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Sunday market in Hotan, Xinjiang, China

Sunday market in Hotan, Xinjiang, China

The word Wanderlust means a strong desire to travel and see the world. The term actually comes from the German words wandern (to hike) and lust (desire).

Wanderlust isn’t just about having a desire to travel and see famous landmarks. It goes deeper than that. It’s about wanting to experience, on a daily basis, a way of life that is unique to a city or region.

Do you have wanderlust?

For me, a strong sense of wanderlust led me to move to western China. I wanted to know a different part of the world. Wanderlust also led me to staying in China much longer than I had planned.

I must admit, I have felt a very strong sense of wanderlust while reading all of your comments on #TravelThursday blogs! Here are just a few of my favorite comments from readers describing their hometowns as well as their favorite places to visit.

I hope you enjoy them!


giza pyramids, cairo, egypt

AP photo. Giza Pyramids, Cairo.

“Cairo is a historic city with plenty of ancient places to visit. However, Cairo is a modern city at the same time. The culture of Cairo is so rich because of the diversity of the people who have lived in the city. There are Muslims as a majority, and also Christians and Jews. So the city has Pharaonic, Islamic, Christian and Jewish ancient buildings. This richness in culture comes from the diversity of civilizations that emerged from the city in the past. The people of Cairo are so unique. Despite the difficulties they face in their lives and the economic state of their country, they have a good sense of humor. They laugh a lot and know how to enjoy their life and time. Despite the limitation in resources, they are masters at finding smart solutions for their problems.” –Aya Saad, Egypt

Alpine activities - Dolomites, north of Italy

AP photo, Dolomites

“Hello from Italy. I’m very lucky to live not far from the Alps and the Dolomites mountain range. I love to go hiking, but the best for me is enjoying the scenery from the top of the mountain. There aren’t a lot of people, so everything seems quiet and silent. I love autumn, when the air becomes cold, and everything is waiting for winter and show.” -Lisa Nuvoloni, Italy

“I live in Russia, north of the Arctic Circle. In my region, there aren’t big trees, only small ones. I like autumn because of all of the colorful trees. But this period is very short in my hometown, sadly. It’s my dream to see such bright and great forests.” –Zhanna Nord, Russia.

“My hometown is in Dong Nai Province. It is small; there are many fields for planting rice, and places for children to fly kites in the evening. The locals are very friendly, and we have a different lifestyle that sets us apart from other areas. Recently, my hometown has been changing rapidly because Vietnam’s economy is growing, as well as because of impacts of globalization. Anyway, I really miss my hometown. It is a memorable place and I will never forget many things I did together with my family and friends. I agree with you that “Some people may call it a flyover state, but I happy to call it home,” like you wrote. “There is no place like home.”    -Thaihuy Dang, Vietnam

AP photo, Hue palace

AP photo, Hue palace

“I would recommend you to visit my hometown, Hue City, Vietnam. It’s a small city, but very beautiful and peaceful, with a lot of delicious special dishes. This city is the old capital of Vietnam, and has become a travel destination for the rest of the world. Hue is renowned as a cultural and religious city of Vietnam. Welcome to Hue.”  –Thanh Xuan, Vietnam


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