Israel Links Bangkok Bombing to Blasts in India, Georgia

Posted February 15th, 2012 at 4:45 am (UTC-5)
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Iran is rejecting accusations by Israel that it is behind Tuesday's bomb blasts in the Thai capital of Bangkok and car bombing attacks against Israeli diplomatic targets in India and Georgia.

Itzhak Shoham, the Israeli ambassador to Thailand, says the explosives used in the Bangkok blasts were identical to those used in New Delhi and Tbilisi on Monday.

But a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry in Tehran accused Israel of attempting to harm the “friendly and historic” relations between Tehran and Bangkok.

Four people were injured in the New Delhi attack, while the car bomb in Tbilisi was defused.

Two Iranian men have been arrested in connection with the Bangkok blasts, which injured the suspected bomber and four civilians, and are facing charges including attempted murder of police officers and members of the public, and causing explosions in public.

The first blast went off at a house rented by one of the suspects in the central part of Bangkok. Police say that shortly afterward, a man threw a bomb at a taxi that refused to stop, and later tried to hurl a grenade on a busy road near a school.

The man lost both his legs in one of the explosions. A second suspect was later arrested at Bangkok's international airport.

Thai security forces are searching for a third Iranian suspect, who is believed to have fled to Malaysia.