Slovenia’s Parliament Rejects Prime Minister-Designate

Posted January 11th, 2012 at 3:10 pm (UTC-5)
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Slovenia is facing political uncertainty after members of parliament rejected the appointment of Zoran Jankovic to be the eurozone nation's new prime minister.

Jankovic failed to gain a parliamentary majority Wednesday, receiving the support of only 42 lawmakers in the 90-seat assembly. Just 47 voted, as several parties abstained.

Jankovic, mayor of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, said Wednesday that he accepts the outcome.

“If you would like to know whether I am disappointed, I can tell you no, I am not. We have done our best. We stood firmly behind our promises to our voters. I am sorry because our program was good, and Slovenia would speedily recover. I still think that our three slogans: Lots of work, lots of will and hope are the best for Slovenians and that we will be a constructive opposition to whoever becomes the prime minister.''

President Danilo Turk had asked the mayor and prominent businessman to form a new government after Jankovic's newly formed Positive Slovenia party won the December 4 parliamentary election.

Mr. Turk said he regrets that Jankovic was not confirmed. He said he would start a new round of talks with party leaders and a new candidate would be named within two weeks.

Slovenia is suffering from major economic problems, including a huge public debt and high unemployment.

The December vote was called in September, after the Alpine state's minority center-left government was ousted in a no-confidence vote.