Al-Shabab – Kenya Timeline

Posted March 11th, 2012 at 2:20 am (UTC-5)
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REcent Alleged Al-Shabab violence in Kenya and police/military response:

October 16, 2011: Kenyan troops are deployed into Somalia following high profile kidnappings. Kenya blames al-Shabab for crimes and says

the troop deployment is for self-defense.

October 24, 2011: Al-Shabab stages two grenade attacks in Nairobi. 14 people are injured at a nightclub; 1 person is killed and dozens injured at a bus station.

November 5, 2011: Al-Shabab suspected in grenade attack on a church in Garissa that kills two civilians and injures five.

November 5, 2011: Kenyan security forces arrest 50 suspected al-Shabab militants in Mandera, Wajir, and Garissa.

November 24, 2011: Al-Shabab is believed to be behind grenade attacks at a restaurant and shopping center in Garissa that kill six and injure more than two dozen.

November 28, 2011: Kenyan police announce 110 day curfew in Mandera following a crime spree that includes kidnappings and explosions.

December 11 2011: Alleged Al-Shabab member throws grenade into Wajir nightclub injuring 25 people.

January 11, 2012: Kenyan police wage crackdown on Somali refugees, ethnic Kenyans after suspected al-Shabab members attack police, military, and civilian targets in Northeastern Kenya.

March 10, 2012: Kenyan officials blame al-Shabab militants for a grenade attack in Nairobi that kills at least four people and injures about 40.