Senator Urges Obama to Curb Chinese Solar Panel Imports

Posted September 8th, 2011 at 6:45 pm (UTC-5)
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A United States senator is urging President Barack Obama to curb Chinese imports of solar panels, saying it is costing American jobs and could put the U.S. solar industry out of business.

Democrat Ron Wyden of Oregon says in a letter to the president that the renewable energy is one of the best opportunities to create good playing American jobs. Wyden said it would be an unacceptable mistake to let this industry fall victims to what he calls unfair Chinese trade practices.

Just last week, Solyndra became the latest U.S. solar power company to file for bankruptcy.

Wyden reminds the president that under the rules of the World Trade Organization, he has the authority to impose tariffs on Chinese solar panels. The president took such action against Chinese tire imports in 2009.

The Chinese government heavily subsidizes many goods and services, making American products appear too expensive on the global market. Congress also accuses China of purposely undervaluing its currency, the yuan, putting U.S. goods at a further disadvantage.