‘Backyard’ Theme for White House Dinner

Posted March 14th, 2012 at 2:40 pm (UTC-5)
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Wednesday night's official White House dinner for British Prime Minister David Cameron will feature an American theme – the “backyard.”

The dinner – the fourth the United States has hosted for a British prime minister – is being held in a tent on the White House grounds.

The White House says the decor takes its inspiration from the American tradition of hosting gatherings of family and friends at home in the backyard, as well as the British love of elaborate gardens.

The menu features a combination American and British culinary traditions while using locally grown ingredients, including produce from the White House garden.

The main course takes a favorite British dish – Beef Wellington – and puts an American spin on it by using Bison meat instead of beef. The dessert combines British and American flavors, featuring a traditional British pudding made with lemons and a sauce made from American huckleberries.

The White House says the dishes are meant to serve as a symbol of the American-British partnership.

The British folk rock band Mumford and Sons, and Rhythm and Blues singer John Legend, are scheduled to entertain the guests. A full list of the attendees will not be released until shortly before the event gets underway.

The White House has hosted three other state dinners for British prime ministers: Tony Blair in 1998, Margaret Thatcher in 1988, and James Callaghan in 1977.