Norway Suspect Questioned Again by Police

Posted July 29th, 2011 at 4:55 am (UTC-5)
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The man who confessed to last week's deadly bombing and shooting rampage in Norway is undergoing his second police interrogation Friday, as the nation holds memorial services marking a week since the attacks.

Friday's questioning of Anders Behring Breivik was expected to focus on whether there is any more danger following last week's massacre of 76 people.

The first funeral for one of the victims also is being held Friday. The vast majority of those killed died in the shooting rampage at a youth camp on the island of Utoeya, while the others were killed in the bomb blast in the capital, Oslo.

Breivik has confessed to the killings, but pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges.

The 32-year-old suspect claimed to be part of a wider “crusade” against Muslim immigration and multiculturalism in Europe. He was questioned for seven hours last Saturday, the day after the assault.

On Thursday, the director of the Norwegian Police Security Service said it appears increasingly likely that Breivik acted alone, saying investigators have found no evidence so far he is linked to other extremists. But she said it is too early to completely rule out a larger conspiracy.

The comments came as European Union counterterrorism experts meeting in Brussels expressed concern that Breivik could inspire copycat attacks.

The violence was the deadliest in Norway since World War Two.

Domestic critics say Norwegian police were slow to respond to the shooting attack on Utoeya, where hundreds of youth activists had gathered for a ruling Labor Party retreat.

Utoeya is about 40 kilometers from Oslo, where Breivik detonated a car bomb shortly before going to the island. The blast killed eight people and wrecked the office building of Prime Minister Jen Stoltenberg.