Macedonia’s FM Urges EU to Declare Greece Bankrupt

Posted October 14th, 2011 at 4:50 pm (UTC-5)
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Macedonia's Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski has called on the European Union to declare Greece officially bankrupt as the chaos in the neighboring country caused a border closure.

Stavreski told reporters in Skopje Friday that it is obvious that Europe has so far failed to find a good solution for Greece. He suggested it would be better to officially announce Greece's bankruptcy as soon as possible because it certain to happen.

Stavreski's comments came as several border posts between Greece and Macedonia were closed to traffic due to a Greek customs strike. He said Macedonia is suffering economic losses which will not be compensated.

The two Balkan countries have been in odds since the break up of former Yugoslavia, when former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia became an independent state under the same name. Greece says using the name Macedonia implies territorial claims on a Greek province with the same name. Athens has blocked Macedonia's bids to become a member of NATO and the European Union.

Skopje insists the name is essential to its identity and denies any territorial claims in Greece.