreds of billions in healthcare costs, housing costs, education costs, welfare costs, etc.” A 2010 report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a […]

Innovation Leader US Could Soon Lose Its Edge

Posted March 16th, 2016 at 4:12 pm (UTC-4)

The United States leads the world in innovation but could soon lose its competitive edge. A Washington, D.C.-based think tank ranked the U.S. 10th when it comes to government policies in support of global innovation, behind countries like Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. “We’ve kind of enjoyed this huge lead since basically the end of […]

More than One-Third of US Innovators Are Immigrants

Posted March 11th, 2016 at 11:48 am (UTC-4)

More than one-third of U.S. innovators are foreign born which suggests highly educated immigrants just might be one of America’s most valuable resources. Despite only making up 13.5 percent of all U.S. residents, 35 percent of those responsible for some of the most important innovations in America are foreign-born people who usually have a PhD […]

Mixed Marriages Causing US Hispanics, Asians to Integrate Faster

Posted March 7th, 2016 at 10:03 am (UTC-4)

U.S. immigrants appear to be integrating faster than expected, according to a new report, which finds that the grandchildren of Hispanics and Asians are less likely to identify themselves by these ethnicities on government surveys than their parents and grandparents are. This is especially true of children of mixed marriages. “Most of this ethnic attrition, […]

These Are the 10 Smartest US States

Posted February 8th, 2016 at 11:56 am (UTC-4)
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The brightest Americans live in Massachusetts while people in Mississippi are at the bottom of the ‘smart’ list, according to Zippia, a career resource site, which ranked all 50 states. It appears America’s brightest can be found in the Northeast or in sunny California. Forty percent of adults in top-ranked Massachusetts have at least a bachelor’s […]

Most Admired US Jobs Don’t Always Pay Top Dollar

Posted November 24th, 2014 at 2:36 pm (UTC-4)

MORE ABOUT AMERICA Wild West Ghost Town Emerges from Watery Grave What Happens When Americans Tweet What They Eat Why Small US Towns Embrace Their Weirdness Money and prestige don’t necessarily go together when it comes to the jobs Americans admire most. Although doctors top a Harris Poll list of the most prestigious jobs in […]

American Students Lag Behind in Study Abroad Programs

Posted November 19th, 2014 at 4:51 pm (UTC-4)
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For millions of students around the world, it’s the highlight of their college career: the opportunity to leave their campus for a semester to travel overseas and study abroad. However, fewer than 10 percent of American students take advantage of the chance to study in a foreign country. And that’s a concern, according to the […]