Mexico Court Upholds State Right-to-Life Law

Posted September 28th, 2011 at 8:50 pm (UTC-5)
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Mexico's Supreme Court has upheld a portion of the Baja California state constitution that says life begins at conception.

Seven justices on the 11-member court Wednesday deemed the measure unconstitutional, but eight votes were needed to overturn the measure, meaning that it stands.

Anti-abortion activists applauded the decision, while abortion rights supporters said they were in favor of laws that allow women to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy.

At least 16 Mexican states have adopted right-to-life amendments, although most continue to allow abortion under certain circumstances, such as rape or danger to a mother's life.

In August 2008, the Supreme Court upheld Mexico City's law legalizing abortion. The legislation allows abortions on demand during the first trimester of pregnancy.