British Police Cleared of Assaulting Suspected Terrorist

Posted June 3rd, 2011 at 11:00 am (UTC-5)
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Four British police officers have been acquitted of violently assaulting terrorist suspect Babar Ahmad in 2003 when they arrested him on suspicion of helping to raise money to fund terrorist campaigns.

The jury at the London court, in its decision Friday, found the four not guilty of claims by Ahmad that police had beaten him and mocked his Islamic faith.

The team that arrested Ahmad had been warned in advance that the suspect had been trained in martial arts. When Ahmad was arrested, police said he strongly resisted and that his injuries took place as police struggled to get him under control. Ahmad claimed he had been kicked, punched and beaten during his arrest, and that the officers made him kneel and asked him, “Where is your God now?”

Ahmad's apartment had previously been bugged by British security services, and the recordings did not correspond with Ahmad's version of events.

But the acquittals could raise new questions about the case. Police had previously paid Ahmad $98,000 in damages in connection with his alleged treatment after he sued for assault.

Ahmad is a computer expert who has been detained in Britain since 2003 on a U.S. warrant. He is accused by the United States of running websites used to raise money for terrorists.