ANC Says Youth Leader’s Suspension Stands

Posted April 5th, 2012 at 2:05 am (UTC-5)
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A spokesman for South Africa's ruling African National Congress says the party's constitution prohibits ANC youth president Julius Malema from appealing his temporary suspension.

The ANC's National Disciplinary Committee suspended Malema for 30 days this week. The outspoken youth leader is also barred from attending all party activities during the suspension.

ANC Spokesman Jackson Mthembu told VOA's Peter Clottey that Malema was suspended for being disrespectful to the President Jacob Zuma, the current leader of the ANC.

“Members of the ANC understand the ANC constitution and they also understand when one has gone off line, when one has crossed the line. and in the incident it is the ANC's view that Julius Malema has crossed the line by insulting the president, by being disrespectful to the president”

Mthembu says Malema's temporary suspension will remain effect for 30 days without any reduction.

“He can not appeal the temporary suspension. It stands. For 30 days, then in 30 days, those that have suspended him must give him the charges”

Mthembu has dismissed any concerns that Malema's suspension might create tensions among members heading into the party convention later this year.

“When you have flouted the rules and the constitution of an organization, organizations don't look (at) what will be the impact of you being disciplined. Because in fact the organizations will look at what will be the impact of them not arresting those ill-disciplined”.

Malema also faces a separate charge of bringing disrepute to the party. His hearing is set for next week. He is appealing the charge.