Chavez Says Chemotherapy Going Well

Posted August 11th, 2011 at 6:20 pm (UTC-5)
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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says his current round of chemotherapy is going well and that he is “winning the battle” against cancer.

In a phone call to Venezuelan state television Thursday, Mr. Chavez said this phase of treatment will end on Friday and that he will return to Venezuela soon.

Mr. Chavez also took the opportunity to lash out at his political opponents, accusing them of working with the United States against his government. He said they are also trying to attack the military.

The 57-year-old President is receiving medical care in Cuba. He has not given details of what kind of cancer he has, if it has spread or how much, or how many rounds of chemotherapy he will need.

Earlier this week, Mr. Chavez said he had gained weight and recent blood and organ tests went well.

In June, Cuban doctors performed surgery on Mr. Chavez to remove a tumor. Last month he returned to Cuba for his first round of chemotherapy.

Mr. Chavez has vowed to recover and insists he will seek another six-year term next year.