Olympic Clamp Down Coming for ‘Occupy’-Style Protests

Posted January 25th, 2012 at 2:30 pm (UTC-5)
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Britain is sending a warning to anyone hoping to launch “Occupy”-style protests during the London Olympics.

Interior Minister Theresa May on Wednesday called on London's Olympic organizing committee to ban protest camps at Olympic venues, saying they pose a threat to security. She also said police should use all available means to remove any protesters who try to set up tents.

Protesters inspired by the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that started in the United States have been camped outside of London's St. Paul's Cathedral for months. But May said such protests have been added to the list of potential threats facing the 2012 games, including terrorism and cyberattacks.

Britain has said it considers the 2012 London Olympics to be a prime target for potential attacks and has been strengthening security ahead of the games' opening ceremony in July.

Officials say they are working on the assumption that the terrorist threat during the games will be severe. Already, more than 23,000 security officers, including more than 13,000 from the British military, are expected to take part in Olympic security operations between July 27 and August 12.

More than 4 billion people from around the world are expected to watch the Olympic games on television.

Just days after the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2012 games to London, suicide bombers struck the London commuter system, killing 52 people.

The British interior minister also announced the arrest of 97 people for scams related to fake tickets sales and non-existent hotel rooms.