Peres: Military Option Nearer For Iran

Posted November 4th, 2011 at 6:20 pm (UTC-5)
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Israeli President Shimon Peres says the international community is closer to pursuing a military option to deal with Iran's nuclear program than it is to finding a diplomatic solution to the threat.

Mr. Peres told Israel's channel 2 TV Friday world leaders need to “fulfill their promises'' to stop Iran.

On Thursday, U.S. President Barack Obama said Iran's nuclear program poses a “continuing threat” and called for a need to maintain “unprecedented international pressure” on Tehran to meet its nuclear obligations.

The International Atomic Energy Agency is due to release a report on Iran's nuclear program next week.

Western powers suspect Tehran of developing nuclear weapons and have imposed sanctions in an attempt to curb its program.

Iran, which opposes Israel's existence, says it is enriching uranium only to power reactors for electricity generation.

Israel held an emergency civil defense drill Thursday, mimicking a foreign missile attack, as Israeli media reports speculated on the possibility of an Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear facilities.

Speculation rose this week after reports that Israeli leaders were seeking a timetable for a possible strike on Iran.

Israel test-fired a missile Wednesday that Israeli media said was capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. There were also reports of an Israeli air force exercise over the Mediterranean Sea.