What’s Your Flavor?

Posted April 29th, 2014 at 7:05 pm (UTC-4)
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FOOD-AISLE-BERBEREI went out of town last week to see family in the central northern state of Minnesota. The weather was mixed, the relatives were warm and the food was great. I ate what I would call a “very American” diet during my travels. Seafood, hamburger, lasagne and pizza.  But those foods can be found anywhere. What makes them different is how they are cooked and what seasonings are used.

My scallops were cooked in butter and lemon with a little parsley.  The hamburger was grilled with salt and pepper. I added ketchup and mustard. The lasagne had some oregano. The pizza was Neapolitan style with good olive oil, tomatoes and mozzarella di buffala cheese. I added lots of basil, capers and hot peppers.

These are some of the flavors I love and that I link with American cuisine. But I also could not live without cumin, cardamom, lemongrass, dill, ginger and rosemary.  Those flavors make me think of India, Thailand, France and other places.

Herbs and spices do more than just add flavor. You can find out about their health benefits in our story.

What do you like to eat? What spices do you often reach for when you cook? Confess your spicy stories here and improve your written English at the same time!



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