Raging Arizona Wildfires Force Thousands to Evacuate

Posted June 5th, 2011 at 3:00 am (UTC-5)
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U.S. authorities say one of the largest fires in Arizona history is raging on, consuming at least 57,000 hectares in the eastern part of the state.

The Wallow Fire has forced the evacuation of 2,500 people near White Mountains in the southwestern U.S.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer toured the scorched landscape by helicopter Saturday, calling it “a frightening sight and a terrible thing to see happen”.

Several hundred firefighters are struggling to contain the fires that are threatening properties in two communities .

The U.S. Forest Service says some rental properties have been burned since the fires started a week ago, but there are no reports of casualties.

As of Saturday, a second huge wildfire in southeastern Arizona had destroyed property and consumed at least 36,000 hectares.

Arizona authorities are considering seeking federal aide in battling the fires.