Japanese Court Rejects Apple’s Patent Claim Against Samsung

Posted August 31st, 2012 at 3:30 am (UTC-5)
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Apple has lost the latest round of its global legal battle with South Korean rival Samsung.

A Japanese court ruled Friday that Samsung did not steal the technology used in Apple's iPhones and iPads for its own Galaxy smartphones and tablet computers.

Samsung welcomed the Tokyo District Court's rejection of Apple's claim, saying it confirms its “long-held position” that its products do not infringe on Apple's technological property. Apple did not immediately comment on the ruling.

The verdict comes a week after California-based Apple won over $1 billion in damages after a U.S. court found Samsung copied key features of the iPhone.

In a smaller case, a South Korean court also ruled last week that both Apple and Samsung, the world's largest maker of smartphones, infringed on each others' patents and imposed a limited ban on the sale of each company's products.

The two technology giants are involved in a series of patent disputes spread across four continents. They are battling for dominance in a smartphone industry estimated to be worth more than $200 billion last year.