A Whole New Web: .blog, .bank among Proposed New Internet Suffixes

Posted June 13th, 2012 at 12:05 pm (UTC-5)
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The Internet suffix .com is set to face competition after Wednesday's unveiling of nearly 2,000 applications for new web address endings.

The U.S.-based organization that oversees website domain names announced the requests in London Wednesday.

The proposed suffixes include .web, .app, .blog, .bank and other domains specific to particular industries, locations and products.

The unprecedented expansion of the naming system for websites aims to boost competition and innovation.

Of the 1,930 proposals, more than 900 came from North America. There were 675 from Europe and more than 300 from the Asia-Pacific region. Just 17 of the applications came from Africa, while 24 came from applicants in Latin America and the Caribbean. There were also 116 proposals for suffixes using characters not in the Latin alphabet.

Many of the requests are from large companies, including Apple, Amazon and Google. Each firm paid $185,000 per proposal.

ICANN will now review the applications, including those suffixes requested by more than one organization. The first new domains are expected to go online in the first half of next year.