Pakistan Paramilitary Official Ousted After Videotaped Killing

Posted June 14th, 2011 at 9:10 am (UTC-5)
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Pakistan's military says it has removed the regional head of a paramilitary force after a videotape surfaced showing troops shooting and killing an unarmed man.

The military said Tuesday that Major General Ijaz Chaudhary has been “posted out” in compliance with a Supreme Court order.

Chaudhary is head of the paramilitary Rangers in Sindh province, where security forces shot and killed a man last week in the city of Karachi.

A video, broadcast on Pakistani television, shows the young man pleading for his life before being killed by paramilitary soldiers. The Rangers say the man, who was identified as Sarfaraz Shah, was armed and trying to rob someone when he was detained on June 8.

The Supreme Court last week demanded that Chaudhary and Sindh police chief Fayyaz Leghari be removed in connection with the shooting.

Six members of the paramilitary forces have also been turned over to police.

.” The rights group said such incidents were becoming more and more common in Pakistan.

The incident comes at a time when Pakistan's military is already under scrutiny following the May 2 U.S. raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad. The al-Qaida leader was killed in that raid.

Human rights groups have long accused Pakistani security forces of carrying out extrajudicial killings.

A U.S. State Department human rights report released in April found that reported cases of torture and rape of individuals in Pakistani custody nearly doubled last year compared to 2009.