Bomb Kills 25 in NW Pakistan

Posted January 10th, 2012 at 5:05 am (UTC-5)
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Pakistani officials say a bomb blast near the Afghan border has killed at least 25 people and wounded 26 others, making it the deadliest attack of its kind in months.

Authorities say they believe it was a remote-controlled bomb that exploded in a market in the Khyber tribal region Tuesday. Eyewitnesses told reporters that the attack left many bodies scattered on the ground.

Near the site of the bombing were vehicles that were being used by pro-government militias. Pakistan's army supports the formation of local anti-Taliban militias, known as “lashkars,” and militants have continually attacked militia members and their families over the past few years.

While no one immediately claimed responsibility for the blast, this type of attack is a common tactic of Pakistan's militant groups in the country's volatile northwest.

Since 2007, Islamist militants — some with links to al-Qaida — have carried out hundreds of bombings in Pakistan, which have killed thousands. However, there had not been a major Islamist militant attack since a suicide bomber killed at least 31 people at a funeral for a tribal elder opposed to the Pakistani Taliban last September.

The Pakistani armed forces have targeted militants in Khyber and the surrounding areas for more than four years.


1. Damaged car

2. Wide of blast scene with onlookers and mosque in background

3. Security and onlookers standing near wreckage

4. Bloodstain on ground

5. Mid of wreckage

6. SOUNDBITE (Pashto) Stana gul Afradi, Eyewitness:

“I bought some electrical stuff from a shop here, around 11 o'clock and wanted to get a cup of tea, but as I walked away, suddenly the vehicle blew up, I came back to the scene and I saw many people were lying everywhere (on the ground) and I don't know who has done this cruel act.”

7. Close of victims' belongings on the ground

8. SOUNDBITE (Pashto) Stana gul Afradi, Eyewitness:

“I personally transferred 15 people into vehicles, some were in half pieces, many among them were dead and wounded, some 20 to 30 people were dead at that time.”

9. Security officials collecting belongings of the victims from under the car

10. Low angle shot of damaged vehicle


1. Wreckage, zoom in to a notebook next to wreckage, man picking up the notebook and looking at it

2. Man picking up more debris

3. Tracking shot of damaged vehicles and onlookers

4. Pan of security and onlookers, ambulance arriving to scene

5. Various of police forces in area