Data on Eurozone Key Players

Posted November 2nd, 2011 at 3:00 pm (UTC-5)
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Figures based on IMF 2011 projections in World Economic Outlook: Slowing Growth, Rising Risks, published September 2011.

FRANCE – French President Nicolas Sarkozy (as translated): “The plan adopted last Thursday, unanimously by all 17 members of the eurozone, is the only possible to resolve the Greek debt problem.”

  • Debt/G.D.P.: 86.9%

  • Unemployment, 2011: 9.5%

  • S & P Rating: AAA

    GERMANY – German Chancellor Angela Merkel (as translated): “For us, it is actions that matter. We agreed on a program with Greece last week. And from the EU side, at least for Germany, we want to implement this program. For this, we need clarity and that's what these talks…are about.”

  • Debt/G.D.P.: 82.6%

  • Unemployment, 2011: 6.0%

  • S & P Rating: AAA

    GREECE – Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou (as translated): “We will not implement any program by force, but only with the consent of the Greek people. This is our democratic tradition and we demand that it is also repsected abroad.”

  • Debt/G.D.P.: 165.6%

  • Unemployment, 2011: 16.5%

  • S & P Rating: CC

    IRELAND – Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny: “The world is watching the European leadership. I hope that we can have progress…toward a set of comprehensive and clear decisions and a joined-up thinking process.”

  • Debt/G.D.P.: 109.3%

  • Unemployment, 2011: 14.3%

  • S & P Rating: BBB+

    ITALY – Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (as translated): “Italy does not represent a risk. We are applying brave and serious solutions that will help Italy cut its deficit by 2013.”

  • Debt/G.D.P.: 121.1%

  • Unemployment, 2011: 8.2%

  • S & P Rating: A

    PORTUGAL – Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho (as translated): “Portugal plans to deepen budget cuts next year as it faces a moment of national emergency.”

  • Debt/G.D.P.: 106.0%

  • Unemployment, 2011: 12.2%

  • S & P Rating: BBB-

    SPAIN – Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (as translated): “It's evident that we must fight against the risk of the world economy's growth slowing down with stimulus from those countries that have commercial surplus…that have the fiscal capacity…If that occurs, we will avoid the risk of a new phase of recession in the economy.”

  • Debt/G.D.P.: 67.4%

  • Unemployment, 2011: 20.7%

  • S & P Rating: AA-